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Re: “They Hate Racists. They Love Assault Rifles. Meet Redneck Revolt.

RE: "They Love Assault Rifles'
"it's gunsand shared gun culturethat have brought people to the picnic table."

--Well, I believe in gun ownership....but I`m not sitting down at their picnic table.
Assault Rifles are the lazy way to shoot.
Spray multiple rounds in the general direction of your target, and hope you hit something.
That`s not marksmanship--that`s mayhem.
Get yourself a .22 rifle, practice until you hit what you AIM at...then move up in caliber.
In other words;
Get off your lazy arses and REALLY learn to shoot !

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Posted by Mike PALADIN on 04/11/2018 at 9:48 AM

Re: “Did You Think We Were Done Talking About Confederate Monuments?

Confederate Monuments?
Frankly the Dumbing Down of History is what I find deplorable here.
This blanket-condemnation of every Confederate Monument assumes that everyone who fought for The South was nothing but a rabid racist wanting to oppress Blacks.
Point Of Fact: Robert E. Lee was against Slavery and Secession. He chose to fight for the Confederacy out of loyalty to his home state; Virginia.
Further, the average Confederate soldier was not fighting 'for slavery'...
Because the average soldier did not own slaves.
Slaves were a pricey commodity that large Plantation owners could afford, not the average farmer.
Would YOU go to war to protect someone else`s right to own something which you could not afford?
Not likely.
Ironically; the Plantation owners generally bought their way out of service to the very cause they promoted.
(Given the propensity for most modern Congressional Warhawks to skate on their own service, and President Bone Spurs` own history of Deferments; apparently nothing has changed)

Bottom Line; Not everyone in the Confederate Army was a rabid racist out to oppress Blacks...

Yet that is the current catch-all line of condemnation.
'Confederate Army Nothing But Racists...oh, and TRAITORS, right?
Traitors to The United States.... Right?
Well, this nation was founded BY Traitors...to England.

So when do we tear down every monument to traitors, like Washington, Franklin and..Jefferson...?
Oh, JEFFERSON ! Thomas Jefferson... Traitor AND Slave Owner ! Since no one who had slaves can be anything but a reviled racist (certainly not merely a product of their Times, right?) we should immediately get rid of anything Jefferson had a hand in...Like the Declaration Of Independence...can`t be a good thing, it was written by a racist slave owner!
We should get an air strike to blast Mount Rushmore free of those racist traitors !

Get the point? Blanket generalization of history!...

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Posted by Mike PALADIN on 03/28/2018 at 10:21 AM

Re: “The Solution to Everything? More Guns!

Armed Teachers...?
The fantasy that arming teachers is any sort of solution is just that--FANTASY!
Let`s shove reality rudely to the side for a moment and examine that fantasy....
First; the concept envisions ideally; an ex-military or ex-police-turned-teacher who is already firearms-familiar...While I`m sure that there are those who had a military/police background and for some reason chose a teacher salary, I hardly think that this individual can be counted upon to exist in every school... EVERYWHERE.
Okay, so now we train a 'Volunteer' Armed Teacher...Seriously? Straight Fact; many people, no matter how well they may train, no matter how earnest they may be, simply Are. Not. Killers. Viet Nam proved that many well-trained and well-armed soldiers chose to fire over the heads of the enemy...Because at heart, they were not killers. (Thankfully) It takes a certain mindset to be a killer. PROBLEM; No one can be sure IF they can pull a trigger on another human being...until they have to do it. That`s an awful weight to lay upon a Volunteer Armed Teacher.
But... Fantasy, remember? So we have our valiant, Trained Volunteer Armed Teacher...setting aside, of course how all this training is paid for, and who pays for the guns,etc...... OOPS! The Guns...We have to ARM this teacher! How should the Volunteer Armed Teacher be armed? Do they get an AR-15 to meet the general trend of threat? Do they walk about with it slung over their shoulder? (visions of Mrs Shoaf, my HS Social Studies teacher strutting about like Rambo just don`t seem right). Maybe a gun rack with lock in the classroom? Naaah...Then ya gotta worry about the gun being stolen.... A handgun would high-probability be the go-to 'solution' (remember; Fantasy).. Well, if you have a handgun-armed teacher going after an AR-15 armed shooter, they better get real close, real fast before they shoot or they are going to be real ineffective, potentially just adding to the body count and giving the shooter another weapon option in the process.
Setting fantasy aside (where it belongs) let`s just for the moment consider taking certain guns off the market...The AR-15 and the like .... Bottom Line: No one needs an AR-15 for self defense, for home defense, or for hunting. A good handgun or a shotgun will handle all the defense anyone needs, and game is better when not swiss-cheesed by multiple rounds. Personally, I believe that anyone who thinks that they NEED an AR-15 really needs to get off their lazy arse and Learn To Shoot ! Spraying multiple rounds in the general direction of your target is not real shooting. Marksmanship should be your goal, not High Capacity Firepower.
Who am I to have this opinion?...I am a gun owner. I own 14 guns; 3 of them rifles, 2 of them shotguns, and handguns ranging from black powder cap-n-ball to .45 Single Action , 45. autos and a .357 Magnum. I enjoy shooting. Am I a 'gun nut'? No. There is nothing 'nutty' about me. I am quite responsible....which is far more than anyone can claim who thinks that arming teachers will solve school shootings.

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Posted by Mike PALADIN on 02/28/2018 at 10:29 AM

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