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Re: “Since 2011, Raleigh Residents Have Been Lobbying the City to Allow Backyard Cottages. What’s the Holdup?

Hey Matthew - weren't you a big supporter of "Mr. Affordable Housing" Charles Francis? I'm pretty sure I saw you commenting platitudes more than once. You can't eliminate ADU's as but one necessary solution to address the affordable housing shortage just because there's the potential for some bad apples to take advantage...and then pretend like you care about affordable housing! If anyone is wondering why the whole discussion of ADU's fell apart a couple of years ago when all signs pointed to their moving forward, thank Oakwood for the immense political pressure they bombarded the city with. They "like" the concept of "all incomes" having housing, just so long as it's outside of Oakwood's boundaries, to keep it pure and all.

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Posted by William Castle on 11/09/2017 at 2:51 PM

Re: “Raleigh Mayoral Candidate Francis Received $20,600 in Donations from Antigay Former Senator Fred J. Smith, Smith's Wife, and Two of His Sons

Jerry - you're wasting your time with Black Raleigh. Southeast Raleigh is changing, whether BR likes it or not. Part of that's due to slum lords - like Charles Francis - who have profited off of the backs of poor people for decades and are now selling out to developers, or fixing up themselves and selling, now that the market is so hot - all of which displaces low-income renters. But that's okay for BR, because Charles Francis and his family deserve that for some unknown reason when others don't. Some of those slum lords - like Charles Francis - are making minimal improvements to their properties and renting for exorbitant rents, thus displacing low-income renters - but that's okay when Charles Francis does it - just no one else. The total disconnect from people like BR who think that "Why do you think most Blacks lived in Southeast Raleigh?" is jaw-dropping. I think we all know why most blacks lived in SE Raleigh - we're not dummies here. I also know why so many blacks LEFT SE Raleigh - because they finally could and they did and I don't see them breaking down the gates to get back! I'm not sure what people like BR want. It seems like they want those they identify with as their "own" to profit from the changes to downtown, because they deserve it (and I agree!), but they don't really want anyone to buy that they don't approve of, and they don't want anyone to live here that they don't approve of, and they are generally fine with boarded up houses that have sat empty for years because their neighborhood owners are so entirely apathetic about their community. What people like BR refuse to recognize - as demonstrated by their total blinders for Charles Francis, finger-pointing, and "nothing will ever be good enough" attitude is that SE is changing. It's changing rapidly. It's changing with our without Dix. It's changing with our without McFarlane of Francis. It's going to change in ways that Black Raleigh doesn't appreciate or approve of - and that's understandable. But people like Black Raleigh can either be willing to work together towards a common good and have a voice at the table in creating a healthy and diverse community, or get steamrolled and pushed out of the way.

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Posted by William Castle on 10/27/2017 at 2:47 PM

Re: “#DrunkTown ad creator files complaint against Keep Raleigh Vibrant, consulting firm

Hey - I got it guys - you just keep banging your nasty drums. It's a shame you don't think your candidate(s) can win without fearmongering and mud-slinging. Haven't seen that in the least from the opposition. Whatsoever. All I needed to know about this election is what Raleigh Public Record revealed last night - they followed the money as opposed to the N&O's typical gloss job. It's dirty. To be honest, I have no problem admitting that there are elements to downtown that need to be addressed - however, I hardly think this was the most critical one. I don't even necessarily object to the ordinance in many ways - my beef is the entirely nefarious nature as to how it came about. The biggest offender - and come on - we ALL know who this is - is Greg Hatem and his megalithic Raleigh Times. You know - the bar that has munched up not one, not two, but three buildings on two different streets. The bar that is so ridiculously congested that I and soooo many other downtown residents avoid it like the plague. The bar that hosted a drunken reveler who took an officer's gun away from her - the night he came before City Council lamenting wide-eyed about how "unlivable" downtown had become (BTW - where this this magical "study" he promised to produce months and months ago to substantiate these ridiculous claims?). The bar that shuts down Hargett Street every chance they get. But wait - they have a HUGE private patio above Holly Aiken's shop - well, isn't that convenient. The fact that he has more competition than he can shake a stick at and would like nothing more than to inflict as much damage to his competition as he can muster further sullies this entire thing. And seeing proof of how he has lined the pockets of so many in our government...such good buddies with land use attorney Mack Paul - another major contributor...well, your defense falls on the deaf ears of many. The continued "data hammering" thing is just weird. As I too am a resident of downtown - I must admit that I have no issue with someone who's opinions are different than mine. Really, I could care less. What I cannot tolerate are bullies who use their money and connections and buy and curry influence to taint a city that is mine as much as it is yours - and any and everyone else's for that matter.

