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Re: “Newly Reelected Mayor Nancy McFarlane Grapples with the Fact That Large Swaths of Raleigh Feel Left Behind

During the race, Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi brought the Method and related Union Station projects to the campaign. None of the other candidates tool up the topic. Here are her ideas and perspective from my notes.

This idea that there is indecision about what to do about the Historic Community of Method is related to the effect that will eventually end in the corridor being isolated and all of the public facilities from the post office to the Islamic mosque being dramatically affected by development.

The proposed expansion of the Union Station's tracks right of way along Beryl Street South of Hillsboro would effectively transform Method into a boxed in isolated uninviting isolated community walled in by freeways, train tracks and a major university.

The demographics make up of the community is older and mostly minorities. Where is the consideration for these citizens interests? How has the Union Station development proposal taken into account the contributions of this historic neighborhood? How has it approached the residents to consider their needs?

Has anyone considered that the facilitation of high-speed rail will deposit a lot of travellers in a offset corridor with little or no inner city transit options to the rest of the city. Where is the innercity train? How does that connect and facilitate the bus system.

These are the questions that show concern. You can't simply issue an invitation and hope people know what you are talking about. Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi attended the Nov 15th meeting with the City and the NCDOT. The residents followed her in expressing concern that only one community will be absorbing the brunt of the detriment effects of major municipal development.

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Posted by Ml Hayes on 11/17/2017 at 2:14 PM

Re: “Newly Reelected Mayor Nancy McFarlane Grapples with the Fact That Large Swaths of Raleigh Feel Left Behind

The really curious thing about the recent Raleigh municipal elections is that the media, including the Indy Week have totally ignored the crucial facts about the suddenly recognized division of the city. It did not suddenly happen and it isn't accidental.

The municipal elections are called bipartisan elections for politically technical reason that have little do with the reality of the citizens of the various communities. This is something that can be poignantly demonstrated by taking a careful look at the campaign conducted by Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi, a candidate for the at-large council seat. Recently and subsequent to this Indy Week article, I had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi. Here are some of the things that she related to me about the campaign.

First, the campaign was a civil war between the Democrats and Independents who had and have no intentions of serving low and middle income citizens of the city. The evidence of this can be seen in the in what she described as "a total disregard for experience and demonstrated public service." This is true of both the Independents and the Yellow Dog dyed blue in the wool Democrats. When it came time to support the people who had previously worked in their campaigns to make them successful, many democrats sided with Independents who have yet to demonstrate reciprocal intent. They used their influence to defeat fellow Democrats.

For six years it has been all talk and no delivery as the idea that the only class that matters is the wealthy gained political momentum. Unfortunately for the majority of the citizens, that idea is one proposed by a minority of the demographic of Raleigh. When Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi says that the idea of Party gratitude gets expressed as a fact that she ran a clean campaign, she imparts the notion that its not so much gratitude as one would like to believe. While may are grateful for the lack of mudslinging, they still accepted the notion that it would be better to elect people who have little or no experience over those with impressive credentials. When I ask Shelia if the incumbent mayor's gratitude could be measurable in terms, deeds, or municipal action that can be appreciated by the entire community, she said that the evidence supported Mr. Francis' conclusions that she was apathetic. So, I asked her to explain why she felt this was true.

With little hesitation, Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi explained details of how the grassroots movement that she led moved the city to a record voter turn out in both the regular and the runoff election. She stated her opinion of how it was conducted by people who were literally fighting for their existence in the city of Raleigh. She detailed the facts of the Charles Francis for Mayor Campaign that fell short not so much because of McFarlane's brilliant political strategy, but because certain Democrats literally turned their backs on their fellow Democrats. Shelia reminded me that that the Democratic Party has rules with regard to party loyalty. It seems like some high party officials have no regard for the rules which call for their resignations when they fail to support endorsed candidates.

Many prominent and made Democrats claimed that they were unfamiliar with Charles Francis and therefore reluctant to back his candidacy. That is where the clean race issues arise. Certain Democrats consistently came to Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi requesting that she not have her campaign manager publish educational facts about the history of Raleigh's growth and political maturity as a municipality. When the District C Council failed to support his fellow Democrat and secretly backed McFarlane, some Democrats asked Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi to not publish the fact. Loyalty, it seems was a one way street. Those Democrats betrayed the core ideas of the Democratic party as the party of inclusion.

