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Re: “In its bigotry, North Carolina makes Jesse Helms proud—again

To bocontour,
I expected as much.
f "BevHillsCop" is where you get your "wisdom" quotes you've proven my point about grade of intelligence here in myopic America.
(you know what myopic means, right? same as head up butt.)
Join me and hold banks and lenders accountable for "poor people" as you cite them. That is one face of the tip of the iceberg of which I speak.
But no sir, rather you keep your head in the sand and keep slaving for those with the Gold Thrones.

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Posted by CFB on 05/31/2012 at 4:52 PM

Re: “In its bigotry, North Carolina makes Jesse Helms proud—again

Crowther is called a "hyperbolist." I know people react to his essays opinions sharply. But I have to be his apologist, not just in this case of bigotry by political party manipulation, but in any case today when he or any responsible writer/commentator cites the many brinks upon which our social sanity lie hanging by a thread or the cultural fabric is torn nearly in twain with no mender in sight. America is a body politic that is sick and so many of the body's cells keep denyinhg its several illnesses.

RSVPers fail to justify hyperbole of insight by Crowther, or others of moral conscience, who lament the bankruptcy of our society today, political and financial and moral. If you are not outraged or frightened or appalled you are failing to think above an 8th to 10th grade level, while this country is headed toward the next great depression, thanks to a few corrupt and pernicious kings (anybody really effective prosecuting the mavens of Wall Stand?)and the moral spiritual lassitude or laziness of the work-a-day American millions.

You think that's kidding, a mockery, if you are uninformed and/or naive to not realize the poison and corruption in the financial system that owns our two party system lock, stock and barrel and all their big media pumping their idealogy into your heads every day.

Modern wisdom is ancient wisdom -> follow the money!!. If you middle class cannot see that your own shoes are on fire, you're just not paying attention.

Embrace the future by embracing change. Do not think we can go back. Do not believe corporate ownership class and trickle down economics work. The 19th and 20th centuries prove that ideology is a lie by the very set of crises we are in. Its antidote--> "What's best for everybody is what's best for everybody" Say it once or twice.

People who read the INDY read it for insight into this mud that is choking, poisoning, killing us, in our consciences, in our bank and retirement accounts, and in our obese diabetic bodies. Even the INDY disagreers are here for this reason.

If they insist on being so myopic, so without social conscience about "best for all," so without better than sound bite media tutelage on their social choices, then Americans are mere lemmings deserving their run at the cliff of their own destruction.

Do you want the lemming next to you pulling you over that cliff?


Then start demanding accountability from every one and every institution in your life to the best for ALL of us, NOT JUST THEIR OWN CORPORATE, INSTITUTIONAL, OR BIGOTED IDEALOGICAL POLITICAL INTERESTS. {Take the long view. One example: the two dead horses stabled in DC cry out for a third political party in this country.} Embrace change. Embrace evolution.


There is a lemming next to you likely pulling you to off a cliff into the abyss of moral and financial ruin becasue THE FEW run your life with impunity on their addictions of avarice/ greed/ power/wealth/ property ownership/elitest white man USA patriarchy.

Ask yourself what system in our country today is NOT broken on this basis!? Then follow the money {those with the Gold Rule} and overthrow, extricate, defeat and damn, the addicts who sit on golden thrones.

Still believe in God? What does he say about "filthy lucre?" Jehovah's New Testament has a lot to say on the subject. What more do you need to read the words on his fence:




Embrace change. Embrace Evolution. You can do it.

If you can't see BIG you are useless to change anything the INDY writes to you about. Are you useless?!?

We humans are in a crisis of Kosmic spiritual dimensions. If you don't see it you are part of the problem. The West is supposed to have a "one up" in leadership here. Make it so. Stop running at the cliff with on the mare of your useless bitching! Choose your options with a long view. See who is responsible for the stink in your yard, and hold them accountable

The Rev. C.F.Benz

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Posted by CFB on 05/31/2012 at 1:45 PM

Re: “Florida: The weirdest place in America—and a perfect stage for the GOP

to HC, any other readers, see my 3/23 post again.

I watched some You Tube clips on Ron Paul last nite. I refer all/any readers, especially Haw Crowther or his readers to Paul's candidacy again. Though he is in a media blackout he is far from out of this race.

