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Re: “Orange County School Board Balks on Confederate Flag Ban

Banning things does nothing for learning and only servers to cement positions and perpetuate the injustice. Open your eyes.…

"These debates over symbols show us that Confederates were conscious of facing a contradiction, one were still contending with today: how to communicate a political belief in both freedom for whites and slavery for blacks. The task was impossible. This moment of early white nationalism gave birth to a civic narrative with an insurmountable task making a visual declaration of the unspeakable."

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Posted by where's the beef? on 07/06/2017 at 7:41 PM

Re: “Hogwashed, Part 2: Environmental Advocates Say Hog Facilities’ Antiquated Waste-Disposal Systems Are Threatening the State’s Waterways

"Pigs-a-mile" -- Not to trivialize a serious problem
(I've smelled that sh!t),
but you've greatly
exaggerated the problem.

Using your numbers,
assuming 50 farms with 2,000 pigs/farm in a 10-mile RADIUS, pi r-squared=
314 square miles; 100,000 pigs / 314 square miles = 318 pigs / square mile;
318, not 10,000.
[The area of a circle of radius r is taught in elementary or middle school.]
318 x 11 = 3,500 pounds / 2,240 lbs/ton =
a little more than one and a half tons of hog waste
(one and a half cubic meters) per square mile per day.
1 cubic meter is about 40 inches cubed,
so one and a half cubic meters is about 400 gallons
so 400 gallons of hog waste per square mile per day.

Editors should check arithmetic.

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 07/06/2017 at 6:50 PM

Re: “DSI Comedy Owner Steps Down Amid Posts Alleging Sexual Misconduct, 'Toxic Environment'

Zach, Zach, Zach. You should know that consent is a loud, clear, enthusiastic "yes and".

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Posted by terryboo on 07/06/2017 at 6:21 PM

Re: “Hogwashed, Part 2: Environmental Advocates Say Hog Facilities’ Antiquated Waste-Disposal Systems Are Threatening the State’s Waterways

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Posted by Bryan Ogden on 07/06/2017 at 5:32 PM

Re: “GoTriangle Will Soon Learn Whether Light Rail Will Move to the Next Stage of the Grant Application Process

GoTriangle is saying DOLRT demand follows supply, a fundamental error in logic worthy of Rick Perry.

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Posted by where's the beef? on 07/06/2017 at 5:20 PM

Re: “Hogwashed, Part 2: Environmental Advocates Say Hog Facilities’ Antiquated Waste-Disposal Systems Are Threatening the State’s Waterways

I am reminded of a recent article referring to comments by a NC House member from the heart of hog country:

"Eleven Republicans voted against [House Bill 589], including longtime solar skeptic Rep. Jimmy Dixon, R-Duplin, who has in the past said solar arrays are taking up too much valuable farmland and has sponsored bills requiring studies of what he says is the potential for site contamination due to heavy metals in solar cells a claim solar cell makers say is not factually correct."

Rep. Dixon should be more concerned about "site contamination" from over 110,000 pounds of hog waste per mile per day in Duplin County.

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Posted by JL Lane on 07/06/2017 at 1:04 PM

Re: “Hogwashed, Part 2: Environmental Advocates Say Hog Facilities’ Antiquated Waste-Disposal Systems Are Threatening the State’s Waterways

I worked on several hog farms in the 1990s. Those facilities were antiquated when they were installed.

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Posted by MichaelEdits on 07/06/2017 at 8:31 AM

Re: “Wake County Found an Extra $3 Million. Who Decides How to Spend It—Commissioners or Bureaucrats?

A few commissioners see what is potentially wrong with our budgeting process. This is the people's money, they represent the people, and should have a say. Anytime something is done simply because it has always been done that way deserves scrutiny.

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Posted by Anne Sherron on 07/06/2017 at 7:16 AM

Re: “Pastor Facing Deportation Takes Refuge with Durham Faith Organization

set the example-obey the law. Trust in God. Enjoy your new life in El Salvador.

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Posted by David Owens on 07/06/2017 at 2:52 AM

Re: “A Stinking Mess

Yes, everyone has to eat, but no, people don't have to eat meat.…

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Posted by Dave Connelly on 07/05/2017 at 9:52 PM

Re: “A Stinking Mess

Ellen, I dont see your comments anywhere in my inbox. Please email them to me directly: jbillman at indyweek dot com.

Posted by Jeffrey Billman on 07/05/2017 at 5:00 PM

Re: “A Stinking Mess

I also wrote you Indyweek. Please print my comments. North Carolina is hell for hogs also

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Posted by Ellen Canavan on 07/05/2017 at 4:15 PM

Re: “The SBE Will Turn Over Some, But Not All, of the Information the White House’s Voting Integrity Commission Wants

Let's start with what we know. Kris Kobach, Vice Chair of the Commission, is running for governor of Kansas in 2018. He has been using the so called voter fraud commission in his campaign materials. Now a complaint has been filed against Kobach for violations of the Hatch Act. The Hatch Act makes it illegal for executive branch employees to engage in activity to gain political advantage. Kobach was tapped by Donald Trump because he is angry Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes. Trump wants Kobach to track down alleged widespread voter fraud that does not exist.

According to data analysts and other researchers, Kobach has a history of throwing legal voters off the rolls, based on last names. Most of the voters deprived of the right to vote were those who normally vote for the Democrats.

