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Triangle lawmakers take leadership positions 

Who got the gavels?


House Speaker Joe Hackey gave out gavels this week to nine Triangle lawmakers who will chair or co-chair 11 House committees. Key positions include the powerful appropriations committee, co-chaired by state Rep. Mickey Michaux of Durham; ethics, chaired by state Rep. Deborah Ross; and finance, co-chaired by state Reps. Paul Luebke and Jennifer Weiss.

State Rep. Bill Faison, a Democrat representing Orange and Person counties, assumes leadership of the agribusiness and agricultural economy committee, one of four new committees Hackney created. The others are mental health reform, led by Orange County state Rep.Verla Insko, who has chaired the Legislative Oversight Committee on Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse; energy and energy efficiency, led by a Greensboro Democrat and sponsor of a renewable energy bill, Pricey Harrison; and juvenile justice.

Triangle committee chairs:

Durham County

  • Dan Blue, Indian affairs and federal relations, judiciary II
  • Paul Luebke, finance
  • Mickey Michaux, appropriations
  • Winkie Wilkins, education subcommittee on community colleges
  • Orange County

  • Bill Faison, agribusiness and agricultural economy
  • Verla Insko, appropriations subcommittee on health and human services, mental health reform
  • Wake County

  • Deborah Ross, ethics, judiciary I
  • Jennifer Weiss, finance
  • Grier Martin, homeland security and veteran affairs
  • Below is a list of all committees, their chairs, vice-chairs and membership.

    ASSISTANT TO THE SPEAKER: Rep. Cunningham.

    AGING: Chair, Rep. Farmer-Butterfield; Vice-chairs, Reps. Bordsen, Clary, Jones and Pierce; members, Reps. Adams, Boylan, Earle, England, Gillespie, Holmes, Mobley, Thomas and Weiss.

    AGRIBUSINESS AND AGRICULTURAL ECONOMY: Chair, Rep. Faison; Vice-chairs Reps. Hill and West; members, Reps. Brubaker, Frye, Mobley and Pierce.

    AGRICULTURE: Chair Rep. Hill; Vice-chairs, Reps. Bell, Braxton, Brisson, Faison, Lewis and Williams; members, Reps. Coates, Daughtry, Holloway, Kiser, Langdon, Pate, Steen, Tarleton, Tolson, Tucker, Underhill, Walker, E. Warren and Wray.

    ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL: Chair, Rep. Lucas; Vice-chairs, Reps. Gibson and Grady; members, Reps. Boylan, Brown, Coates, Cole, Daughtry, Goforth, Jones, Lewis, McGee, Saunders, Starnes and Tucker.

    APPROPRIATIONS: Chairs, Reps. Adams, Alexander, Crawford, Haire, Jeffus, Tolson, Yongue, and Michaux

    APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON CAPITAL: Chairs, Reps. Womble and Wright; Vice-chairs, Reps. Church and Grady; members, Reps. Allred, Avila, Cunningham, Daughtry, Holliman, Killian and Wainwright.

    APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON EDUCATION: Chairs, Reps. Glazier, McLawhorn and Rapp; Vice-chairs, Reps. Bell, Johnson and Lucas; members, Reps. Hilton, Holloway, Parmon, Pate, Tarleton and Wiley.

    APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON GENERAL GOVERNMENT: Chairs, Reps. Goforth and Underhill; Vice-Chairs, Reps. Fisher, Steen and Tucker; members, Reps. Almond, Braxton, Brown, Cleveland, Owens, Pierce, Walker and West.

    APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Chairs, Reps. Earle, England, and Insko; Vice-chairs, Reps. Barnhart, Clary and Coleman; Reps. Brisson, Neumann and Thomas.

    APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY: Chairs, Reps. Bordsen and Love; Vice-chairs, Reps. Kiser, Ray, Spear, Sutton and R. Warren; members, Reps. Frye, Goodwin, Hurley, Justus, Mobley and Moore.

    APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON NATURAL AND ECONOMIC RESOURCES: Reps. McAllister and E. Warren Chairs; Vice-chairs, Reps. Harrison, Justice and Wilkins; members, Reps. Bryant, Langdon, Samuelson, Stiller and Wray.

    APPROPRIATIONS SUBCOMMITTEE ON TRANSPORTATION: Chairs, Reps. Coates and Cole; Vice-chairs, Reps. Allen, Blue, Holmes and Saunders; Reps. Boylan, Current, Dickson, Dockham, Dollar, Gillespie, Gulley, T. Harrell, Martin, McElraft and Williams.

