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Re: “A sister and brother, one undocumented, one legal, live starkly different lives

Kay Dye, there is no way for you to know where the comments are comming from unless you work for the newspaper or either the web developer. If you work for either company then you need to disclose that fact. If you don't work for the either company then you can't know for sure where the comments came from can you? Alipac might not look to kindly on your negetive remarks. But I guess you as good a hater as any, right? Name one hate filled remark. Name one racist remark. Just because I don't agree with your point of view doesn't qualify my point of view as hate speech. The words "hate speech" means you hated what I said. And in essence just another way to say you got your feelings hurt and you can't take it. Be strong, be a Strong American, not a wimpy awwwe I got my feeling hurt American. Don't be so soft. When you pro-illegal guys talk about illegals it sounds like your talking about fluffy little teddy bears all filled with luv and goo in the middle. Haha. You gotta love the brain washing Main Stream Media, the colleges and corporate boardrooms teaching this garb. And so many fall for it. I wonder how come I never come across Americans I talk to everyday that say they are totally against illegal immigration? Like the one I met today that works for the NC school board. Or the one I met today that works for Ford Motor company. How about the Author I met today that's against it. How come I never meet anyone that thinks the current immigration laws shouldn't be enforced. Day after day I meet people that say they want the laws enforced and these people are all over the spectrum. The corporate world, the education system, entrepenuers, Auto mechanics, contruction people, Retired people. and they also say thats one reason the country is screwed up. The tidbit of good news I have for the pro-illegal supporters is most of these people still watch the main stream media and believe most of the crap they talk about, except when it comes to illegal immigration. We all pretty much agree on that. oh, and another note, when I post on forums I'm not writing a letter to my Senator, so don't expect it to be perfect. I am typing at 75 words per minute and I don't really check for spelling or accuracy, it isn't that important here. Good Bye

Posted by nopcism on 03/01/2008 at 2:41 AM

Re: “A sister and brother, one undocumented, one legal, live starkly different lives

Van Driver In Fatal Bus Crash Facing More Charges Van Owner Also Facing Identity Theft Charges (WCCO) The driver of the van and the owner of the van involved in the fatal Cottonwood bus crash were each charged with four additional federal charges Friday. Prosecutors charged Olga Martina Franco del Cid, 24, the driver of the van, with two counts of aggravated identity theft and two counts of false representation of a Social Security number. Authorities have said she is in the country illegally. Francisco Sangabriel-Mendoza, 29, was the registered owner of the van involved in the crash and was also charged with two counts of aggravated identity theft and two counts of false representation of a Social Security number. Franco del Cid was charged last week in Lyon County in connection with a crash involving a school bus in Cottonwood, Minn. where four children died. After the crash, Franco del Cid told authorities she was Alianiss Nunez Morales. After the bus crash, authorities tried to verify Franco del Cid's identity, under the Morales name she gave authorities. That investigation led them to the real Alianiss Nunez Morales, who is in Connecticut. She told authorities her purse and identification documents had been stolen more than six months ago while she was living in Puerto Rico. Two of Morales' relatives, when shown pictures of Franco del Cid said that was not their relative. Authorities also believe Franco del Cid filled out I-9 forms claiming she was a U.S. citizen at two Minnesota companies where she was employed under Morales' name. During a search of Franco del Cid's home on Feb. 22, authorities found her Guatemalan birth certificate and identification cards. Authorities said they also found numerous wire transactions between Franco del Cid and her mother in Guatemala. Authorities said Sangabriel-Mendoza used a Social Security number that wasn't his to get a job. He is not in custody and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Authorities said Sangabriel-Mendoza is from Mexico and is also in the country illegally. Franco del Cid and Sangabriel-Mendoza lived together in Minneota, Minn. If convicted, Franco del Cid and Sangabriel-Mendoza could each face up to 14 years in prison.

Posted by nopcism on 03/01/2008 at 1:18 AM

Re: “A sister and brother, one undocumented, one legal, live starkly different lives

