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Re: “In Durham, Fewer Stops and Searches and Pot Arrests, But Still Racial Disparities

Stop-&-Search Stats for TRAFFIC STOPS;
Stop-&-Search "catch-&-release" "fishing expeditions"/harassment of PEDESTRIANS
in UNPOSTED "TARGET AREAS" {minority neighborhoods, of course} UNDOCUMENTED.

The ironically named "hit rate" depends on DOCUMENTED "hits"
("hit" "success" means cop REPORTED finding contraband).

To calculate the ironically named "hit rate" you need to know not only
the TRUE number of "hits"
but ALSO the number of "failures"
Stop-&-Search "catch-&-release" "fishing expeditions"/harassment of PEDESTRIANS
in UNPOSTED "TARGET AREAS" {minority neighborhoods, of course} UNDOCUMENTED.

You can't divide by zero,
and when
Stop-&-Search "catch-&-release" "fishing expeditions"/harassment of PEDESTRIANS
results in armed robbery (a young teenager just told me YESTERDAY he was happy
a cop searched him, found a marijuana joint and (grinning) he smoked it; -- happy kid; happy cop.

Not all armed robbery is so friendly, though, especially when the cop takes drugs
and money, and sometimes a weapon, too, & lets the guy (or young woman) go
possibly after a strip-"search" or other sexual harassment/assault.

AND some cops here call some other cops here "jerk-offs" because
they "jerk their weapons out 'all the time'," which, as you might remember, a police spokesman
told a reporter is "normal", and chief davis confirmed is also undocumented.

Official reports only report officially DOCUMENTED police behaviors and (rarely)
officially documented misbehaviors.

Official PR is BS.

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 04/11/2018 at 11:23 AM

Re: “City Council Members Aren't On Board With a Proposal to Cut Free Bus Service in Durham

"If a lot of people aren't riding it even though it's fare-free, [then]
something is wrong..."

The BCC is UNSCHEDULED; it runs at random.
I timed it once: a bus had just gone by,
the next came 5 minutes later,
and then another one 29 minutes after that;
and then I saw 2 busses back-to-back;

I've been saying for years:
UNSCHEDULED is unreliable and inconsiderate, and when asked
"Why does the Main Street Bus not go to the Main Bus terminal?":
"WE don't want the 'Riff-Raff' on THAT bus."
"WE only want 'Beautiful People' Downtown."
"WE don't want all those poor people downtown."
THAT's the Main reason
the Main Street Bus doesn't go to the Main Bus Terminal,
but NOW (with a more progressive Mayor & City Council)
is the time to
put the Main Street Bus back on a FIXED SCHEDULE :
run it every 30 minutes
top & bottom of the hour connecting to & from other routes,
& extend the Main Street Bus Route
East along Main Street, up North Driver Street,
(expensive & underutilized
supposedly for low-income people who don't own a car)
which has limited access
to the bus, and from HOLTON CRC to the village,
and back to the terminal, and West
to the DUKE & VA hospitals...

ON A FIXED SCHEDULE: every 30 minutes
to-&-from the Main Bus Terminal,
connecting with
other routes,
back-&-forth on Main Street: Duke to the village,
via the Main Bus Terminal & Holton CRC...

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 02/23/2018 at 3:08 PM

Re: “Durham’s Bull City Connector Could Soon See the End of the Road

"If a lot of people aren't riding it even though it's fare-free,
[then] something is wrong with the routing and something is wrong with the service" ...
"Not stopping at Durham Station makes it harder"
[for people who ride the regular city bus to transfer to or from the FBB
the Free Bus to the Bars for Duke students]
especially since the BCC does not offer anyregular schedule; it runs at random.
I timed it once, when I went from the Letters Book Shop on Main Street
to the Regulator Book Shop on 9th Street; a bus had just gone by;
the next came 5 minutes later, and then another one 29 minutes after that
and then I saw 2 busses back-to-back; the 2nd bus waited a couple minutes
for the one in ahead of it to get several blocks ahead, before it left the stop.
Unscheduled, with maybe a half-an-hour to wait, more or less,
who knows? I've been saying for YEARS: "Be Safe,
Unscheduled is unreliable and inconsiderate and when the mayor was asked
why does the Main Street Bus not go to the Main Bus terminal, he said:
"We don't want the 'Riff-Raff' on that bus."
He had called city bus riders "Riff-Raff" before, and had repeatedly refused to
allow bus riders to voice complaints about bus service, and a city councilman
had said, about the removal of ALL bus stops from downtown
(even before they got the Federal Government to foot most of the bill
to move the the Main Bus terminal away from downtown:
We don't want all those poor people downtown
and I listened to a few Republicans downtown with the Durham
Chamber of Commerce & Downtown Durham, inc. talking about moving all
thebus stops out of downtown in connection with "Beautification" of Downtown
Durham,and one of them said We only want 'Beautiful People' Downtown.
I put out about a
thousand flyers to get the bus stop at the corner of Roxboro & Liberty Street
replaced (it was replaced immediatly; they didn't even put up a new sign;
they still had the old one).