    CHILDREN, YOUTH AND FAMILIES: Chair, Rep. Pierce; Vice-chairs, Reps. Farmer-Butterfield, McAllister and Wiley; members, Reps. Alexander, Almond, Fisher, T. Harrell, Hilton, Mobley, Moore and Setzer.

    COMMERCE, SMALL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Chairs, Rep. Dickson; Vice-chairs, Reps. Carney, Daughtridge, Starnes and Wilkins Vice Chairs; Reps. Allen, Allred, Blackwood, Braxton, Brown, Clary, Cole, England, Farmer-Butterfield, Gillespie, Goforth, T. Harrell, McGee, Neumann, Owens, Parmon, Pate, Pierce, Rapp, Ray, Samuelson, Steen, Tarleton, E. Warren and R. Warren.

    EDUCATION: Chairs, Reps. Bell and Lucas

    EDUCATION SUBCOMMITTEE ON COMMUNITY COLLEGES: Chairs, Reps. Wilkins and Wray; Vice-chairs Reps. Bordsen, England and Walker; members, Reps. Avila, Brown, Dockham, Goforth, Goodwin, Langdon, Love, McElraft, Tolson and R. Warren.

    EDUCATION SUBCOMMITTEE ON PRE-SCHOOL, ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION: Chairs, Reps. Fisher and Parmon; Vice-chairs Reps. Blackwood, Jeffus and McLawhorn; members, Reps. Carney, Folwell, Glazier, Johnson, Rapp, Stam and Wiley.

    EDUCATION SUBCOMMITTEE ON UNIVERSITIES: Chairs, Reps. McAllister and Womble; Vice-chairs, Reps. Current, Dollar, Insko, Tarleton and E. Warren Vice Chairs; members, Reps. Adams, Alexander, Bryant, Cleveland, Daughtridge, Dickson, Hall, Hilton, Holloway, Hurley, Ross, Samuelson, Stiller, Thomas and Yongue.

    ELECTION LAW AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM: Chair, Rep. Goodwin; Vice-chair, Reps. Kiser, Luebke, and Ross; members, Reps. Bryant, Church, Current, Fisher, Harrison, Holmes, Justice, Lewis, Martin, Michaux, Stam and Starnes.

    ENERGY AND ENERGY EFFICENCY: Chair, Rep. Harrison; Vice-chair Reps. Tolson and Walend; members, Reps. Boylan, Fisher, Folwell, Gibson, Gulley, J. Harrell, Luebke, Neumann, Samuelson, Saunders and Tarleton.

    ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES: Chair, Rep. Allen; Vice-chair, Reps. Gillespie, J. Harrell, Harrison, Justice, Tarleton and Underhill; members, Reps. Blackwood, Brisson, Dollar, Gibson, Haire, Insko, Killian, Luebke, Martin, McComas, Owens, Samuelson, Stiller, Tucker, Weiss, West and Womble.

    ETHICS: Chairs, Reps Howard and Ross; Vice-chairs, Reps. Brubaker and Yongue; members, Reps. Bell, Dockham, Justice, Lucas, Steen and Tolson.

    FEDERAL RELATIONS AND INDIAN AFFAIRS: Chairs, Reps. Blue and Sutton; vice-chairs, Reps. Frye and Martin; members, Reps. Black, Brown, Gillespie and Yongue.

    FINANCE: Chairs, Reps. Gibson, Wainwright, Weiss and Luebke; vice-chairs, Reps. Hill, Holliman, Howard, McComas, and Womble; members, Reps. Black, Blackwood, Blust, Carney, Cunningham, Daughtridge, Faison, Farmer-Butterfield, Folwell, Hall, J. Harrell, Jones, Lewis, McGee, Owens, Ross, Setzer, Stam, Starnes, Tillis and Walend.

    FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS: Chair, Rep. Church; Vice-chairs Reps. Brubaker, Carney and Williams; members, Reps. Black, Daughtridge, Dockham, Earle, Grady, Hall, Holmes, Jeffus, McComas, Mobley, Neumann, Saunders, Spear, Tillis and R. Warren.

    HEALTH: Chair, Rep. Wright; vice-chair, Reps. Earle, England and Justus; members, Reps. Adams, Alexander, Avila, Barnhart, Boylan, Current, Farmer-Butterfield, Glazier, Grady, T. Harrell, McAllister, McElraft, McLawhorn, Neumann, Parmon, Rapp, Stiller, Thomas, Wainwright, Walend and Wilkins.

