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Re: “N.C. Sen. Trudy Wade wants to limit state input in complying with federal clean power plan

First of all, this is a proposed rule. A lot can change between now and the final rule. Next, the summary of monetized benefits, compliance costs and net benefits for the proposed guidelines are an absolute joke. $7.5 billion for compliance costs are likly a gross understatement. These types of costs predictions from regulatory agencies are ALWAYS understated. Remember, the energy producers will not be burdened with this cost, you, the end user of the energy will pay higher prices. Much higher. Trying to monetize these so-called benefits is the "polishing of the turd" to sell these costly burdensome regulations to the gullible public. How many more climate data fudging scandals do we need from the IPCC and other voodoo "climate science" organizations until people quit buying this snake oil. Have you even read the proposed rule? It's 130 pages of federal mind-numbing BS. No wonder McCrory doesn't want to deal with this. At least they are not pushing for cap and trade or carbon credits. More regulations built on a foundation of distortions. Who benefits form this? Why the "climate scientists", of course. Without government funding, this "science" would go the way of blood-letting and the geocentric model of the universe.

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Posted by Whoisthat? on 07/22/2015 at 11:50 PM

Re: “Liberalism: The new moral majority

If you still think there is a difference between republicans and democrats, you are not paying attention. Both groups are bought and paid for and only represent their global corporate interests. You sheep that worship your ideologies are useful idiots. Just telling it like it is. Why don't you focus on the corporate fascism that has infected Washington and stop with the republican/democrat bullshit.

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Posted by Whoisthat? on 07/15/2015 at 10:32 PM

Re: “Opinion: McCrory’s mean joke, a poet laureate who’s barely a poet

Seriously?!?!?! This is what keeps progressives up at night? LOL!

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Posted by Whoisthat? on 07/18/2014 at 3:19 AM

Re: “The lie behind the shrinking labor force

Let's make something clear. What progressive think is capitalism is not capitalism. What we have in this country is a type of fascism whereby the corrupt government of the United States is in bed with the wealthy corporatists whom they serve. I think it is funny, actually sad, that progressives don't realize that the political figureheads they support and put their faith in are the same people that screw them over on a daily basis. I'm not here to play the red/blue game. I figured out what an illusion that was a long time ago. Your faith in socialism is so misguided. Your government officials, whether they choose to be republican or democrat, do not serve you or care about your problems. This is evident in their actions, not their words. You, the progressives, will never achieve your goals because you are not immune to corruption. The harder you push for wealth redistribution, the more you will fail to reap the perceived benefits of it. Your people, the progressives in government, are exactly what you claim to despise the conservative and republicans for. Redistribution of wealth has always failed and always will fail. The rich who run the world pull the strings of governments. Always have and always will as long and people continue to put faith in politicians. Progressive ideas are really regressive. You want real positive change? End the incestuous relationship between government and corporations. End corporate financing of elections. Make lobbying a felony. Institute a two-term limit to congress. If you want to continue down the current path of failure and misery, keep supporting socialism. The rich love socialism because it doesn't effect them. It just increases their power and control over you by redistributing your meager earnings to them. So go ahead, keep on pushing your agenda, whatever it is. I cannot figure it out because it's so schizophrenic. Progressives need to take a real hard look at their beliefs and figure out what they really want, because right now you are acting more like totalitarian freaks.

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Posted by Whoisthat? on 04/08/2014 at 11:48 PM

Re: “The congressional deal to avert the fiscal cliff accomplishes very little

"More broadly, the focus on reducing deficits, particularly during a very sluggish economic recovery, is the wrong one. In fact, there is very good reason to believe that, for now, we should be running higher deficits, devoting more money to infrastructure, to job creation and to helping struggling Americans."

Paul Krugman would be so proud.

Posted by Whoisthat? on 01/21/2013 at 10:13 PM

Re: “Florida: The weirdest place in America—and a perfect stage for the GOP

No, I am not a tea party member. The tea party is a sham as evidenced by the group's overwhelming support for Romney. The tea party was a label put on UNORGANIZED individuals by the media. These people simply want to break with our corporate fascist system. Sensing the opportunity to promote their own agenda, the republicans stepped in and used the grass-roots movement to reign in the threat of individuals standing up against institutionalized corruption and tyrranny. The created ORGANIZED tea party groups to defend the status quo. They effectively marginalized and silenced those who demand real change. Now the media and democrats have yet another scapegoat to ensure the illusion continues. Republicans of course are happy to use the group for background scenery at their political rallies.
People who attack the tea party do not bother me. Hal has attacked the organized tea party which is warranted, but who he really hates are those who stand up against government and corporate corruption and greed. Hal wants government controlling and interfering in every aspect of people's lives. He doesn't see it as interferance because he's a narcissist and thinks he knows what is best for the world. So do most of the people in government. This is so evident in everything he writes. He's a propagandist to the Nth degree.
I identify with the unorganized grass roots movement to end financial tyrranny perpetuated by the central banks and Too Big To Fail banks that they prop up. We want to bring back constitutional representative government where health insurance companies could never write legislation mandating that citizens purchase their products or face criminal penalties. Hal openly despises what I believe because he and his like-minded goons running the show right now know if this ever takes hold, they are done. Hal's entire identity hangs in the balance.
Once you wake up and realize the scope of the mess this country is in, you too would be pissed. It is probably a waste of my time to sit here and type this. People don't care what is going on, as long as they keep getting their government cheese. Sooner or later it will stop, much the same way it has stopped in Greece. Ninety percent of the people who read this probably don't know what I mean by "it" has stopped in Greece. People who are of Hal’s ilk have their heads in the sand over this issue, but most, if you ask them what is going on in Greece (or Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland) would have no idea.
I’m sure Hal makes his masters in government very happy with his willful obedience to their bidding. Keep the masses blinded with partisanship and ideology based on lies and fear while people behind the scenes continue to run us, the 99%, into the ground.

Posted by Whoisthat? on 04/08/2012 at 10:58 AM

Re: “Florida: The weirdest place in America—and a perfect stage for the GOP

Hal, seriously now, time to hang it up. Most people see through this for the bullshit that it is. Right vs. left, republican vs. democrat, it's all smoke and mirrors. They are all bought and sold by the same people, you know, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Central Bankers, Corporate Bankers like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc. You are a pawn in the game, Hal. You serve a useful purpose to them as a distraction. You keep people believing there is a difference between them. One side blames the other for wars and tax breaks for the rich while the other slams back with accusations of high taxes and handouts to everyone in sight. Fact is they are one in the same. There are plenty of people who still go along with whatever some asshole in the media tells them is the truth, but more and more are looking into finding the truth for themselves. Got some real news for you Hal, your world is about to come crashing down before your very eyes. I'm willing to bet you will cling to your ideological illusion like a tick on a dog's dick rather than see the light when the time comes. I could care less, to each his own, but you've always annoyed me with your worthless drivel and for some reason, I feel the need to tell you. I guess it's because I associate you with part of the reason people are so screwed up in this day and age. You're mindset is venomous and distorted. I hope that you reconsider your beliefs and do something with your talent to actually benefit humanity, not continue to throw fuel on the fire.

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Posted by Whoisthat? on 03/29/2012 at 11:19 PM

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