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Re: “Whiskey in downtown Durham is closing Aug. 2

Whiskey sucked. The service was atrocious. I went there with someone who said the service sucked, and then when I got there the service sucked. They acted like they were doing you a favor by making drink. And when I went to buy a cigar at the bar they only had one or two out of the entire cigar menu. A couple months later I was at Revolution and I was talking about about Whiskey and the bartender there mentioned the horrible service. It was well known for not carrying about customers. Great concept, great venue, but the management made poor staffing decisions. Durham needs a cigar bar and that place could have flourished but they had too much arrogance. Glad to see them go.

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Posted by TruthNotLies on 07/11/2014 at 6:26 PM

Re: “The GOP wants even more money for vouchers


I agree. No public money should go to welfare recipients or other private individuals who live on the dole. These people are parasites!

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Posted by TruthNotLies on 06/28/2014 at 5:05 PM

Re: “Bull City Burger & Brewery

The burgers here are only okay and are overpriced. Frankly, Cookout is a better burger and a better deal.

I went one and only time and wouldn't go back. The place is highly overrated. The fries were really good, but burger and house brews weren't anything special. I tried bites of two other burgers so even though I only went once I've sampled three.

My biggest issue, however, is that I ordered and asked for tomato on my burger and they said no.

It's out of season, they said.

So in other words, during certain times of the year can you get a burger with a tomato on it. If they're going to do that, they should put a sign up so you don't waste time in line only to get to the register and find out you can't get what you want and what is expected at any serious burger joint that isn't run by poseurs.

Onions aren't always in season. Neither is lettuce. Neither, I'm sure, are the ingredients they use for their brews. I'm sure they have a ton of products not being produced locally. But a guy can't get a tomato depending on whenever the owners decree it so.

And if Bull City Burger is so worried about being freaking organic and local and getting stuff "in season" they can surely grow their own or contract a local farm to do it hydroponically or in a greenhouse. Do they purchase their pepper locally? Is the salt local produced?

They're poseurs. If you're going to deny a customer only one product that many, many people believe is essential to their burger eating experience, simply because it's not locally grown, then don't be a hypocrite and do that with everything.

Sadly, the woman taking my order was arrogant about it as if I were an idiot for wanting a slice of tomato when it so obviously wasn't in season. Perhaps it's because I asked her to explain more than once b/c I'm a big burger fan and having had probably a thousand in my four decades and having been to probably a hundred places I had never experienced something so silly before and asked her to repeat it.

Had I not been with others and had we not already spent so much time in line to get to the register I would have walked out. Frankly, there are better burgers in the Durham area. Cookout, Only Burger, Allen and Sons are probably the top three burgers in the local area.

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Posted by TruthNotLies on 06/06/2014 at 8:28 PM

Re: “A Duke senior sues the university after being expelled over allegations of sexual misconduct

Hey Mike,

If you're so convinced she was raped, why did she text him the morning after and go to parties at his house he lived in, where she was supposedly raped, at least two more times after the alleged incident?

From the article:

"The morning following the sexual encounter, McLeod texted his accuser, saying, "Apparently u walked into my mates room looking for ya wallet? Did you end up finding it?"

"Yeah haha," the freshman responded."

Or was this the text you found convincing:

"The next day, her best friend sent her a text: "Did he actually rape you." The freshman replied, "It's like hard to explain I'll tell you the story in person."

Perhaps it was the medical report that convinced you?

The medical report, however, concluded that she denied any "threats/intimidation/coercion/force."

Or was it the fact she waited two days before going to the police who after hearing her claims investigated and later determined the use of force [by McLeod to supposed rape her] was "not applicable."

This is clearly a false rape allegation made by a girl who is perhaps upset that he sent a text the morning after asking for her name again. Or perhaps she's trying to avoid looking like she cheated on her then boyfriend (or ex-boyfriend). Maybe she doesn't want to look like a slut by the other women who saw her leave with this guy (BTW slut is a term used mainly by women to keep other women in line, the whole slut shaming thing is a female-on-female phenomena . . . men like sluts b/c it means easier to get sex).

At any rate, movement on this case has a occurred. The best outcome would be for the judge to order Duke to give the kid back his degree and award him damages while at the same time barring further Kangaroo courts from occurring and putting trials like this where they belong: in the legal system.