    HOMELAND SECURITY, MILITARY AND VETERAN AFFAIRS: Chair, Rep. Martin; Vice-chairs, Reps. Blust, Cunningham, Pate and Wright; members, Reps. Allred, Barnhart, Braxton, Cleveland, Coates, Dickson, Glazier, Hilton, Killian, Spear, Sutton, Thomas, Underhill and R. Warren.

    INSURANCE: Chairs, Reps. Goforth and Holliman; Vice-chairs, Reps. Bryant, Dickson, Dockham and Setzer; members, Reps. Almond, Blust, Cole, Current, Faison, Howard, Lewis, Pierce, Saunders, Sutton, Wainwright, Walend and Wright.

    JUDICIARY I: Chair, Rep. Ross; Vice-chairs, Reps. Goodwin, Stam and Stiller; members, Reps. Alexander, Blust, Bryant, Clary, Hall, Harrison, Holmes, Insko, Martin, Mobley and West.

    JUDICIARY II: Chair, Rep. Blue; Vice-chairs, Reps. Glazier, Love and Weiss; members, Reps. Bordsen, Crawford, Folwell, J. Harrell, Hurley, Johnson, Kiser, Moore, Parmon, Ray and Spear.

    JUDICIARY III: Chair, Rep. Sutton; Vice-chairs, Reps. Daughtry, Faison and R. Warren; members, Reps. Almond, Black, Fisher, Haire, Jeffus, Lewis, Michaux, Tillis, Underhill, Walend and Wiley.

    JUVENILE JUSTICE: Chair, Rep. Bordsen; Vice-chairs, Reps, Haire, Kiser and Mobley; members, Reps. Avila, Blust, Bryant, Cunningham, Goodwin, Hurley, Justus, McAllister, McElraft and Pierce.

    LOCAL GOVERNMENT I: Chair, Rep. Tucker; Vice-chairs, Reps. Braxton and Langdon; members, Reps. Coleman, Gibson, Hurley, McElraft, McGee, Owens, Pate, Spear, Walker and E. Warren.

    LOCAL GOVERNMENT II: Chair, Rep. Jones; Vice-chairs, Reps. Adams and Allen; Reps. Fisher, Frye, Love, Lucas, Steen, Tillis and Womble.

    MENTAL HEALTH REFORM: Chairs, Reps. Earle and Insko; Vice-chairs, Reps. Alexander and Barnhart; members, Reps. Braxton, Brisson, Clary, Coleman, England, Justus, Langdon, McLawhorn, Ray and Wiley.

    PENSIONS AND RETIREMENT: Chairs, Reps. Bell and J. Harrell; Vice-chairs, Reps. Coleman, Folwell, Holloway, and McGee; members, Reps. Hurley, McLawhorn, and Tolson.

    PUBLIC UTILITIES: Chair, Rep. Saunders; Vice-chairs, Reps. Brubaker and Coates; members, Reps. Black, Bryant, Earle, Grady, Gulley, Harrison, Holmes, Howard, Lucas and Wright.

    RULES, CALENDAR, AND OPERATIONS OF THE HOUSE: Chair, Rep. Owens; Vice-chairs, Reps. Glazier, Hill, Luebke and Ross; members, Reps. Barnhart, Bell, Blue, Brubaker, Clary, Cole, Crawford, Dockham, J. Harrell, Holliman, Howard, Insko, Jeffus, Justice, Justus, Love, McComas, McLawhorn, Michaux, Pate, Ray, Setzer, Steen, Weiss and Yongue.

    SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: Chair, Rep. Jones; Vice-chairs, Reps. Gulley, T. Harrell, and Tolson; members, Reps. Avila, Blue, England, Haire, Johnson and Tillis.

    STATE PERSONNEL: Chair, Rep. Coleman; Vice-chairs Reps. Almond and Church; members, Reps. J. Harrell, Justus, Killian, Sutton, Wiley, Womble and Yongue.

    TRANSPORTATION: Chair, Rep. Carney; Vice-chairs, Reps. Coates, Cole, Crawford, Hilton, McComas and Williams; members, Reps. Allen, Blackwood, Braxton, Brisson, Cleveland, Daughtridge, Daughtry, Dollar, T. Harrell, Hill, Killian, Moore, Rapp, Steen, Stiller, Sutton, Underhill, Wilkins, Wray and Wright.

    UNIVERSITY BOARD OF GOVERNORS NOMINATING: Chair, Rep. Dickson; Vice-chairs, Reps. Bryant, Haire and Moore; members, Reps. Blust, Brubaker, Dollar, Holmes, Insko, Rapp, E. Warren and Womble.

