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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 07/05/2018 at 12:19 PM

Re: “The Durham Jail Charges Detainees Extra for Commissary Items, Then Uses That Money to Pay for Things Like Blankets and Sheets

- in response to Mike Moore's last question:
documented below, by M1; what?
you think the cops, who arrest about 10,000 people / year gonna
document arresting innocent young Black men?

You seem to be confused between jail and prison;
prison is where people go after being tried and convicted;
most people in jail are waiting for trial because they can't pay the ransom demands.

Why punish people who should be presumed innocent before trial?
Roughly 10,000/year;
you'd be
foolish to assume that 10,000 people / year are all guilty as charged.

One problem (among many) is the victims of crimes being counter-charged by actual criminals.
Making the lives of innocent victims
as miserable as possible makes you as evil as the criminals who victimized them in the 1st place.

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 07/02/2018 at 9:29 AM

Re: “Should Apple and Amazon Ditch the Triangle Because of the General Assembly’s Voter ID Initiative?

Repugnicans believe in punishment; VOTEr suppression should be punished, and
the mere threat of losing sports money changed their minds about HB-2, so yeah,
keep investment$ out of North Carolina
until VOTEr suppression
VOTE against VOTEr Suppression; the most important election this year in North Carolina
is that for Anita Earls: VOTEr supressionists' worst nightmare: a proven successful legal opponent of
VOTEr suppression...

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 06/20/2018 at 11:40 AM

Re: “Durham's Racial Equity Task Force Takes Shape

Here's the text submitted at city hall Monday night by the commenter mentioned above;
[inequities] that exist here in Durham are the direct result of a long history of institutional
& structural racism in this country, this state, city [& county]. Y'all have to fix the mess
left by your Black & White conservative predecessors. Read what
I've already written, but Listen [to teenagers from 'Target Areas'
targeted by predators].
I've written you a couple times about the Racial Equity Task Force,
and many times about inequities, especially injustices.
My impression is that your main concerns are economic, but
how about JUSTICE? ["Justice" is not: "You deserve whatever happens to you,
living here"
in one of DPD's UNPOSTED "Target Areas"; kids have no choice in where they live.]

[**MATH skills are essential for economic empowerment.**]
[**MATH skills are essential for economic empowerment.**]
[You want to improve self-confidence? improve COMPETENCE.]
[**MATH skills are essential for economic empowerment.**]
[**MATH skills are essential for economic empowerment.**]
I used to be a Math tutor; I've worked with probably at least a thousand kids since
I moved here. Most kids looking for a Math tutor are not gang-bangers (or "thugs",
to use a racist code-word) they're 'lifting themselves up by their bootstrap$'.
A teenager with tears in his eyes:
Mr. Chris: You know how they do us out here [in Target Areas]; YOU
have a responsibility to
go downtown & tell 'em; they won't listen to us; they'll listen to you (although
maybe not willingly)
There was never a formal Public hearing on Racial Profiling & kids signed up to speak
about racial profiling when it was on the city council agenda here and upstairs
were not allowed to
speak & discussions were limited to racial profiling at traffic stops: drivers, NOT Pedestrians.
Public Transportation helps get people to work, but
when they tripled the fares for teenagers,
they were not allowed to speak and they had to stop the meeting & clear people out.
WE dont want all those poor people downtown;
WE only want beautiful people downtown
so it was made harder to get in & out of downtown on the bus, and for similar reasons
[Black poor from DURM getting jobs in RTP called monkeys]
the Durham CITY bus station
for the shuttle system in RPT was closed [AND SHOULD BE REOPENED] ,
& when I went to evening meetings at the Holton Career & Re$ource Center,
the bus does not go there in the evenings
and when I was asked to mention it to a city council member
at a Poverty Reduction initiative
meeting, she said: I dont care; I dont ride the bus.
[& again:] the Mayor said the Bull City Connector was DISconnected
from the bus terminal
because We don't want the Riff-Raff on that [Main Street] bus.
Poor people at the Poverty Reduction initiative meeting were carefully selected / vetted and brought in past DPD cop gatekeepers in SUVs,
& kids from low income minority
Target Areas whove been brought here to these
[city council] chambers have also been carefully vetted; in a couple instances,
they were asked to write essays, and allowed to speak if
their opinions were acceptable:
NOT representative of kids opinions, but of of their gate-keepers' / handlers
[with their own middle-class agendas].

