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Re: “Why I started the Independent and why I am selling it

So can I still submit my prickly (prick-ly?) comments on matters of regional unimportance and public indifference? Elsewise who's going to hold up the flannel collar values of the vast legion of front porch philosophers who wish Ann Coulter would run for president!
In any event, enjoy your descent into deeper anonymity, you've earned it. And actually it's not so bad down here anyway!
Peace (and other wishful thoughts)

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Posted by gannamede on 09/28/2012 at 2:56 PM

Re: “DOJ: Alamance County sheriff's office racially profiled Latinos

This article is so heavily loaded with spin, bias, and outright bullshit it's barely worth reading. This kind of anti-white hate mongering is suspiciously indicative of a symptom of something that's not showing it's real face. There's little use in trying to engage anyone in that camp who has any real character substance in an open dialogue about what's going on here, but the trend has perceptively progressed from curious to onerous to worrisome, and it's color continues to darken. Someone bad better begin asking some probing questions about what this covert agenda actually is and what it's intentions are.

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Posted by gannamede on 09/21/2012 at 7:41 PM

Re: “The conservative bent of the UNC Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions

Perhaps the cosmos is trying to tell Ms Sorg and her ilk something, something nearly unbearable to the titular liberals, something like the inexorable return of the (curses) natural order of the human race. It would appear that just maybe the artificial shape which humanity has been twisted into apparently has enough resilience to rescue itself from Utopia after all. No one of relevance really gives a rats ass anymore about the whining screeching crying farting perversions of tiny special interest parasites demanding the very laws of nature be reformulated to accommodate their peculiar passions. Once the world returns to it's natural course ninety five percent of mankind would like to urinate on the heads of those screaming for such privilege (actually most of the screamers would probably enjoy the experience.) I'm acutely aware of the individuality of every person (allowed) to be born into this maelstrom, and have no problem whatsoever with anyone who's different from myself, I don't care if they want to copulate with Armadillos, the problem I have is with the grungy bunch of "politicians" who insist I pay for things I know to be wrong by nature, the buck has to stop somewhere, and that seems to be a most propitious place. Keep your dirty diseased claws out of my pocket and then you can deal with your demons at your own leisure. And make no mistake, I do speak for the majority of those who actually pay the nation's bills.

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Posted by gannamede on 09/20/2012 at 5:36 PM

Re: “A journey through the 2012 Democratic National Convention

The "transformation" in the Democratic party is along the same trajectory it began in the run up to a world war whose only contribution to mankind was the thinning out of the war-like element of the westernized male. Examined under the lens of unprejudiced history it can clearly be seen as having now progressed from the death dealing lying and deception of the forties, to the bizarre amateurism of this administration, and if the decay is allowed to continue, the next category can hardly be other than outright surrealism. The entire world see's us now as a nation in decline, but as expected, we cannot/will not see ourselves in the scary light of that reality. Bad things are imminent, and those who actually think that's a good thing (there are many) are insane. Albert Einstein made one of the most damning prophecies of all time when he said "I don't know what WW III will be fought with, but WW IIII will be fought with sticks and stones". Any who believe there will be a new order born from the potential holocaust we're facing are themselves insane. Democrats, when does diversity become disunity? There is no such thing as a "Democratic Party" in the classic sense of "party" now, only a swirling mess of fractious special interests, and that swirling mess does not even have the common interests of the party as it's focus, the only commonality now seems to be just the hatred of conservative ideals. The "real" Democrats of other generations would not recognize nor support the waning principles which now pass for "Democrat", but the wiser ones would spot it from a mile away as another hack with a shitty knife on a deformed model of socialism. Nothing good is going to come of this mess.

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Posted by gannamede on 09/13/2012 at 8:31 PM