First, they failed to back Shelia by withholding support for a long time poll worker and community organizer of over two decades of municipal and county campaigns. In doing so, they made hypocrites of themselves by proposing the divisive idea that Mr. Francis was too strange to endorse and support. They didn't support Shelia and she is a party officer. Her campaign began in April and she was asked to run by some Democrats who change their minds when she decided to run at-large. They didn't support Charles even though he offered proven experience in business leadership. He filed his candidacy on the the June filing date. The election was in October. What does it take to get a vote from a Democratic party member these days?

No one can make any assumption why those Democrats consistently support Independents who consistently fail to deliver tangible economic benefits to tax paying minority citizens. These elected and former office holders seem to be fairing well while their constituents languish. Assumptions would be too indefinite opinions, post the 2016 Presidential and 2017 Raleigh Municipal elections.

With respect to the the Indy Week headlines, they read very similar to those we were reading last November. The news media impression proposed throughout the campaign season generally gives the impression that our neighbors regard African Americans with disdain to the degree that they see the Americans of African descent community as the enemy to be vanquished. Shelia state that she did not believe this was so because she received so many calls from friends and neighbors expressing congratulations for running a excellent race.

One can come to conclusions. The leadership of the Multitude of Democratic Parties of Wake County are stalemated. They have no influence on the Independents such as McFarlane. They no longer inspire the masses. In Raleigh, post the 2016 Municipal Runoff election, they just may have lost the support of the staunch political trench workers as well as alienated the most qualified and experienced prospective candidates..

People like Charles Francis who put their trust in those Democrats who still can't see beyond dog whistle politics to recognize that they are betraying the trust that made our nation great when they only support fellow Democrats when its politically convenient.

People like Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi whom the Indie Week does not give credit for turning out the vote because they do not investigate the municipal candidates by actually interviewing them during the course of the campaign. We can only further assume the truth has no place in modern political journalism.

As a result of this disregard for grassroots efforts, it may be possible that Raleigh news media unintentionally gives the West side of Raleigh the impression that they are under some sort of attack. But isn't it the responsibility of a free press to investigate the facts before publication? This biased journalism cause the divide that McFarlane was able to take advantage of. The real story was as easy as the Indie Week wold like you to believe. Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi and her campaign staff were the nucleus and driving force behind the Democratic turnout all across the city in both the regular and the mayoral runoff elections.

In spite of the the real effects of gerrymandering and predatory gentrification, this underfunded get out the vote effort raised voter turnout in Raleigh for 7 - 8% to nearly 16%. It forced a runoff mayoral and it will be making itself known in city council on a regular basis. The Democrats can thank Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi for her inspiring leadership. Who did she inspire?

Well it is obvious she got the Independents stirred up and they must have influenced those Democrats that prefer Independent Mayors who prefer parks over affordable housing for minority and low income residents. This cost the City of Raleigh, by some accounts over $500K in election expenses. A 8 or 9% margin of win where a demographic difference of 33% exist, isn't a grand victory.

Failing to deliver on six year old promises while causing the loss of 55K residences over the same period of time is an act of political animosity that the Mayor just may find isn't going to be silenced by delivery of parks and bike lanes. Raleigh will need to address these concerns no matter the competency of the elected councils. Mrs. Alamin-Khashoggi stated that she has always been and shall continue to be an advocate for the community.

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Posted by Ml Hayes on 11/17/2017 at 5:37 AM

Re: “Vote, Dammit! The INDY’s 2017 Endorsements for the Raleigh, Durham, and Cary Municipal Elections

Freedom of speech is one of the rights of American citizens that make publushing newspapers a profitable enterprise. It is also the Constitutional Right that give individuals a voice in the same media forum.

While it is important to recognize the professionals' approach in their endorsements; it is also wise to try to see the perspective of people who challenge the status quo.