The CPRB? You know theyre clueless & they dont take complaints:
gave me 1 minute to speak when there were 2 speakers, & until recently,
they only heard from the public for less than half-an-hour TOTAL
at rare public forums over 15 years, and bus rider
ambassadors were told by DATA management & the Board
NOT to bring them complaints,
and when there were 5 speakers signed up they said there were so
many speakers signed up [5]
that they would only allow 2 minutes each. Heavens! ... that they should have to
for more than 10 minutes TOTAL to speakers representing tens of thousands of
so-called Riff-Raff ignorant bus riders! & when I tried to talk to the chief about stopping public[/pubic/anal] strip-searching, right out here [in the city hall lobby]:
she said
I dont want to hear about it, and turned her back and walked away, AGAIN.
[surrounded by her command staff, making it VERY clear to them that
she does not want to hear such complaints, further encouraging that such complaints be 'snuffed'
and made to GO AWAY; (and 'won't someone rid me of this troublesome priest?']
Members of the public should be allowed to speak for at least 3 minutes
each. Racial Equity Task force members should be appointed by city council and
LISTEN & LEARN from others various different experiences without interruptions, denials, snarky
rejoinders, personal insults, slander, threats, name-calling, calling speakers liar, criminal,
communist, anarchist, turning their back & walking out on speakers, eye-rolling,
I don't believe you or any other shows of sometimes literally nose-in-the-air disrespect.
[Decorum?] Listen & Learn, & make sure accurate notes are kept of problems & suggestions.

I hereby nominate Ashley Canady, of McDougald Terrace, of PAC-4
between Durham Tech & NCCU
to be one member, hopefully to serve as chair, and she should be asked to nominate a
young Black Male from that same UNPOSTED Target Area, and some of the other members
should be TRUE grass-roots representatives
of other UNPOSTED TARGETED majority minority neighborhoods, where cops have said
You deserve whatever happens to you, living here AND We stop-&-search
young Black males because thats who commits the crime, And where PAC-4
conservatives: former teenagers, have said such things as teenagers are all criminals.
Bottom Line: Listen & LEARN from teenagers...

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 06/20/2018 at 11:24 AM

Re: “With Their Supermajorities Threatened, General Assembly Republicans Are in a Race Against Time to Ram Through Their Agenda. God Help Us.


and get your GOOD
friends, family and neighbors to VOTE...

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 06/13/2018 at 10:56 AM

Re: “Seven Hundred People Return to Durham From Prison Each Year. A Homecoming Celebration Aims to Welcome Them With Open Arms.

Private- and public-housing landlords may deny a potential tenant based on
'criminal history' {sic}.
People with 'records' {sic}
may be barred from jobs, professional licenses, public assistance, and rights like voting. According to the NC Justice Center, more than nine hundred state and federal laws "deny rights and privileges" to the approximately 1.6 million North Carolinians with 'criminal records' {sic}.

About 92 percent of employers in the state conduct criminal background checks on applicants...
'criminal records' {sic}.
'criminal history' {sic}.
People with 'records' {sic}

RECORDS include not just convictions but also ARREST records.

ARREST is not the same as CONVICTION.
'criminal [ARREST] records'
are treated as presumption of guilt EVEN IF FOUND NOT GUILTY
& most cases never go to trial
criminals & cocaine paranoiacs often claim that they were afraid
explaining why they attacked someone (stranger or domestic dispute); VICTIMS often
get "criminal" arrest records caused by lies,
(a woman trying to close the door on her abuser charged with assault for example)
& sometimes simple trivial verbal
or political differences of opinion result in BS charges;
in one case, a diabetic student was at home, with his ID showing he lived there,
wearing his medic alert tag was arrested because
the cop thought he was a drunken burglar.
Another NCCU student reported finding a dead body and was charged with murder;
the severity of the charge means nothing if you are NOT GUILTY.
if you are found NOT GUILTY,
expunction should be
immediate & automatic; the arrest record should be wiped from the system
before you even leave the court-room.
Why should the innocent suffer for the rest of their lives because of BS charges,
charges sopmetimes inflicted on them by the mentally ill, drug users,
criminals, or political opponents?
MUD-SLINGING at all levels is a common problem associated with political campaigns &
& angry &/or drunken &/or drug-addict
ex-es, as might have been the case with Matthew McCaine, for example;
as horrible as the charges were, he was
probably not guilty, but died in jail.
["Hell hath no fury
like a woman scorned."] and
Remember Junior Brown? Almost certainly framed by guy who killed his girl-friend,
ALSO probably not guilty, but left to die for political reasons
(Governor did not want to look to be soft...)

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 05/05/2018 at 4:12 PM

Re: “Progress Is This Way: Fine, Get Mad About Trump. But Local Elections Matter More.

Removing a candidate's signs is a criminal offence --
one of many
forms of voter suppression in Durham. A magistrate Judge
in Durham admitted doing it and is still a magistrate Judge.
I once saw a candidate removing the sign
of his opponent, and this Sunday night or Monday morning,
dozens of signs for Birkhead for Sheriff were removed from
the NCCU Early Vote
site area, except for a couple in sight of the NCCU Police Station,
which suggests the perp(s) know very well that it is
a criminal matter to
undercut democracy in this way
and it is reasonable to assume that the perp(s) are working with
Sheriff Andrews' campaign; nice to know he has criminal(s) working for him and
committing crimes for him.
We haven't had a Sheriff get into office by election rather than appointment for
I don't know; how many decades?
Support electoral democracy; Vote against dirty tricks; Vote for Birkhead for Sheriff.

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 04/24/2018 at 10:44 AM

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