Re: “Straight talk on Obamacare

There's no such thing as "straight talk" on this unwanted unworkable unnecessary piece of dishonest assault on the taxpayer. It's clearly nothing more than a cover for the further intrusion by a group of increasingly desperate liberals of suspect credentials into the dwindling resources of a waning American workforce. Barack Obama is a personable man whom I would probably like as a neighbor, but he is a mile in over his head as the President of this nation, The presidency is not a "pop" office to be given to a personality, if that were the case we would have had Michael Jackson or Payton Manning in there. The potential for abuse in this program is staggering in it's scope, and make no mistake, those who can benefit from such abuse are already waist deep in planning their methods of attack. The transparent falsity of the Clinton tobacco tax windfall will pale next to this semi legal attempt at revenue hunting. If we allow a cabal of socialist powermongers to mandate this thing onto the entire nation just to garner the support of their gimmecrat constituents we're setting yet another foot on the slippery slope toward an economic collapse. This type of idiocy cannot be easily stopped once it becomes more profitable to be dependent than to produce meaningful goods and services. Are those who still care about this country's survival supposed to just sit silently and watch in disbelief as our very national substance is being altered in the name of "progress," knowing well that that "progress" is a shallow euphemism for socialism? The divide between the so called left and right is not only widening, it's becoming more hard edged and uncompromising, and it's clear that the impetus of that energy is from the left. There are no free rides, the money (by the billions) to pay for this thing has to come from someplace, problem is, the proponents of this dark maneuver are hiding behind misdirection and covert witticisms instead of coming out and telling the public that it's going to be the single most expensive program in the history of statehood anywhere on earth. I'm going to roll out the tired old maxim that "you can't legislate morals", but it's under such pretense that this foolishness hides it's evil. What's happening to us, why are we allowing such foreign ideas as this to hasten the demise of our system? We're headed for a decline of historic proportions if we don't take control of government back from these fools before we mortgage our childrens futures.

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Posted by gannamede on 07/19/2012 at 9:42 PM

Re: “A summer of mayhem courtesy of the N.C. Legislature

The times they are a-changin. I remember well the adolescent avalanche that was the youth movement of the "Boomer" generation, because I was in the vanguard, I also remember well how radically life in America changed when that destructive wash rolled over the landscape. We nearly destroyed not only individual initiative, which is the very hallmark of the American experiment, but we intentionally stigmatized the incentive to succeed as "greed".
Anyone who moved beyond Kierkegaard and Che Guevara was accused of racism, sexism, corporatism, ultraconservatism, militarism, elitism, et al ism's ad nauseam, not to mention warmongering, xenophobia, meritocracy, hegemony, imperialism; and the list of pseudo academic negatives winds onward towards hell itself.
And who/what were we so determined to exercise such righteous zeal against? Our parents. Our parents and our elders, who built nail by nail, brick by brick, toil by toil, the very foundation on which our bully pulpit rested, a foundation unequaled in history (and naively admired by the entire civilized world.)
Well, I'm happy to report we've done a marvelous job of deconstructing that monstrosity of "liberties" and personal "freedoms," that shallow fallacy of Platonic philosophies so counter to such profound thinkers as Mao, Engles, Castro, Blake, Marx, Steinem, you know, the "real" thinkers, and not to forget such current intellects as McKinney, Sharpton, Farrakhan, and Streisand.
Yesiree, another generation and we could have destroyed this obsolete impediment to social progress. Rise up my Democrat brethren, fight on, we'll have legalized "herb" and glamorized homosexuality or die trying!

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Posted by gannamede on 07/19/2012 at 5:39 PM

Re: “How the Supreme Court's ruling on Obamacare reinforces corporate power

The biased rhetoric of this guy certainly qualifies him for publishing on this site, but it also exposes the limited attainment he settled for in his philosophical musings. This legislation is unwanted by an overwhelming majority of aware taxpayers already unable to pay even the interest on the insane debt we're now under. We are facing stark realities that the average American has no immediate need to look into, and are therefore unaware of the despicable ramifications of. Will the mob of millionaire Democrats now rewriting our constitution learn anything from the Greek model of "spreading the wealth" that nearly brought the entire monetary system of Europe down? I sure hope so, because we're on an identical trajectory. It may be a different story if the Dystopia being prepared for us had an "opt out" feature for those able to see past their own personal greed, but then that would destroy the revenue base for the entire unholy scheme and therefore will never be an option. It is of questionable honor and suspect motive to take by force that which has been legitimately earned and "redistribute" it to those able but unwilling to support themselves. There is no system anywhere else on earth that even approximates the success we've had as a nation, and to watch it being intentionally degraded into some tepid form of Socialism is literally tragic. I can see no good coming from this clearly vote harvesting scheme, and it seems to me we're already at the eleventh hour on the fail clock. Opinions like this will not change a single mind in the enclaves planning this destructive Robin Hood falsity, but I can at least say I sounded the alarm.

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Posted by gannamede on 07/05/2012 at 8:23 PM

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