    WAYS AND MEANS: Chair, Rep. J. Harrell; Vice-chairs, Reps. Allred, Hall, Michaux, Owens and Wainwright; members, Reps. Avila, Carney, Crawford, Folwell, Goforth, Grady, Holliman, Lewis, McLawhorn, Neumann, Spear and Walend.

    WILDLIFE RESOURCES: Chair, Rep. Williams; Vice-chairs, Reps. Cleveland, Spear and Wray Vice Chairs; members, Reps. Brisson, Church, Gulley, Love, Thomas and West.


    Eight Senate committees will be headed six by lawmakers from Durham, Wake and Orange counties, including Mental Health and Youth Services, which is shared by Sens. Ellie Kinnaird and Bob Atwater, and two education committees, led by Sens. Jeanne Lucas and Vernon Malone.

    Triangle Senators are leading the following committees:

    Durham County

  • Bob Atwater, Mental Health and Youth Services
  • Jeanne Lucas, Appropriations on Education, Public Instruction, Education/Public Instruction
  • Orange County

  • Ellie Kinnaird, Appropriations on Justice and Public Safety, Mental Health and Youth Services
  • Wake County

  • Janet Cowell, Appropriations on General Government and Information Technology, Information Technology
  • Richard Stevens, Appropriations on Education and Higher Education, Education/Higher Education
  • Vernon Malone, Appropriations on Education, Public Instruction, Education/Public Instruction
  • Below are the full committees, including chairs, vice-chairs and members.

    AGRICULTURAL, ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES: Chair, Sen. Albertson; Vice-chairs, Sens. Allran, Atwater, Cowell, Kinnaird, Weinstein; members, Sen. Bingham, Brock, Brown, Clodfelter, East, Hartsell Jr., Jenkins, Jones, Preston, Queen, Smith, Snow, Tillman

    APPROPRIATIONS ON DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION: Chair, Sen. Jenkins; Vice-chair Sen. Soles Jr; members, Sens. Philip Berger, East, Hoyle, Shaw

    APPROPRIATIONS ON EDUCATION AND HIGHER EDUCATION: Co-chairs, Sens. Boseman, Stevens, Swindell; members, Sens. Foriest, Hartsell Jr.

    APPROPRIATIONS ON EDUCATION, PUBLIC INSTRUCTION: Co-chairs, Sens. Lucas, Malone, Queen; members, Sens. Nesbitt Jr, Preston, Tillman

    APPROPRIATIONS ON GENERAL GOVERNMENT AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Co-chairs, Sens. Cowell and Dorsett; members, Sens. Brock, Graham, Hunt, Kerr III, Smith

    APPROPRIATIONS ON HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES: Co-chairs, Sens. Berger and Purcell; members, Sens. Blake, Dannelly, Forrester, Goss

    APPROPRIATIONS ON JUSTICE AND PUBLIC SAFETY: Co-chairs, Sens. Kinnaird and Snow; vice-chair, Sen. Clodfelter; members, Sens. Apodaca, Bingham, Burnstetter, Rand

    APPROPRIATIONS ON NATURAL AND ECONOMIC RESOURCES: Chair, Sen. Weinstein; Vice-chair, Sen. Albertson; members, Sens. Brown, Jacumin, Jones

    APPROPRIATIONS BASE BUDGET: Chairs, Sens. Dalton, Garrou, Hagan; Vice-chairs, Sens. Alberton and Dannelly; members, Sens. Apodaca, Atwater, Philip Berger, Doug Berger, Bingham, Blake, Boseman, Brock, Brown, Brunstetter, Clodfelter, Cowell, Dorsett, East, Foriest, Forrester, Goss, Graham, Hartsell Jr, Hoyle, Hunt, Jacumin, Jenkins, Jones, Kerr III, Kinnaird, Lucas, Malone, Nesbitt Jr., Pittenger, Preston, Purcell, Queen, Rand, Shaw, Smith, Snow, Soles Jr. Stevens, Swindell, Weinstein

    COMMERCE, SMALL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Chair, Sen. Soles; Vice-chairs, Sens. Hoyle and Rand; members, Sens. Apodaca, Doug Berger, Philip Berger, Blake, Boseman, Dalton, Dorsett, Foriest, Forrester, Garrou, Goodall, Goss, Graham, Hagan, Hunt, Jacumin, Kerr III, Malone, Nesbitt, Pittenger, Purcell, Shaw, Stevens