LSL, Under whose authority do we have to make immigration law then? The American people have every right to make federal and state law concerning anything that concerns us. The constitution is there to protect us from the government not have government dictate how we live our lives. Under your thinking if little green men came from mars their would be no way we could stop them from coming here because the original costitution doesn't specifically state that. Believe me if the businesses made money and could get a vote out of them it wouldn't matter if they ate Americans for supper. Sounds like you are somehow making money off of or are benefitting from illegal immigrants being here, or are one yourself or have a family member that is. Maybe your even married to one. We aren't under any authority of any power but the American people. If is the will of the American people to need all green socks be eliminated form the country then by God the law makers of this country should see to it that they are and rightly so. If the American people decided to build a wall 4 stories high at the borders then so it shall be done. The American people are the country and should control the government, not the other way around. You must be a gloablist and for some reason seem to think America has a broken immigration system when we have the most generous system in the world is pretty lame. In fact leaders from other countries come here and try to lobby our lawmakers for us to accept more immigrants while they guard their borders to the hilt and allow hardly anyone in. The fact is they want us to let more immigrants in because they want to money sent back to their country, not because its good policy, if it were such good policy they would be doing it themselves wouldn't they? Gee, I wonder why they don't want illegal immigrants coming in? Hmm, I wonder if them locking people in jail for breaking into their country keeps illegal immigrants from flooding their country? It seems like that is working for them, why can't it work for us too? Oh, thats right I forgot the businesses are making a ton of money on the illegals and then the busesses give tons of money to the politicians so the politicians will tell the people that we should have even more illegals coming in, so the businesses and politcians can make even more money and spew even more garbage. And they actually get people to believe this garbage. See, everyone is making money off the poor illegal immigrants while the majority of Americans are stuck with the BS. Thats why the majority of Americans don't want amnesty. Why do we have an immigration law? Why has everyone just now figured out that everyone in the world should be able to come to this country? Its not because they all the sudden feel like they are right, its because they know the government and the businesses overlook the laws. Thats it plain and simple. If everyone was so right and this is how it is supposed to be then American would have 2 billion people here right now. My agenda is keeping the United States the United States and keeping it a prosporus and independent country, thats it. Yours is to let the whole world come here and do as they see fit. Not obey any laws, not be Americans. You think just because someone needs to make a dollar then they should be able to come here and take and in the process spread the poverty around. Most of these illegal immigrants don't really want to be Americans. They love their country in some sick and twisted way, you know, the one that won't make a better life for them. I guess the new plan for countries with sorry dictators and corrupt political systems is to just leave the country. Then when you get to another country raise the flag of the sorry country that you left and praise it all the time when if it deserved praising then you'd be there and not here, right? These people come here and try to tell Americans what is right and wrong? I can tell Mexico whats right and wrong all day but that its not up to me to decide, its up to the Mexican people to rise up and tell their government, it none of my business and it isn't any of these outsiders business to come here and tell Americans how our government should be. If you want to spew your so called knowledge, go home and tell your leaders how to run things. The fact is America has up till recently been a nation of majority rule, not minority rule, that doesn't even make sense. This nonsensible approach of catering to minorities is why America has been turned on its ear in the last 25 years. Is that what you swore to defend twelve times? The fact is America welcomes immigrants that go through the process legally. Nobody said it was perfect, nobody said it was fun. But it is what it is and apparently many people are willing to do it that way versus not having a chance to come here at all and that to me makes me think those people are more apt to respect the laws and the traditions of America. If all these people just want to come here and complain about everything then you have a choice, there is nothing holding you here. You are not chained to a tree, you can leave at anytime. So please stop whining about how your so mistreated. The ones that are mistreated are the people coming here legally that often get lumped in with the criminals and the crooks. You can spend your whole life saying illegals have a right to be here but it won't make it true. . If people are so smart then they would know the laws are there to protect America and control the flow of legal immigrants and to prevent a wave of chaos that we have right now. What it does is make a small steady flow of legal immigrants so thy can assimilate into the community and prevent a large change in the economic and traditions of American life. It isn't to punish anyone or pick one group of immigrants over another. Oh, and to whoever said something about America's economic downturn, the reason we have an economic downturn is because the illegals have made wages stagnant while sending out billions to other countries. You pay an American, they spend the money here, not in another country. Maybe the product comes from another country and ultimately supports that country but it is a legally made dollar and I don't agree with that either. I don't agree with globalism I don't think it makes since myself. If you make every countries currency worth the same then obviously there will be no benefit in buying something 5,000 miles away because it will cost more due to shipping. Why destroy Americas manufacturing industry just to have to rebuild it in 20 years when the whole world is the same and the currency is the same? Why allthis spew about glaobal warming and then pollute in massive amounts by shipping