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Re: “What’s That, You Say? You Just Voted? Another Election Starts Thursday.

Why arent you endorsing in Cary Apex Morrisville etc?

Posted by democratunc on 10/18/2017 at 2:57 PM

Re: “The INDY Endorses Ed Harrison, Hongbin Gu, Rachel Schaevitz, and Karen Stegman for Chapel Hill Town Council

Did anyone ask Miss Gu who she voted for in the Republican primary last year as her voting records indicate she did?

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Posted by Chris Weaver on 10/18/2017 at 2:51 PM

Re: “The INDY Endorses Ed Harrison, Hongbin Gu, Rachel Schaevitz, and Karen Stegman for Chapel Hill Town Council

On the contrary, Will, I thinks this shows an endorsement that took a great deal of time and thought. The "lazy rushed" way to do it would have been to just endorse incumbents. Maria Palmer is quite proud of the fact that she relies on the manager and staff to give her information. I also support Allen and hope people will note that he was a 5th endorsee. I think Rachel and Hongbin will bring new voices, fresh ideas, a commitment to all of Chapel Hill's residents, and a healthy respect for facts, evidence, and comprehensive views. Ed will bring his experience and knowledge.

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Posted by Del Snow on 10/18/2017 at 2:26 PM

Re: “McFarlane Bashes Francis for Speaking to Wake GOP Meeting, Links Him With Trump

Where has Francis been the last 20 years in Raleigh politics? He shows up now and has all the answers? From what I've seen he has not plan, just a lot of talk with no record of doing anything except being on the board of a bank that funds downtown development.

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Posted by GET REAL on 10/18/2017 at 1:29 PM

Re: “The INDY Endorses Ed Harrison, Hongbin Gu, Rachel Schaevitz, and Karen Stegman for Chapel Hill Town Council

I second Will Hopkins; this seems perfunctory, and in any event isn't very helpful to voters. I would note that Allen Buansi's record, in particular, was given short shrift, and his age inappropriately emphasized given the relative absence of further information. For better or worse, Indy Week is relied upon by many Chapel Hill voters. It should strive to do better.

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Posted by Jonah Garson on 10/18/2017 at 12:44 PM

Re: “The INDY Endorses Ed Harrison, Hongbin Gu, Rachel Schaevitz, and Karen Stegman for Chapel Hill Town Council

Honestly, this just ready like a very lazy and rushed endorsement. There is very little substance here. I am very happy to see that Karen was endorsed. Im very confused as to why Maria and Allen were not endorsed and the articles justification for the decision not to endorse them does very little to substantively explain this decision.

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Posted by Will Hopkins on 10/18/2017 at 12:33 PM

Re: “McFarlane Bashes Francis for Speaking to Wake GOP Meeting, Links Him With Trump

She's never been here before. She's been reelected over and over apparently. Taking cheap shots will not work. She needs new material. All of those things she used before will not help her now.

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Posted by that1chick on 10/18/2017 at 12:24 PM

Re: “Is It a Good Idea to Call a Country and Southern-Rock Concert a Carolina Uprising?

Maybe you're reading into the name just a little too much. It's just a dumb name, like Carolina Rebellion which takes place near Charlotte.

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Posted by terryboo on 10/18/2017 at 10:08 AM

Re: “In the Runoff, the INDY Endorses Nancy McFarlane for Raleigh Mayor

Raising issues of equity "is good" but what about those BEST WHATEVER LISTS!


Who is benefiting from those "best whatever lists" and the boom in Raleigh?

The fact is, Raleigh has serious gentrification, segregation and income-wealth inequity problems.

It's due time to give people of color a voice and start sharing the prosperity with marginalized communities.

People of color are nearly half of the Raleigh population yet are being left behind.…
"New and damning report: NC poverty is still higher than before the recession and worse than the national average

North Carolinas economy isnt working for everyone, and for some its downright broken, said Tazra Mitchell, BTC policy analyst and co-author of the report. Many families wake up to financial insecurity every morning as the shortage of jobs paying family-supporting wages persists, household income re-mains below pre-recession levels, and the gap between the wealthy and everyone else widens.