I want to buy a T-shirt and wear it that says, "If you can still think for yourself, think Liberty and check out Ron Paul." But no, 'Merikans are coopted before they arise each morning to work their 60 hour weeks, pay taxes and never realize they have no freedom. They are owned by the so-called 1%ers and do their bidding for these pharaohs all day long, including play the electoral game of endorsing their two-party system of every four years in modern times, mocking us with the illusion that their candidates represent a real choice.

Especially to Hal Crowther I say, "Get off your lazy editorializing ambivalent-to-Paul fat Southern ass and stand up for ... something!" Paul is really way smarter than you, smug man, and how smart you think you are, and deserves your support. Have you even examined your own social and poliltical presuppositions any time lately? Or are you simply too old and turning into the stale cake of irrelevance? How sad. Your choice man. Or perhaps your depression is an easier blanket to cuddle in your armchair at home. Yah! Dats it. Or you can exercise your liberal rights man, more than an essay throwing a stone at Florida. "Use it or lose it," .... Dude! Or maybe you accept your status as merely turning into a breaking wind only Old Fart, a denizen of the 20th century who can only pine for what was. That puts you square in the Romney camp,by the way.

That is NOT what on Paul is about, and at age 76! See who is supporters are and why.

and to SERO - sir, this is what my writing to you is about with regard to Greece, and by relevance, to us as brothers in the USA. It is not about blame and victimhood. It is about freedom as numerator and accountabiilty as denominator! 1/1. Get it!? Protect it! Do something other than wring hands or point fingers, longing for a Mediteranean vacation.

The Recession will become the next Great Depression; it is already in the cards at the table at which you/we sit. {You think I'm kidding, right?} No one opts out!!! Except ostriches, in their fashion.

Ron Paul is the ultimate realist. He has a real base, not one of fund-raising presence and corporate owned and promulgated media time alone. Check him out and who is his base. Realize what he says, foreign policy IS usa economic policy. {"How's that working for ya?". Dr Phil question} See what Paul means by this - all that happens to the usa is consequence of its own actions, i.e preemptive tresspassing wars and the "blowing bubble" economics, the greed/power "we do it because we can" addictions of Wall St, its banks, and its closeted Ozes, the Fed. {You think I'm kidding?}

Paul's race IS NOT OVER by any means. Stop beating the two dead horses in their DC stable. Spend half an hour YouTubing his remarks. Join his campaign. Work! at it. Work it. See how the media despises his authenticity and wisdom. Watch how journalists fail in their attempt to mock him and why he is undefeated by their 1984 mentality. Get out of the box they have you in and off your complacent backsides.

'Merika is already bankrupt, financially if not completely morally. Whatcha gonna do about it, amigos? Sit and watch the tsunami out your front window? Right. Go ahead. Take a nap.


Posted by CFB on 05/12/2012 at 8:25 AM

Re: “Florida: The weirdest place in America—and a perfect stage for the GOP

to SERO.

What a shoe your foot wears! Your letter puts you in a comparison with a RC parishioner standing to protect, or worse, somehow excuse, the cleric in Philly brought to court who hid all his pedophiles - i.e. agents interior to an institution whose evil (no other word for it) is excused or denied, minimized or denied by hiding facts - and then are too cowardly to deal with it when the truth is public. Ezra, the OT prophet, is rolling in his grave and I remain aghast, appalled, and dismayed, Mr.SERO

In other words, you have little-to-zero admission, though "humbly" submitted, of how the greek economic, governmental and financial lifestyle of tax evasion and self-indulgent Mediterranean-type financial insanity(!) is the endemic nationally internal reason that makes Greece accountable for its own demise.

This EXACTLY reflects the mentality in America that has us in the toilet. God man, wake up! It is our 'sin" as well!

Your cite only factors that justify or excuse Greece's profligacy. And Catholics believe in confession?!? Practice some real contrition and let go of your nationalism as denial, dear sir. Bring moral education to your house and that of all your Greeks companions and friends. Get thee to a monastery!


cf VanityFair's Oct 2010 article on the Vatopaidi monks, the profiteering and completely materialistic falsely pious tip of the profligate Greek iceberg.