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Posted by William Castle on 10/05/2015 at 11:32 AM

Re: “#DrunkTown ad creator files complaint against Keep Raleigh Vibrant, consulting firm

For those of you who can't help but jump on here (and elsewhere) and bash the "newcomers", it strikes me how entirely clean of a campaign they've run, and how dirty “others” have taken things as we near the finish line. You want to be condescending about age, and "data", and voting records in municipal elections - and I have to say - Ashton and Matt have y'all beat maturity-wise a million times over. I'm no kid. I'm in my mid-40's. I live downtown - been here 15 years now. You think Russ and Kay are doing such a bang-up job? Kay - I don't have much of a problem with in general - but the patio thing was a total knee-jerk reaction that's had a very real, very adverse effect on a lot of our small business owners and workers in particular - I'm not okay with that in the least. Had the city actually enforced its own existing rules to begin with before going overboard - maybe we'd be in a different place. Instead, people like Kay - buoyed by campaign money from people like Dean Debnam and that Sasquatch Greg Hatem - spoiled and entitled jerks who think their wants and needs usurp everyone else’s (whilst living in their current/imminent luxury Fayetteville Street digs) had their tantrums, and got their way – much to the detriment of the many. And her latest mailer was nasty – no need for it. How is “data” a bad thing? I just don’t get what 1815 world we’re living in. You know who could have used some “data”? The folks who opened Capital City Grocery at Seaboard. As for Russ - he has all the spine of a jellyfish. The guy’s not “pro-neighborhoods” and “pro-African American” – he’s “pro whatever will get me elected for another term”. He has zero integrity – a total wuss. He will pander to anyone, anyhow, anytime. Have always supported him in the past, but that’s done and gone forever – the last few years have proved disappointment after disappointment. What does he do for a living? An architect? Doing what, where, when? Oh, that’s right – NOTHING. He’s nothing more than a career politician living on family money who is terrified of retiring into milquetoast obscurity.

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Posted by William Castle on 10/05/2015 at 12:21 AM

Re: “Greg Hatem’s haters take to Facebook to protest Raleigh’s proposed outdoor drinking ordinance

Sorry - not buying it one little bit. Greg Hatem - and by proxy his minion Andrew Stewart - definitely rank up there amongst the most dishonest and nefarious of downtown's players. Ask every "restauranteur partner" they've ever had. Ask any of the building professionals working downtown. Ask anyone who has a clue of the inner-workings of downtown. All can attest that there is no bottom to the well of spite and mean-spiritedness when it comes to Greg Hatem and Empire. You know that old adage, "How do you know so-and-so is lying? Their lips are moving"? That's the first thing that comes to my mind re: any "denouncements" on behalf of Greg and Empire - I don't believe it for one second. If he's "speaking" for other downtown residents, he's speaking for a group of people I have zero sympathy for. Not the elderly folks at the Sir Walter, who have lived on Fayetteville Street since it was a sleepy pedestrian mall, but the idiots who bought a luxury condo on the state capital's main street after it was reopened to vehicular traffic, knowing its hustle and bustle, who now want to complain about how "unlivable" it is. Will Marks of the PNC building, sad sack of Fayetteville Street and N&O shill, I'm looking at you.

Greg Hatem deserves zero break and all the backlash. He might not be formally attached to this patio crap, but he's sneaky enough, as usual, to stay "appropriately distanced" from it. There isn't doubt in my mind, however, that he's the root cause - Mr. Unlivable - there's no way the city came up with this all on their own.

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Posted by William Castle on 06/10/2015 at 12:40 PM

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