    EDUCATION/HIGHER EDUCATION: Co-chairs, Sens. Swindell, Boseman and Stevens; members, Sens. Allran, Philip Berger, Bingham, Cowell, Foreist, Garrou, Hartsell Jr. Hoyle, Hunt, Jenkins, Purcell, Rand

    EDUCATION/PUBLIC INSTRUCTION: Co-chairs, Sens. Lucas, Malone, Queen; members, Sens. Apodaca, D. Berger, Brown, Dalton, Dannelly, Dorsett, Forrester, Goodall, Goss, Graham, Hagan, Jones, Nesbitt, Preston, Smith, Snow, Tillman

    FINANCE: Co-chairs, Sens. Clodfelter, Hoyle, Kerr III; Vice-chairs, Hartsell Jr., Shaw; members, Sens. Albertson, Allran, Apodaca, Atwater, P. Berger, Blake, Boseman, Brock, Brown, Brunstetter, Cowell, Dalton, Dannelly, Garrou, Goodall, Goss, Hunt, Jenkins, Kinnaird, Nesbitt, Pittenger, Preston, Purcell, Queen, Rand, Smith, Soles Jr., Stevens, Swindell, Tillman, Weinstein

    FINANCE SUBCOMMITTEE ON CAPITAL AND INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCING: Chair, Sen. Clodfelter; members, Sens. Brunstetter, Cowell, Hartsell, Hoyle, Kerr III, Soles Jr, Stevens

    HEALTH CARE: Co-chairs, Sens. Bingham and Purcell; Vice-chairs, Sens. Dorsett, Foriest and Forrester; members, Atwater, D. Berger, Blake, Brunstetter, Dannelly, Hagan, Hartsell, Hoyle, Jacumin, Jones, Kinnaird, Malone, Nesbitt and Rand

    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Co-chairs, Sens. Cowell and Dorsett; Vice-chair, Sen. Graham; members, Sens. Apodaca, D. Berger, P. Berger, Brock, Foriest, Goss, Hartsell Jr. Kerr III, Queen

    JUDICIARY I: Chair, Sen. Nesbitt Jr.; Vice-chair, Sens. P. Berger, Soles and Clodfelter; members, Sens. Albertson, Boseman, Brock, Brown, Brunstetter, Cowell, Graham, Hoyle, Jenkins, Kinnaird, Malone, Rand, Stevens, Tillman

    JUDICIARY II: Chair, Sen. Hartsell Jr.; Vice-chairs, Sens. Allran, Berger, Jones; members, Apodaca, Atwater, Bingham, Dalton, Dannelly, Dorsett, Goodall, Jacumin, Kerr III, Queen, Snow, Swindell

    MENTAL HEALTH AND YOUTH SERVICES: Co-chairs, Sens. Atwater and Kinnaird; Vice-chair, Sen. Nesbitt Jr.; members, Sens. Dannelly, Forrester, Jacumin, Malone, Preston, Purcell, Shaw, Snow and Swindell

    PENSIONS, RETIREMENT AND AGING: Co-chairs, Sens. Dalton, Garrou, Hagan; Vice-chairs, Albertson, Atwater, Bingham, Brock, Clodfelter, Cowell, Dorsett, East, Foriest, Forrester, Jenkins, Malone, Nesbitt, Purcell, Queen, Stevens, Swindell

    RULES AND OPERATIONS OF THE SENATE: Chair, Sen. Rand; Vice-chair, Sen. Dalton; members, Sens. Albertson, Apodaca, P. Berger, Boseman, Brock, Burnstetter, Clodfelter, Dorsett, Forrester, Hartsell, Jr., Hoyle, Jones, Kinnaird, Nesbitt, Soles Jr., Stevens, Swindell, Weinstein

    STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Co-chairs, Sens. East and Graham; Vice-chair, Sen. Dorsett; members, Sens. Albertson, Apodaca, P. Berger, Blake, Boseman, Brunstetter, Jones, Malone, Queen, Smith, Soles Jr., Stevens

    TRANSPORTATION: Chair, Sen. Shaw; Vice-chairs, Sens. Goss and Jenkins; members, Sens. Allran, P. Berger, Brown, Cowell, East, Goodall, Graham, Hunt, Kerr III, Preston, Queen, Snow, Soles, Jr., Stevens, Swindell, Tillman, Weinstein

    WAYS AND MEANS: Chair, Sen. Dannelly; Vice-chair, Sen. Weinstein; members, Sens. Albertson, Allran, Forrester, Hartsell, Hoyle, Hunt, Jenkins, Kerr III, Lucas, Malone, Swindell


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