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Posted by TruthNotLies on 06/01/2014 at 2:14 PM

Re: “A Duke senior sues the university after being expelled over allegations of sexual misconduct

Looks like the Indy posted an update to this case on their news blog:…

Money quote:

"In his four-page ruling, Smith said: "The plaintiff [McLeod] has demonstrated a likelihood of success on the merits as to his contentions that the defendant [Duke University] has breached, violated, or otherwise deprived the plaintiff of material rights related to the misconduct allegations against him and the resulting disciplinary process addressing such allegations."

This is the judge's written opinion when he "ruled that Duke may not go forward with its official expulsion until a victory at trial, keeping McLeod—and his potential degree—in limbo until then."

So, the boy hasn't been expelled, and now a court case will go forward determining whether or not Duke acted improperly and illegally.

Even the presiding judge seems to think Duke screwed up here and the boy will win his case.

And anyone who reads the original Indy story on it and who has half a brain can see that Duke railroaded this guy by preventing the admission of exculpatory evidence, by refusing to allow him to call witnesses in his defense, and by using a process that was not official or published in the Student Code of Conduct and was some "internal policy" that was secret until this case come up and they decided to use it.

My guess is Duke is scrambling to resolve this issue with McLeod privately so as to avoid a large payout of damages. I'm willing to bet money on it that they will lose if this goes to trial.

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Posted by TruthNotLies on 06/01/2014 at 1:58 PM

Re: “A Duke senior sues the university after being expelled over allegations of sexual misconduct

If Catherine's definition of feminism were valid, then I would be a feminist, as would many men and women who currently state they are not.

The truth is that feminist today has moved from it's noble origins of equality to something more toxic, specifically, a visceral bitterness and hatred towards men and the privileging of upper class white women over everyone else in society by giving them special treatment in contests or disagreements with men and minorities and by cushioning them from the consequences of their own decisions.

Most rapes do not occur on college campuses, and yet that is one of the main things they focus on. Millions of woman have much deeper issues to be concerned about than whether or not some rich white woman is a CEO or not, and most women realize that you get paid differently if you have different job responsibilities and skill sets, yet pay and positions are another of their main focuses. Rarely does one hear of the plight of women in poor, foreign countries, or lower class women, or violence that occurs outside the contexts in which which most privileged white women live. And anyone who disagrees with feminists is automatically marked as someone hates women and is a misogynist, even if that person has female friends and relatives who he loves and provides for and helps out when needed.

Feminism has a broad range of definitions. Professional feminists like to claim it's just about equality, when it's not. Those of us who've followed the movement and actually read what feminists write and notice patterns are quite clear about it being something else entirely.

Here's a good primer . . .…

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Posted by TruthNotLies on 05/29/2014 at 1:34 PM

Re: “A Duke senior sues the university after being expelled over allegations of sexual misconduct

Eve, you've got to be a feminist. I know this because instead of taking what I actually say and responding to that, you pretend that I say something I didn't. I never wished for someone to get raped. And I never would.

Just falsely accused of one.

You do realize, right, that people can read my comment and then yours, and then see that I don't say what you say I do . . .

I don't see anything wrong if the statement that if someone's going to be falsely accused in this world, it should happen to the person who doesn't take false accusations seriously and who makes light of them, and who doesn't believe in basic legal protections or human rights for those accused. Or to someone close to that person.

But it's not a big deal, though, right? At least not to Catherine. Or Duke. Or the feminists out there who start with the presumption of guilt and who when a false rape accusation based on malice does occur, tries to sweep it under the rug and prevent the woman from being held accountable legally.

With Duke Lacrosse, the woman was never prosecuted for lying to police and wasting the time and money of taxpayers on real crimes which weren't addressed while the legal system was sent on a wild and meaningless goose chase. The only reason why Crystal Magnum, the perpetrator, went to jail, is because she later murdered someone.

And that happens 99% of the time. When it's clear the woman lied about rape, then we're told to consider her emotional and mental state and not prosecute. Or we're told by feminists that prosecuting a liar might prevent other victims from going forward. And many a D.A. just doesn't see it as an optimal use of their time when they have resource constraints and other crimes to prosecute, that may be higher profile or more politically popular, or involve violent offenders.

So I have no problem hoping that false rape accusations, when they occur, fall on the sons and brothers and fathers and male friends of people like Catherine and other feminists. It gives them a taste of their own medicine.

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Posted by TruthNotLies on 05/29/2014 at 11:08 AM

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