everything twelve thousand miles around the world? The whole deal is to make the trillionairs richer. The illegals might benefit now but before long everyone will be broke because the more that come here the more the probability is that wages won't rise. As the oil, food and other prices go up and our pay goes down. Why give people a raise when there is always another illegal to hire for less, then it won't be long and we'll be just another third world country, you know, like the ones the illegals escaped to come here for prosperity? Well. everytime another illegal comes here, your prosperity goes down a little more each time. So, anyone with a brain knows the ship can only hold so many people without sinking, its just plain old God given common sense. But some people don't have any and so we're in this quickly deteriorating situation. Of course the illegals can always just go back home and leave us with the mess when it comes to that. And most probably do plan on going back home eventually, thats what they tell me. They will tell you there is only one reason they came here, the money, nothing else. The illegals don't say they want to stay, they don't say they want to be a citizen, they don't say they really even like it here, they like the money. Obviously they plan on going back home thats usually why they send money back home so when they go back they can enjoy a good life since their money is worth 8 or 10 times as much. Just think, you send home $500 a month and its suddenly worth $5,000. What a deal. I guess if I could go to canada and make $200 an hour instead of $20 an hour that would be a good enough reason to tell them to screw off. It might be a good reason to claim I have the right to be there. It might be a good reason to say because they don't want me there and they are racist. Its all about the money, nothing else. Lets stop prenteding its about anything else but the money period. The legal immigrants I know do plan on staying and do plan on being American citizens. I know all the illegals have been brain washed into all these little off track talking points but its all BS. They are making money off you as well and as soon as their is an amnesty their money will dry up quickly, thats why they really don't want amnesty amnesty and neither do the businesses. As soon as the illegals are legal its going to cost the illegals and the businesses more money to work them. So, don't think they want it. The only businesses that want amnesty are the large corporations that have really large numbers of illegal wokers. They want amnesty because under the current laws they can be fined for each illegal worker and they have to forfeit the profit they made from the illegal activity. A corporation employing 200 illegals could be fined 12 million dollars or more and then they would have to pay to replace the workers and lose money because of the downturn in production cost. So, they could very well lose twice that amount. Is it easier to give the corrupt politician a few million to get amnesty passed and have their sins forgiven? Of course it is. Basicly all you have to do is ask yourself, would you let someone go into your mothers house and use all the resources she is paying for while they pay for nothing and then she even has to pay for their food? Of course not. Thats how you know how you really feel. You can spew all the facts about illegals contributing to the economy but it is indisputible that illegals take out more than they put in. If they were putting in all that the pro-illegal groups say, then why in the last 7 years have local taxes gone through the roof? Is it a just shear coincidence? I think not. Like I said it is all about money on your side and our side and if illegals were putting in enough tax dollars and making everyone more money then without question everyone would be happy to have all the people in the world because under the theory of the pro-illegal groups the country would be spewing money out its ears and we wouldn't be in a financial crises right now would we? Thats why we have the current immigration laws, because they know the only people that get helped with massive amounts of immigration legal or illegal are the companies that hire them for less wages. It makes them look like good old PC correct and caring guys and then they turn around and seek praise while paying the poor immigrants less money and at the same time lowering the wages of Americans, ain't that heroic? Go anywhere in the world and you will see anytime their is a massive flood of immigrants everyones pay goes down. Thats just the facts of the situation. And the law makers that passed the current immigration law knew this and they passed the law to protect the American workers wages and standard of living so we could pay our bills save money and pay for our childs college education and have a retirement some day. We hear all these politicians wanting to give us free heathcare, and help pay home heating oil cost, and give us free college money and this and that, we don't want the stinking handouts, we want the pay we deserve so we can pay our own bills and provide for ourselves. We don't want government telling us how to spend our money or giving us crap, we want all workers to make a good living be they legal or illegal. With massive illegals coming in the pay will never go up because there is no incentive to get them up, they can just hire another illegal immigrant and that hurts you, me and the country while the big businesses rack up massive profits and smile all while claiming they are helping people when in reality it is the workers making them the billions. If the businesses were losing money on illegal immigratns you can bet this would have been shut down a long time ago, they would have seen to it. If the businesses aren't allowed to give money to the politicians and the politicians weren't allowed to own businesse then we wouldn't be talking about this and the illegals would be in their country right now, and so would most of the legal immigrants on work vista's. As it is the illegals are making money, the businesses are making money and the politicians are making money on the illegal immgrants, while the majority of the American people are getting socked with the tax burderns and the nonsense that goes with it. Everyone making money loves it, the mojority of the American people don't. Are you for amnesty for the 20 million here legally? How many are we to let in? Are we to let as many people come here as want to reguardless of any circumstances? I want to hear those answers. How many? Good luck to all that posted, may your future be bright and if your here illegally at least try to be an honest person from here on out.