The states poverty rate, child poverty rate, and deep poverty rate were each the 12th highest in the nation in 2015. Nearly 698,000 North Carolinians lived in deep poverty in 2015, meaning they earned half or less of the annual poverty-level income for their family size. Race, gender, and age also play significant roles in poverty, the report finds:"…

--Number of homeless students rises in Wake County schools

The number of homeless children in the Wake County school system has increased 23 percent since 2009

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Posted by Gheist on 10/18/2017 at 9:35 AM

Re: “Runoff for Raleigh Mayor's Post May Be Ahead as Francis Denies McFarlane a Majority of Votes

@snake00 - You forgot to point out how much money Francis received from large Republican donors. What has that political party done for race in America lately? You have a very one sided argument. Slavery happened and no one is denying that. Just because someone is related to former slave owner doesn't make them one. Can I look up your family history and place all the possible negative stuff they may have done on you? Is that fair?

We have a weak mayor system, not specifically a weak mayor. Please do yourself a favor and look this up. I am not trying to defend any articles written by anyone. The author stated that he knows the McFarlanes and his lack of a personal relationship with them. He also has written articles praising Charles (which you failed to mention). You clearly will go to far and wide to look for anything that will back up your point of view, but what you won't do is look right in your face. Charles took a lot of money from Republicans this time around. Why don't you question this? Why don't you question Corey Branch for the state of South East Raleigh? Why don't you ask Charles why his bank finances projects in downtown? I also never called you dumb. You seem passionate about your cause, but you are cherry picking your arguments to the point where you don't make sense. You need to ask Charles about some of his questionable habits and you need to ask Corey what his plan is for the community.

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Posted by JerrryG on 10/18/2017 at 7:41 AM

Re: “McFarlane Bashes Francis for Speaking to Wake GOP Meeting, Links Him With Trump

This is so sad this woman continues with her untruths and deception of making things appear what they are really not. The last thing we need is more lies and secret deals that she feels the public don't need to know, but she must forgotten she was hired by the people and she can be fired by the people.
Our minds are made up Nancy and we will show you come Nov. 7th.

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Posted by Diana Powell on 10/18/2017 at 5:35 AM

Re: “Runoff for Raleigh Mayor's Post May Be Ahead as Francis Denies McFarlane a Majority of Votes

@jerryg you said that the Mayor has no power over mental health, no power over policing and is a "weak mayor" that to me makes it sound like your saying that voting won't change much. And I have educated myself about Raleigh well enough. I know that York Properties was founded by Smedes York, whose ancestor is the founder of Saint Mary's school whose name was Albert Smedes. A slave owning bigot whose legacy continues to plague Raleigh even today. According to the 1850 Census he owned nearly 20 slaves, since you want to call me dumb, here's the link for your "educated" self…

Now, Smedes York donated money to the Mcfarlane campaign, and it's quite obvious that York Properties is no friend to the homeless people that spend time in Cameron Village. So when I say that many of the people in our city council would have been friends of slave owners, and are doing things such as displacing black people and other poor people at a high rate. It is no coincidence at all to me, that York Properties run Cameron Village the way they do. Given that the man Cameron village is named after was the largest slave owner in the state at the time, It should raise the question, who do they serve? They are doing things That the Confederates would be proud of. You can rest assured that I'm not just talking just to talk or be a "14 year old" When was the last time you went to the archives to read about this city you claim to care so much about? But since you want to insult me, let's talk about white privilege and let's talk about Kay Crowder who was stated that she is a direct relative to Issac Hunter.…
A man whose father owned a slave plantation that stood where the Dorthea Dix property is now.

You can call me what you want, but ignorant is not one of them.

Your lack of understanding in trying to defend a article written by someone who has clear ties with McFarlane and is a clear violation of ethical journalism at least according to the New York Times handbook of ethical journalism which states, "Journalists have no place on the playing fields of politics. Staff members are entitled to vote, but they must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of The Times" Is disturbing for people who think Raleigh deserves a free and open press not ran by developers and for people like Scott Crawford.

It is sad to see this publication sink so low just to get someone elected who will do nothing for the poor.

You are right though, knowledge is power.

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Posted by snake00 on 10/18/2017 at 12:20 AM

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