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Re: “When nipples are outlawed, only outlaws will have nipples

From the Pope's resignation from his lead post over a dying institution, this bill's puritanism and patronization of woman is yet another example of Edwardian old-masculine Patriarchal thinking dying out. The dying process is clear in the absurdity and foolishness of the proposed law, to say nothing of its attempted rationalizations.

Men?!? Argh! Women - please come and help save the few of us who don't harbor these atavistic ignorant sexist Judeo-Christian worldviews. Ugh!

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Posted by Chaz Beemer guy on 02/14/2013 at 10:34 AM

Re: “In its bigotry, North Carolina makes Jesse Helms proud—again

mr gannamede.
I respect your intelligence and convictions, well stated. But they do beg the 'box' inside of which your rigid philosophy doth mentally/morally reside. Therein lies the rub.
Your letter is a classic litany of the monolithic and monologic presuppositions that a diverse, pluralistic philosophy 21st century questions and will supercede. This includes the gay community but is not limited to it. You may choose otherwise but that is not where history is leading,
Not only are there a dozen or so of these assumptions (shall I list them for you?)in your letter but also sadly, your "some of my best friends are gay" statement, the condescension and duplicity and 'bigotry' (two standards recognized, i.e. 'one right(mine)/(all else) wrong') that Crowther speaks to. Too bad you do not, cannot, see this.
Dualism of various sorts is is dying its evolutionary death. Gays know it and this fuels their fire, not your "natural, system" of ancient creation. Science and mythology do not mix on your terms sir.

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Posted by Charles F Benz on 06/01/2012 at 4:35 PM

Re: “Florida: The weirdest place in America—and a perfect stage for the GOP


True, your country was sold a lot of Goldman- Sachs s**t, before and during its flush down it own toilet. But your defensive self-justifying weepy essay expresses 98% the kind of denial that took your country to where it is today..

With a little research the facts tell the story. Greece,entirely on the pervasive monological tourism mentality and industry to which you allude, is the most egregiously overpaid, overly government-employed, tax-dodging, and politically self-indulgent, self-distrusting populace in the Western world! Even your monks, at the Vatopaidi monastery in Mount Athos, epitomize the economic ethos endemic there. Your decades long la-la vacation cruise off the mainland of economic reality is over! Stop whining over the long-coming fruit of your own laziness and blue water narcissism! You broke it. Now pay for it!

But far be it from me to live in a glass house and throw stones.

This is a test of an early warning system. This is only a test.

If you're awake you've had time enough to realize our national financial crisis was precipitated by Wall Street 1%er bankers and hedge fund managers, and their ilk. They pushed and hustled CFDs and those mysterious airy "Derivatives" nefariously, with cold calculation and impunity to the greedy, the unsuspecting and the desperate around the globe, including the total the bankruptcy of a county of nice folk in Alabama who thought they were getting a cool deal. Mr. Blount, White Man Business Culture Hero and state scion went to prison for his part in that one. Alabama cleans its own house. Bravo!

Ironically it turns out now some of these financial WMDs were invented by a covey of like-minded Ivy League White privileged, elite born progeny, true idiot, no-name Twenty-Something lackeys. Good work kiddies!!

{See PBS 's excellent new expose', "Money, Power and Wall Street," where these rich and over-privileged kiddies come on camera and in most cases cannot even articulate or understand the very "sins" they have committed in the name of promotion among their own ranks. Pink has never been so disgusting! All they can say is, "our salaries made us do it."}

Know them as they sing Adam Smith's 18th century hallelujah chorus, "Free Market as Purity of Soul." In contrast to how, without precedent in scale and intent, our modern banking bastards did it all for their internal profits alone and with callous disregard of their customers interests, the people who they were hired, according to their own sacred traditions, to serve.

Very very very little has changed since the emergency bailouts that were necessitated by this endemic corruption to prevent our total economic collapse. But who remembers that?

Americans are lemmings who run at cliffs on the skateboard of their personal debt and mortgages or worse, ostriches who bury their tiny-brain heads in the sands of useless prevaricating politics! Peter, Paul and Mary sang 50 years ago, "when will they ever learn?" No wonder our education standards are so low. And do NOT send your children to Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Brown, Williams, or the like, to sleep among this " band of brothers." "Filthy lucre" the what the New Testament calls the blood that runs in their DAR vintage veins.

Now continuing their destructive ways on Wall Street and through its tentacles, it is not hard to comprehend why the the next crash will be worse or cataclysmic compared to '08, no matter who wins the White House in 2012. You think I'm kidding? There is no blood that flows in D.C. that is not owned or controlled by their lobbyists. Electorates do not rule. Gold does!

The Golden Rule. Hah! Immorally and pejoratively, Gold Rules all right. Our institutions have become so selfish and myopically truly truly stupid that they bring their own self-destruction. [Is there a more apt definition of 'stupid?' ]

And sadder still they, and their self-indulgent pharaohs, their CEOs worth billions a year in bonuses, are unaccountable to anyone, no matter how many millions are dragged down with the systemic blindness that no one and nothing seems able to heal.

Our crisis is caused by our extreme case of CONSUMER-ITIS; we simply are unable to regulate ourselves, personally and collectively. We cannot refrain from buying simply everything we are told we deserve as "good " people, "good" citizens. No small wonder fundamentalists everywhere see the Apocalypse!

Assuming this is true what are you prepared to do specifically to offset this disaster financially? 401Ks. Really? Is that all you got?

Start with reading the new book, "The Garden of Democracy." It makes clear even to dummies why "whats good for all of us is what's good for all of us." Hell, even Henry Ford knew to pay his factory workers more than other blue collar workers of his time SO THAT they'd run out and buy the "Model As" they were making. Get it?!?

This is the ultimate verity that Wall Street 1%ers ignore in their trading smoke-induced haze or intoxication. Yes, Virgina, addictions are nasty nasty things.

The BS of what is called Trickle Down economics is made up of 5% truth and 95% moral/political justification for the "White Man" status and privilege, the mentality within whose walls are bred the same greed, avarice, corporate blindness and self-destruction of which I speak. The Gold that Rules structurely and deterministically F*s me and you. We are the middle class that it sees as peons worthy only of contempt, manipulation. indentured servitude and more taxes. Here see Mormon Mitt, standing on his patriarchal hierarchy of the 19th century, THE bona fide charicature of our national financial Shadow, jointly personified in the 1%er addicts, he and his capitalist dark side biz background. It is their ghosts who sleep under our collective bed every night.

You think I'm kidding? This is a test, remember. Vote accordingly in November and plan a different retirement in any case.


C.F.Benz, Durham

Posted by Charles F Benz on 05/03/2012 at 8:04 PM

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