Posted by nopcism on 02/29/2008 at 11:32 AM

Re: “A sister and brother, one undocumented, one legal, live starkly different lives


Posted by nopcism on 02/28/2008 at 11:07 PM

Re: “A sister and brother, one undocumented, one legal, live starkly different lives

I never voted for Bush or Al Gore Or John Kerry. I vote for the Constitution of the United States of America baby. Real leaders not wimps like we have running now. The jerks we got running now they're all just implants for the mega corporations that want to make all of us slaves. Part of that agenda is to have people crossing the world instead of helping them where they live. Wouldn't most people want to stay in their country and have a good life? Only makes sense to me but first you gotta change the corrupt government and make it better there, not here. That is unless you want to roam the world for the rest of your life moving here and there. Just like Mexico, they are richer than we are and we're giving them money to make their peoples lives better while we go into debt? Then the Mexican government steals the money and it does get to the people? If there ever is an amnesty you'll be the first to hate it because the same thing the illegals are running from will be right here and then where will they run? All these illegals think Americans have it made well hopefully they will be able to find out. I'm sure they'll still complain about every little thing when they don't get their way. I'm sure they'll claim everything that moves is racist. I'm sure they blame the white people for their child dropping out of high school and so on. So, right now the illegals might have it better than they realize. Once legal they'll be one of us. No more driving without a license and being let go. No more drinking and driving without serious consequences. No more cheating on dependents and all the tax cheats, you'll be fined to death just like we are anytime you do anything wrong or not. And I hope you can provide well for your children because if not the government might take them, no more driving vans full of kids without car seats. As soon as the illegal immigrant men realize they don't have to be tied down to that wife for security he'll be out of there and the divorce rate will skyrocket. I know alot of the wives of the illegals don't know that before their wives came over and their men were here for months and years without them that alot of them were doing their buddies or other women. Ya gotta know if the guy will cheat on everything else then he'll cheat on you too. Oh boy the stuff you learn on the job. But I guess the women were alone back home. Gee, I wonder what they did without big daddy? So, live it up while you can. HAHAHAHAHA

Posted by nopcism on 02/28/2008 at 10:42 PM

Re: “A sister and brother, one undocumented, one legal, live starkly different lives

Shukra, whatever. The "girl" has already recieved welfare. Her mom gets paid under the table in case you can't read, that means she pays no taxes and that means the American tax payer paid for her daughters education. Her mother didn't contribute to that. Ok, maybe when she bought something she paid a sales tax but she still cheated the system just like where I used to work. At the christmas party the illegals didn't know the gifts in the closet was for them, we went to get the gifts and they were gone. The venue we rented for the even had hidden cameras for security and the next day they told us about the tape. We watched it and saw the illegal and legal immigrants stealing their own christmas presents, and the rest of the workers presents while everyone else was in the main dinning room. Thats how they think, just take whatever they want its ok, the world is to give them everything. They even denied it when given a chance to come clean and they looked like fools when they found out about the video. Then they had the nerve to complain when they got fired! HAHAHAHAHA I guess you get those fake facts and think illegals don't take away from the tax coffers but I have seen them time after time cheat on taxes claim 9 dependents when they have 2 kids and the kids don't even live in this country. I've seen them try and demand that the boss give them their overtime pay in cash because they said if they get the overtime pay on their check then they (their wives) they can't get social services and medicare. Most times they say they are married when they aren't. Just like on mothers day the company gives the wives special care baskets and there are always 5 or 6 guys that demand a basket for their wives but we know they aren't married. So, I've seen it with my own eyes, they say whatever they need to say, do whatever they need to do, whether its lie, cheat or steal it doesn't matter and that doesn't make this a better country. In fact it makes it a much crappier place to raise honest children among a bunch of criminals. Yes, I have met some decent and law abiding immigrants and I welcome them but they don't welcome you because they have to carry the burden of the criminals, even though they came here the right way and truely care about making a better place, not just about what they can get for themselves.

Posted by nopcism on 02/28/2008 at 10:04 PM

Re: “A sister and brother, one undocumented, one legal, live starkly different lives

If you think for one minute that illegals contribute more than they take then you are simply out of your mind and can't even begin to know the facts. If you want illegals here then take them into YOUR home, give them YOUR money, give them YOUR health insurance. I can tell by the way you write that you are for illegals probably are illegals. If someone breaks into your house to you give them a bed? Do you give them your money? No you don't and to suggest this is any different is simply being ignorant and bias to the facts. I knew someone would want to pull the La Raza tactics and bring hate into the discussion but that simply doesn't work here. If Americans are racist for wanting the rule of law enforced then so is your country racist as they enforce their laws and they do. You illegal supporters claim to be so loving and want open borders except when it comes to you country, then we hear alot of lother excuses. Go home and make your country better. Leave ours to us.

Posted by nopcism on 02/28/2008 at 7:03 PM

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