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Re: “Did the Montessori School of Raleigh Fire a Beloved Teacher Because She Talked to the Cops About the School’s Sex-Abuse Scandal?

Teachers are dropping like flies and the poor parents don't even know. Their $17,000+ tuition is paying for whatever teachers they can scrap together in the coming weeks. They will be paying for a high end "Montessori" education taught by people with very little experience getting paid at the low end of the spectrum and surely not worth the the big bucks these parents are shelling out.

Those in charge only seem to care about new and improved version of what this school was, not what the school's history and foundation were built on to give it it's wonderful reputation of years past. There is not a single soul in charge that sees the school crumbling. Having a scandal is one thing, and that is disturbing and heartbreaking, but it's how these administrators are handling the rebuild of it's mere shell of a staff and community that leaves everyone feeling the loss of what the school did so well for so many years.

The egos of two to many heads have chipped away at the foundation of this once incredible school. And now the egos of the three amigos in charge continue in the legacy of their most recent and narcissistic head. They don't attempt to look back and search for insight into what has happened, nor do they reach out to families and alumni of years past for deeper insight into what made the school great. A missed opportunity right in front of their noses.

As they search for an interim head of school they don't even pull in their biggest assets, the long time teachers who are Montessori trained and have been with the school for decades. They continue on their ignorant path consumed with their own power and egos. It's a sad time at the Montessori School of Raleigh.

When board members are putting their children in other schools over the summer one has to suspect more is there than meets the eye.

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Posted by victimsofMSR on 07/21/2018 at 11:45 AM

Re: “Counterpoint: The Durham City Council Said Exactly What Needed to Be Said About Jordan Peterson

When we look back in history, millennials will be remembered as ignorant hysterics, who took whatever they perceived as reality, and went three-year old on everyone. Case in point: a teacher in my state was nearly fired for exposing her class to a book called, George Washington Sucks. Parents went off the deep end, school board meetings were called, all without any testimony from the teacher, let alone even her presence at the hearings. By a miracle, the principal thought to investigate and search for factual evidence, that evil tool of the patriarchy! She called the teacher into her office and carefully asked why this teacher found it necessary to destroy the reputation of our first president with such a vicious book. The teacher asked for a moment, went back to her classroom and retrieved the book. You mean this one, George Wasingtons Socks? Socks, people, not sucks. Took five minutes to figure out by using that amazing part of our brain, the frontal cortex. And yes, we need to get from brain stem impulse, to mid-brain hysterical emotion, to calming frontal cortex rationality. But the journey is worth it and we become a whole heck of a lot more human when we use it (humans are the only creature with a frontal cortex, kinda defines us!) Stay calm, Jeffrey, do some research and youll leave a far more appealing legacy.

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Posted by Ocean Creature on 07/21/2018 at 11:17 AM

Re: “This Is America: We’re Better Than Trump’s Border Cruelty (and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves)

@mike you asked (I just wonder where you came up something like "states with more undocumented immigrants have lower crime rates").
He came up with it out of thin air. And out of desperation to defend the left(and establishment right's) policy of unhindered mass migration. Much like the common talking point that illegal mass migration is good for the economy and the american worker.
And notice the link he provided for evidence attempts to conflate the issue of illegal immigration with legal immigration.……

Posted by Timothy Oswald on 07/21/2018 at 6:11 AM

Re: “Here's What North Carolina's Representatives in Congress Think of Trump's Performance at Putin Summit

In the words of Donald Trump, when questioned about the future ramifications of his meeting in North Korea...

"We'll see...."

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Posted by Alan L. Falk on 07/21/2018 at 4:06 AM

Re: “Punch Brothers May Be Packed with Talent, But Their New Record Barely Stays Afloat

Yeah. I definitely disagree. The title song, All Ashore, which you skipped over for some reason... is one of the most patiently thoughtful, and beautifully executed pieces the band has ever produced. The lyrics are beautiful and incredibly real, the melody is catchy singable and infectious. While the music is expertly crafted from simple to complex.

And this is one example of a soft and thoughtful look to the future found all throughout the album.