Here is what we don't know or understand. Why is the NC State Board of Elections giving up personal information about Tar Heels? Here are my concerns: My Social Security number is sacrosanct. My political affiliation(s) serves what purpose? Would that knowledge make me a target of some evil-doer? Is there a stated time limit on when or how often I vote? Numerous newspapers and digital outlets have questioned the validity of the methodology used by Vice Chair of the Commission, Kris Kobach. One data expert called Kobach's research "childish. " Stats showed he scrubbed 1-in-6 Latinos, 1-in-7 Asians and 1-in-9 Blacks because of common last names.

Has the NCSBOE asked Kobach to review and replace our voting apparatus, which assures everyone of a vote? The N&O said the Board was satisfied with the overall "integrity" of North Carolina's voting process in 2016 despite media reports of possible Russian hacking of VR Systems software. I am distressed the NCSBOE might breach the covenant of secrecy for all voters. I also fear my vote may not count, if the state remains wedded to old, exploitable technology.

What I know is the Trump/Kobach Commission is a hammer looking for a nail.

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Posted by cityfox on 07/05/2017 at 2:04 PM

Re: “Capitol Broadcasting Wants Community Input on Its American Tobacco Campus Expansion. By God We're Going to Give It to Them.

Well, that sarcasim was quite constructive! Now, any real suggestions?

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Posted by Barbara 2 on 07/05/2017 at 12:03 PM

Re: “Hogwashed, Part 2: Environmental Advocates Say Hog Facilities’ Antiquated Waste-Disposal Systems Are Threatening the State’s Waterways

My name is Tom Butler and I am a NC contract hog farmer. I am quoted several times in this article and I want to expand on the comments that I have made to Indy Week. It is not my intention to defame or be critical of DEQ or their inspectors and how they do their job. I do agree that I am a strong advocate for strict inspections of our hog farms, our records and our lagoons. I am a strong advocate for replacing our current lagoon spray field system with new affordable innovative and more environmentally friendly systems. I hope all NC hog farmers realize and seriously consider the fact that these waste storage lagoons as a part of the spray field system belong to us. Our lagoons and waste management records are our full responsibility as long as the lagoons exists. (Note: To officially end the lagoon responsibility a grower must spend $40,000 to $60,000 per surface acre to decommission a swine waste lagoon.) If I elected to close and decommission my farm and lagoons today, it would cost me between $250,000 to $312,000. The integrators and the regulators carry no responsibility for the lagoons or waste on our farms. Personally, I want records to show that I have a well managed closely regulated DEQ approved farm operation and storage lagoon. If something does go wrong or waste management issues arise, I would want a history to show that I was inspected and given a clean bill to continue to operate. I would expect most growers in the state have lagoons that are 15 to 30 years old. A lot of these storage facilities, including my two, are nearing their sludge capacity. Do you as a lagoon owner know your sludge level? I know that an annual lagoon sludge level measurement is required, but it is my understanding that a current data base is not maintained by DEQ. I think there should be a current year to year sludge level record kept by DEQ and it should be public information. In my opinion, DEQ should have the responsibility of notifying the grower, as a courtesy, when the lagoon level is nearing capacity. If you aren't notified by DEQ then you, as a grower, are required to notify DEQ that you have reached your sludge limit. When you do notify them, you have 90 days to draw up a plan with a technical specialist and up to two years to implement tne plan.

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Posted by William Butler on 07/05/2017 at 11:47 AM

Re: “Water Levels Are Declining in North Carolina’s Rivers and Streams, and Scientists Are Concerned

Yep, let's blame this on climate change, too. There, that was easy.

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Posted by John Trololo on 07/05/2017 at 10:57 AM

Re: “GoTriangle Will Soon Learn Whether Light Rail Will Move to the Next Stage of the Grant Application Process

Lets not forget that if the FTA approves this phase but does not approve the funding in 2020, Durham and Orange will spend $100 million on #DOLRT studies for naught.

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Posted by Bonnie Hauser on 07/05/2017 at 10:42 AM

Re: “The $3 Million Question: Why Didn’t Wake Divert a Property Tax Surplus to Its School System?

I would encourage readers to look at other sources as this "article" is missing some key FACTS. So let's get this straight -- Ms. Holmes and Mr. Ford in the same breath say that any extra money (and this is a DUBIOUS claim indeed) should be directed to schools AND voted on? If they are both so concerned with public funds why are they not asking the WCPSS to spend monies they've already taken from the PUBLIC COFFERS ?
Their absolute disregard the needs of the community as a whole (where is their concern for public safety and mental health for instance) is a testament to their inability to see beyond their own set of biases and serve all their constituents.

Posted by Trixsie M on 07/05/2017 at 10:33 AM

Re: “Wake County Found an Extra $3 Million. Who Decides How to Spend It—Commissioners or Bureaucrats?

Goldsmith is a careful thoughtful writer, and this is key debate on school funding. Go Tommy

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Posted by harold romaro on 07/05/2017 at 10:32 AM

Re: “The Total Package Tour Promises a Heavy Dose of Eighties Nostalgia. But Does the Lineup Even Make Sense?

That is like going to a concert of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, except without any of the musical talent.

Posted by MichyMitch on 07/05/2017 at 10:09 AM

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