The outbound-only bus through downtown past the Federal
Post Office and the
Senior Center was the result of a Federal ADA Lawsuit filed on behalf of
elderly and disbled Post-Office Box holders, citing the fact that the
Federal funding for the Main Bus terminal at
the so-called "Transportation Hub"
included the stipulation that
there were supposed to have been at least 2 bus routes through
Downtown Durham, but jokes on us: it's outbound only,
and the other through downtown (you might know where it is)
is inbound only and sometimes even comes inbound off-route/off map,
not stopping at the designated bus stop,
turning on Morgan Loop, like the other bus that's
supposed to go through downtown.

And speaking of maps, the bus system map
(not posted at the Bus Terminal)
BLACKS OUT downtown,
and what used to be the downtown map
is a huge blank page ("Riff-Raff" bus riders not welcome).

And now, because of ANOTHER lawsuit,
most of the poor people downtown are beggars,
so the Beautiful Peopledowntown
only see poor people as beggars or 'servants'
(people working in service positions)
at places like restaurants, hotels and
the Durham Convention Center, downtown where
there was recently a forum regarding"Public Safety" [CODE WORDS!]
to which the Gentry and suburban homeowners
were invited,but NOTurban poor people in or near "Target Areas"
(who have more valid concerns about public safety than the
residents of Parkwood, say, where I saw the ad.
After all, Parkwood is not a "Target Area" and "Public Safety" in Parkwood
does not include "face planting":
slamming people down on their face in undocumented
"catch-&-release" "fishing expeditions",
and the Fire Department
part of "Public Safety" in Parkwood includes a firestation
placed there by removing the firestation at
NCCU, whose students are not
given a Free Bus to to the Bars like Duke's Beautiful People.

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 02/21/2018 at 2:52 PM

Re: “In Durham, Bail for the Rich, Jail for the Poor

Pretending that cash bail is to get people to come to trial is Bull-Sh!t.
I was at a meeting when bail was increased for misdemeanors (NOT for violent felonies)
and the arguments were about the revolving door & the need to keep people locked up.
The presumption of guilt permeates the CRIMINAL Just Us system,
and we CANNOT KNOW who's actually guilty and who's actually innocent because
jail is so bad that people are forced to sign whatever piece of paper
is put in front of them to get out of that "sh!t-hole" as a PROPONENT of punishment
before trial (or without trial, in most cases) called it.

Cops arrest the innocent, falsify arrest reports, and conditions in jail are horrific,
even deadly. We not only don't know how many people the cops
kill, & how many are innocent or guilty, we don't even know
how many people die in jail?

We need a new sheriff...

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 02/13/2018 at 2:15 PM

Re: “A Letter to My Rapist: When I Was Fifteen, You Assaulted Me. I’m Still Healing.

a few references:…
(crime by SRO officers preying on young school girls)… ://
Stinson: Police Sexual Misconduct - Arrested Officers & Their Victims…

Recent WAshington POst: How some cops use the badge to commit sex crimes
(complaining is DANGEROUS, but we have a new female police chief
here in DURM;
maybe she will inhibit some of the sexual harassment,
groping, and rapes?)

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 01/23/2018 at 6:13 PM

Re: “And the Finalists for the Vacant Durham City Council Seat Are ...

- if they choose to decide to use rank-order, if majority vote
proves frustrating, thy should only rank their
top 2 or 3 ; more than that can be confusing to voters.

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 01/07/2018 at 3:23 PM

Re: “And the Finalists for the Vacant Durham City Council Seat Are ...

Council was reluctant to use rank-order voting;
most opting for an alphabetic listing, although
only Middleton admitted (on his ballot)
to listing his choices in alphabetic order.

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 01/07/2018 at 3:21 PM

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