Like I said, "You broke it. You pay for it." {under YOUR EU warranty agreement}

But no, now it's the Leftists who will seriously make things more difficult for us ALL becasue they can't deal with the consequences of their country's own ridiculous lifestyle in a fizzy financial bubble. Maybe your Westen Catholic god can spank them for their sins. The Eastern one has certainly failed to discipline his children for a long long time.

Posted by CFB on 05/11/2012 at 1:44 PM

Re: “Florida: The weirdest place in America—and a perfect stage for the GOP

To WhoIsThat,
You make a few valid points, and I respect a good rant if it is an informed matter of rightous indignation(see mine above). But your vitriol and crude language, sir, make you sound only a boor or a bully ("my way or the highway") not a thinking person. In other words your big red waving flag medium totally defeats your own message's purpose. Is it worth your own heart attack? Not.

Not a member of the Tea Party are you? As they too define themselves with vague if not passionate complainng with very little insight or policies of value.

TPers are so easily manipulated by their wealthy backers BECAUSE they are so radically self-serving, unable to see their own forest {"self-suffciency,contitutionality, less government} for their own trees {burn down the whole artful process of democratic compromise - all the trees - in order to kill a few squirrles - outmoded Democratic "entitlement" programs needing restructuring from the past.} Thus they are reduced to pitiable wrenches in the works, of no use to much of anybody, or what even Hal Crowther and I and you might consider as "reasonable." In the political realm, that means Centrist enough to be considerate of what is the greatest good for the greatest number of people, our vast and overburdened middle class, not 1%ers, and not all of the 99%ers either.

This was MY objection to Hal Crowther's origional article in the INDY,my point about Ron Paul's IDEAS, history and his Campaign, not the man. I found Crowther lazy and shallow in this regard, and too depressed for his own good, or, as you point out, what good he might do for others if he joined something instead of just throwing apples from the bleachers.

Try it again man without all the boiling point blood pressure.


Posted by CFB on 03/31/2012 at 2:44 PM

Re: “Florida: The weirdest place in America—and a perfect stage for the GOP

Hah - I quoted Goldwater. Not intended. But the point is Revolution IS an act of "conservatism". Name samples of aberrations for me if you like (a poor argument, I must say) but not the one that is the root of our own nation, and the French, and many good examples in that tradition before and since. Duh.

Thx for the reference but my guess is your head is stuck in the sand somewhere, like Hal Crowther's, when with his pulpited voice he could be doing something positive to help people think about meaning before mere "winning" than than throwing pebbles at the GOP's clods and misanthropes.

If you choose for a moment to see Paul's candidacy as valid, not frightening, see it as a populism that is revolutionary in the best sense. 'R' is mandated by conscience and justice (freedom and responsibiity) among any people when the conditions they declare unacceptable are clearly "tyrannical," ie, geared for the benefit of the few, by the few, for the few, i.e currently both our monetary and our political systems, two whores in one bed bought and paid for by an ever shrinking so-called "elitest" contingent centered mostly in Wall St. and played out in D.C. Duh! - America's present! An Oligargchy by any description.

Is this what you want to vote for?!? Romney's your man then! Go for it. He's a total classic example of the breed. Lord, help us. But recall a fact first: we are living under tons and tons of the poison fruit of the last GOP administration that led us away from the in-the-black state of affairs at the end of Clinton years. Or choose "trickle down" and more preemptive wars, another of our late addictions. Yeah, right.

I see Paul' campaign on a old-fashioned republican political train whose purpose far transcends the incredibly venal objectives of today's party of the same name. I think that is what Paul's candidacy is really about.

Do you see? Heads up! While your choice still matters. And invite your friends, but only your thinking friends.

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Posted by CFB on 03/25/2012 at 7:55 PM

Re: “Florida: The weirdest place in America—and a perfect stage for the GOP

To David Klein. Thx. You answer your own question David. Who said, "extremism in the pursuit of virtue is no vice"? A Revolutionary - of whichever century. So if Paul's followers scare you so much I suggest you go deeper. The answer is in Paul's "reasonableness," as I see it. What scares the b'jesus out of me is america's political bankruptcy as seen in the gop candidates. This is my whole point to Mr. Crowther - look to Pauls thinking history and ideas, not his electability. Define winning in other terms and Vote with your head not your soundbite driven political ass. Then see what Libertarianism's voice can do.

Posted by CFB on 03/25/2012 at 12:40 PM

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