The qualifications and capabilities of Charles Francis, for Mayor and Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi, for At-large are not questionable factors. These two seasoned Raleigh natives are seasoned business persons who bring talents to the City Council that the encumbents have not demonstrated.

As you read the Indy questionaires, you may see how these challengers posed answers to questions that the Indy editirial staff framed for it's audience. I don't think that there is anything bad about that. But, I do believe that there is a larger audience that voters should be aware of in their consideration of who to chose to address those matters that touch our lives most commonly.

The encumbent mayor of Raleigh has been good at promoting the City but lacks the communications skills to address the issues presented by Mr. Francis. This has been demonstrated repeatedly in public forums where the candidates were given equal opportunity to address the issues. Charles Francis presented his unframed platform eloquently and precisely. Perhaps, Indy Week just chose not to report those encounters.

As for the at-large position, Mrs. Khasoggi is the most academically and practically on-the-job expetienced candidate in on the Raleigh City Council ballot bar none. She is Day One ready to get the job done. You can read about her and her years of contributions to the welfare of her neighbors. Her charitable work and her dedication to elevating herself from poverty through perseverance and educational achievement are more than good reads. You owe it to yourself to understand why these two candidates are behind the record breaking early voting in Raleigh.

The people of Raleigh who were born and raised in the City welcome newcomers who want to join with them in this community. These two candidates are such natives who really embody what this city can become when all of its citizens are represented by the municipal leadership.

Yes... Vote Dammit! But, understand the meaning of your vote as well as the implications on the future if your choices. If I, agree on all but two of the Indy Week endorsements, the rational of my personal preferences must be based on something that you, the IW reading audience may want to really consider.

Two candidates for the three at-large positions have energized the city and brought out record levels of citizen participation. They did this without resorting to diatribes or relying of racial preference. In short, they individually united the citizens of Raleigh and ignited their involvement in the municipal election.

This ability to draw in the public and get consensus across the aisle from friend and foe is something that the readers of IW should take into consideration given the climate of discord we are experiencing from our state and national representatitives.

The polls have been open for the past hour and you can vote if you are in line by 7 pm.

Posted by Ml Hayes on 10/10/2017 at 7:35 AM

Re: “Nancy McFarlane Presides Over a Thriving City. Charles Francis Says She Doesn’t Deserve the Credit.

The incumbent mayor has shaped a future for Raleigh that can be very accurately observed and analyzed. Where one perception holds that 90% approve of her performance, one must question how that translates into the kind of predatory gentrification experienced by citizens who require more assistance to retain properties inherited from their ancestors who were grossly discriminated against.

Is that the continuum that this city wants to base it's future on. Mr. Francis hasn't stated the problem in terms that rouse emotions. Maybe that is because people would prefer to dignify political conversations by attempting to be civil in their discourse. This is a problem that leads to a general misunderstanding such as that which Mayor McFarland has taken advantage of.

Democrats who support the incumbent mayor aren't aware of the loss of nearly 10,000 affordable housing units since she has been in office. They are also not recognizing the history behind the current reality of predatory gentrification induced by the city's tax increases. The end results are targeting just as surely as were 1960's financial redlining of these same neighborhoods.

When municipal taxation results in sell or lose decisions for senior citizens on inadequate pension incomes, the question of prosperity can't be factored in a poll that excludes those being evicted from the homes they could only afford due to inheritances. Ignoring the history of economic discrimination in employment and wage / salary compensation equity blinds one's sympathy to this harsh economic reality.

However, that is why we pick leaders that understands the history of these legacy issues. We had hope that the Mayor would have some empathy for these real economic factors of those citizens of Raleigh who have to deal with past municipal indiscretions of devastating consequences. Judging McFarland by her History, Mr. Francis is right about her apathy and alooftness.

Raleigh can do better. The question isn't so much one of how as it is when. With Francis as mayor, sooner seems more plausible than with McFarland.

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Posted by Ml Hayes on 10/07/2017 at 4:11 AM

Re: “UNC Chancellor Turns Down Speaking Request from Richard Spencer

The extremists have already caused death and injury. There isn't any cause on their part. They are terrorists.

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Posted by Ml Hayes on 08/31/2017 at 10:06 AM

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