Posted by Matthew Larson on 07/20/2018 at 10:27 PM

Re: “Trainspotting: To Mark the Opening of Raleigh’s Union Station, We Sent Five Writers to Ride the Rails

What a fun project this must have been! As for "once you arrive at your destination, you're without transportation", well, that's only because you forgot to book passage (free) for your bicycle. With roll-on bike service, you can explore around town on 2 wheels and/or return home on your own timetable.…

Posted by Dave Connelly on 07/20/2018 at 4:28 PM

Re: “Point: With Its Response to Jordan Peterson’s Appearance at DPAC, the Durham City Council Is Playing a Dangerous Game

Amazing that many of the people who thought deplatforming Peterson was reasonable continue to double down. Especially so, when the objections are transparently desparate and the worst possible interpretations of his words that only stand up if one is willing to ignore any context whatsoever. When context is pointed out there seems to be a stubborn ignorance that nothing has any possible value without it. In fact, it gives credence to the concept that context should be derided as panacea employed by ignorant bigots who wish to pardon their hate. However, this article in the same publication that drew this abominable public display by the city to light shows that, perhaps, there is hope. The question is not whether what Dr. Peterson says is controversial. Controversial should never be the deciding factor in freedom of speach. Controversial only says that some or many feel there is room for debate. Controversy is essential to enliven free speach. Unfortunately the art of debate is currently misconstued as name calling, required group think, and shouting down. It satisfies the base human emotion that much of those doing it miss as being the human character flaw that is undeniably responsible for hatred, bigotry, and misunderstanding. Just like what they would consider as the wrong sort of prejudice, it feels good. You may hear the case presented by Peterson and maintain your initial point of view. But anyone with intelligence who operates with integrity should remind themselves that, until you've done the honest research on the the points you find most troubling and formulate cogent debating points, you don't carry the clout to have your "feelings" supercede what has been presented. So far, any real thoughtful debate has gleaned more understanding from reasonable people on both sides. The rest has only led to more division.

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Posted by Dean Burkett on 07/20/2018 at 3:00 PM

Re: “Trainspotting: To Mark the Opening of Raleigh’s Union Station, We Sent Five Writers to Ride the Rails

Amtrak is behind the times in many ways, thanks largely to 47 years of congressional indecision. That dithering stems from the absurd notion that "nobody will ride trains" so Amtrak should be eliminated. In fact, people do ride trains as demonstrated by experience in states such as North Carolina (and Illinois, Michigan, Maine, California, Oregon & Washington) where every time added trains are operated, ridership rises.

If more states would support modern rail passenger service, perhaps they could, collectively pressure Congress to adopt a national transportation policy that explicitly includes train service using state-of-the-art passenger cars and locomotives such as those used in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

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Posted by J Howard Harding on 07/20/2018 at 2:53 PM

Re: “Here's What North Carolina's Representatives in Congress Think of Trump's Performance at Putin Summit

I just wish some of these people who are so "russia, russia, russia", crazy. Cared about russia when they took crimea by force, started the ukranian civil war, and moved their army into syria. But,,,,,, Silence.

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Posted by Timothy Oswald on 07/20/2018 at 2:12 PM

Re: “Trainspotting: To Mark the Opening of Raleigh’s Union Station, We Sent Five Writers to Ride the Rails

My wife and I ride the Amtrak Silver Star regularly to Florida to see my Father. We have no choice, as a medical ailment negates flying as an option. We conjured up an enthusiastic motto for Amtrak to fly by: WHEN YOU ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, DON'T HAVE TO BE THERE ON TIME. The rail system is a national embarrassment. In my recollection it has been on time only once in several decades of our using it. On that occasion we wrote to Ripley's Believe It or Not. The rail company CSX (whom we know as "the enemy") owns large sections of track, so when a freight is coming down the line toward you, the Amtrak train has to pull over on a side rail and wait...sometimes for hours. It is dirty, gritty, smelly travel. Yeah boy.

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Posted by Mike Mitchell1 on 07/20/2018 at 12:22 PM

Re: “Pro tip: To avoid leaving child in car, put important briefcase in backseat next to less-important kid

Pretty sad world we live in when a briefcase is more important than your child.

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Posted by Scott Gurtel on 07/20/2018 at 12:04 PM

Re: “Counterpoint: The Durham City Council Said Exactly What Needed to Be Said About Jordan Peterson

Liberals don't need to read books or acquaint themselves with anything as oppressive as facts (PATRIARCHY !!!!).
They just know don't they?

5 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Kate Lewis on 07/20/2018 at 11:40 AM

Re: “Counterpoint: The Durham City Council Said Exactly What Needed to Be Said About Jordan Peterson

It is sad and endemic of a growing problem: Outrage about a false narrative. I have been labeled as "liberal" all my life. While straight, I have had 4 gay roommates, spent my entire life in professional theatre and opera and proudly state I am an ally. Jordan Peterson is none of the things this article asserts--and it is sad anyone would think this is "journalism", even in the op-ed sense. If you read or listen Dr. Peterson, you would know better. You dont have to agree with him--if you dislike his message--so be it. However, it is dangerous, lazy, and destructive towards an ethical sense of truth to label him as racist, misogynist, trans phobe. It's also a pure lie to say such. My partner, is an educated feminist who went with me to see him speak. She loved it, and was shocked not one thing he said all evening was political/racial/identity driven in any sense of the word. It's about becoming a better human. Period.

