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Re: “Durham commissioners to weigh tethering ordinance

I will answer Jalt first, at least I had the balls to give my name, I am not trying to hide and call names from the dark corners. As far as the quote goes that was written by one of our members and not by me. Carnage, no we will not initiate the carnage, that has already been done by groups linked to the Animal Rights movement like ALF and ELF(both on the FBI want list by the way). It simply means that we will not allow the animal rights movement to stop our ownership of animals. And if you look real close I do beleive it says as we prepare for carnage. Not again that we will initiate the carnage but we again will defend our animals.

Taking an Alford plea means that I am not admiting guilt to anything but that the prosecution may or may not have enough evidence to convict me. In a one horse backwoods town like Hodgenville where the government is run on the "good old boy" system and the neighbor in queston is the mayors relative, damn right I took that plea to save my dogs from certain death. They had already killed 15 and I was not about to let them have a chance to kill more. If you want to whine and moan about creulty then go after the county not me.

I will always stay in this fight, I am a responsible owner and by taking a plea to a violation of an unconstitutional kennel law and saving my dogs I feel I proved it. Money was an issue, I was already in over $10,000.00 to prove my innocense and had it gone to a trial it would have been much more than that. Would you like to donate to that fund?

Is it not enough that I gave up the only home I ever knew in my life for my dogs? Is it not enough that I have suffered and spent many many a sleepless night because I had to leave everything I owned to save my dogs? I would do it again if need be. But, why should I have to? I was falsly accused, the sheriff tresspassed without a warrant, the judge gave one of my dogs away before our araignment. What else do you want ykw? I feel I have been one of the best most responsible owners and fighters out there or I would not be a target of the ilk of HSUS and the AR movement.

I stand steadfast in the fight, when it comes to mud slinging I have a real big shovel and will stand with you toe to toe. You are free to do what you do because folks like me stand up for those rights. I go to these meetings to stop what is going on, ykw if you would like to take my place and go to all the meetings I attend then let me give you my list.

Posted by Sandi Coy on 08/15/2008 at 11:13 AM

Re: “Durham commissioners to weigh tethering ordinance

Now we will hear the "rest of the story". I have worked hard to save our rights to own and love our animals. I angered my neighbors with my breed of choice. My neighbors conspired with some Animal Rights folks just like the ones that are trying to take away your right to RESPONSIBLY tether your animals. Today they say tethering is cruel, they have already stated that penning and crating are also cruel. Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS has made the statement "one generation and out" In other words, in one generation he wants to see an end to animal ownership. These are the type of people that are trying to force the tethering issue through. Back to my story. My neighbors conspired to set me up. I was out of town and had been for two weeks earning money for my dogs. The money I made helping some friends at the fair in the summer always went to buy the toys and things that I could not afford other times. While I was out of town my husband checked on the dogs at 4:00am before he went to work and then as soon as he got home they were fed and watered. We always took a bowl brush with us to clean out bowls that were needed because we lived on well water and without the clorine that is in city water the algea grew a lot faster. The health dept. had been called to my house for the "stink of the dogs" they found no stink and advised me to make a compost heap to make a stink instead of my normal method of disposal. The EPA was also called and they were at my house from 11:30am to 1:45pm looking for this supposed odor on Thursday. They found no odor, not only that, but if there would have been a dead dog, I am sure they would have let the sherriff know at that point. Their report gives no indication of a dead animal. At 3:00pm of the same day the neighbor called the sheriff and stated that there was a dead dog in my yard. You have to know that the back of Maggie's pen was covered with a wild grape vine for added shade, and there was no way, unless you were tresspassing to see Maggie in her pen. Yes, if fact Maggie was dead in her PEN on her tether,she was bitten by a rattlesnake. She was on a tether because she would not stay in a pen of any kind, that is why she was given to me. This was not the first time a dog has been bitten by a rattlesnake in our area. We have timber rattlers and copperheads in Larue county KY. As soon as my husband got home from work he started to feed and water, he found Maggie dead, he called me to let me know that we had lost her and that he felt it was a snake bite. I told him to be careful in case the snake was still in the area. He did the best he could to give her a decent gave site. He also told me that several of the dogs had water in their FOOD bowls. I thought it was strange but never gave it a lot of thought because I do have a daughter that helps out from time to time. 2 days later on SATURDAY the police came and arrested my husband and took all 46 of my dogs. They took them to Taylor County Animal Shelter, in Taylorsville KY. The Deputy advised me to come home and turn myself in and I told him I would after I talked with my lawyer. My lawyer tried for several days to speak with the judge, and until I let the world know,via the inner net that the judge would not talk to my lawyer he would not take his calls or return his calls. I turned myself in on Friday. On Saturday I went to see my dogs I was let into the back where I found my litter of 4 week old puppies covered in shit shivering on a wet blanket. Their mother had been taken away from them. I was told to get out that I could not be there and I told them that I could, they threatened to call the cops if I did not leave. I left in tears knowing my dogs were not being cared for. For months they kept my dogs, for 2 months I was not allowed to see them at all and then the state appointed a new judge to our case. At the first meeting the AC told the judge that my puppies were dead and that one of my dogs "Hillbillies' Halo" had broken out of a metal crate and then broken into the pen of two rescued fighting dogs and killed them both. Halo was still alive, I asked if they had taken him to the vet and the AC said "no, if he lived through that night the vet would come out and see him". Then he showed me a picture of my dog laying there injured with his head up. I begged the judge to let me take him to my vet and she refused. He died that night without any medical care, in pain, he suffered because they did not have the human decency to take him to a vet. With care he would have lived. He was my show dog, he had been to Nationals by personal request of the owner of our registry, the year before. The Judge set visiting for me for one day a week for two hours. Two hours to see all my dogs is impossible so I could only see half my dogs every other week. Every time I went to see them I saw wounds,new, fresh, open, oozing wounds. Nothing like this had ever happened on my yard. I had two dogs develop sarcoptic mange while they were there. One of the "shelter's dogs" had mange, can we guess where mine got it? I saw dogs, my own included chained out to the fence or to trees with no shelter, no food or water. And they were better off there? How? At my home they were loved, they were socialized, they had warm houses, food, water, bedding, anything I thought they needed. They had vet care at the drop of a hat if need be. At the shelter they did not. I fought the county, and finally in December we moved out of our home, the home my husband had lived in all his life, and we moved an hour plus away from my family and my grand daughter who had lived next door from the day she was born. Why? Because my neighbors did not like APBTs (or better yet they did not like me). In Jan. I made an Alfred plea to non-compliance with a kennel ordinance so I could get my dogs back before they finished killing them. I have never nor has my husband been convicted of cruelty to animals in any form. They took 46 I got back 31, you do the math. I lost 15 beloved animals. I lost my home, my way of life. Now the Animal Rights advocated are trying to take away my reputation too. I think not. I am just like my dogs, I do not quit, I don't roll over and I DO NOT PLAY DEAD!!! This paper printed the lies now, let's see if they have the intestinal fortitude to print the TRUTH!!!

Posted by Sandi Coy on 08/14/2008 at 10:15 PM

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