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Posted by Richie Montgomery on 07/20/2018 at 11:24 AM

Re: “Punch Brothers May Be Packed with Talent, But Their New Record Barely Stays Afloat

"revealing the widening gap between Thile's roles as a personality and a songwriter"

Disagree. Each song is musically coherent from a songwriting standpoint, maintaining balance among the musicians.

"the show's hoary eclecticism has seeped into Punch Brothers' songs, to their overall detriment"

Live From Here is certainly eclectic. It sees no limitations to the live-radio format, and the musicians have covered Radiohead, Nirvana, even the Beach Boys with traditional bluegrass instruments...hoary, it is not.
Also: All Ashore is in my opinion the most topically focused album from the group to date, and the most musically varied; It's All Part of The Plan is in 5/4 time for God's sake.

"The song [Jumbo] fails to leverage much in the form of sharp criticism or satire;"

Have you seen Donald Trump Jr.'s ears? Jumbo was a circus elephant...

""Here comes Jumbo/American as gumbo" is the cringe-inducing start to the song's chorus"

But Gumbo isn't's a joke

"the songs where the band should be shining brightest instead leave you wondering where the spark went"

I think the Punch Brothers have written an album specifically for the audience, an assembly of songs that work so well because of (1) the sheer talent (2) the absolute togetherness they demonstrate amidst so much syncopation and modulation in their music and in the social landscape in which they're operating and (3) Chris Thile's appreciation for the music he doesn't write. This last component is the bridge between the visceral tenderness and the illogical genius of the Punch Brothers' lyrics: sometimes it's not about establishing a legacy by outdo-ing other musicians or even outdo-ing yourself. Sometimes the whole point is the honesty. And All Ashore has plenty to offer, for all audiences.

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Posted by jon_ on 07/20/2018 at 11:01 AM
Posted by Robespierre Gregoire on 07/20/2018 at 10:46 AM

Re: “The NCGA Wants to Give Hog Farms Carte Blanche to Spray Pig Crap Wherever They Want, Neighbors Be Damned

AS long as the hog industry is polluting the poor neighborhoods it is ok...according to the idiot republicans...and they are corrupt evil idiots...Let a hog farm spoil a rich man's mansion and whoo boy heads would roll...Unfortunately, the poor or low-income folks of NC do not have any representation in Raliegh and this proves it..Republicans are bought and paid for by all the polluting industries in this country. If you want to make NC a clean and beautiful state again ..please vote out all these crooked republican stooges. We got rid of McCory thank god but we got lots more cleaning to do. All these useless anti-democratic assholes need to be purged.

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Posted by Tony Dockery on 07/20/2018 at 10:43 AM

Re: “Point: With Its Response to Jordan Peterson’s Appearance at DPAC, the Durham City Council Is Playing a Dangerous Game

Peterson is an ass just like all the alt-right sleaze bags.

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Posted by Tony Dockery on 07/20/2018 at 10:26 AM

Re: “A Short Train Ride From Durham to Raleigh Offers a Window Into the Triangle Mass-Transit Future

I have often taken the Carolinian to DC or NYC. I drive to the station. Cary Amtrak has a lot of free parking. So does Rocky Mount. In Raleigh, the site says park across the street for $18 per day. For a five or six day trip, that puts the cost of riding the train at more that many available air tickets, Raleigh should address this issue. That said, the train crew on the Carolinian is usually very helpful and efficient. Northbound Carolinian is more likely to be on time than the trains that come up from Florida, due to the fact that CSX owns the tracks

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Posted by Michael Tigar on 07/20/2018 at 10:00 AM

Re: “Counterpoint: The Durham City Council Said Exactly What Needed to Be Said About Jordan Peterson

One has to commend Mr. Billman for his honesty: "Full disclosure: I dont claim expertise on Jordan Peterson. Ive not read his books or watched his lectures, nor do I care to (especially after being deluged with emails from his devotees, many of whom seem stuck in a protracted adolescence)." So Mr. Billman is upset that he is being criticized for misrepresenting Dr. Peterson. Rightly so. No one seems to appreciate how hard journalist have it. I am NOT joking. Journalist are paid less and less and have hardly the time to find out the truth. So we get cheap and useless article like this one and the one in The Guardian. So unfortunately the sad reality is that journalism is dying. Sad. Full disclosure: I have never read Mr. Billman's pieces. So I can claim he is not a journalist given that he does not care about the truth. Sad.

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Posted by kate777 on 07/20/2018 at 2:22 AM

Re: “Counterpoint: The Durham City Council Said Exactly What Needed to Be Said About Jordan Peterson

Mr Billman, you would do well to read a few of Dr Petersons' articles and watch a few of his lectures. It's easy to do and I believe it could do you some good.

9 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by wcapurro on 07/19/2018 at 11:24 PM

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