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Re: “In a Mid-Century Raleigh Neighborhood, New Mansions Are Built So High They Block Out the Sun

Billy, none of these people will park there Landrovers and ride plublictransit.

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Posted by Arthur B Raleigh on 07/19/2017 at 9:43 PM

Re: “North Carolina FC and John Kane Want to Put a Big Ol' Soccer Stadium in Downtown Raleigh

And where will all the displaced state government employees park? Or work?

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Posted by Leanne Sigmon on 07/19/2017 at 5:42 PM

Re: “North Carolina FC and John Kane Want to Put a Big Ol' Soccer Stadium in Downtown Raleigh

This is a good way to set fire to 150 million dollars.

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Posted by dan oneil on 07/19/2017 at 2:54 PM

Re: “In a Mid-Century Raleigh Neighborhood, New Mansions Are Built So High They Block Out the Sun

This kind of density won't reduce sprawl or traffic. Teachers, first responders, health care workers, etc won't be able to afford to live in the city. They will be forced to live in suburbs or small towns and commute in.

I live on Oak Grove Circle inside the belt line. 4 homes sold in past few years in the $300k to $400k range. Two were moved into and are being "fixed up" in keeping with neighborhood.

One was torn down, lot subdivided and two homes built and each sold in $800k range. Lots were pretty much filled up, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage and repairs to neighbors from stormwater runoff. (We got new Infill stormwater regulations passed which should help with future projects).

Fourth home torn down and waiting to see what takes it place. Developer who bought house originally marketed plans for $1 million plus French Provincial which is in no way compatible with existing neighborhood.

Remember to vote in 10/10 City Council elections. David Cox and Kay Crowder stand for neighborhoods!

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Posted by Stefanie Mendell on 07/19/2017 at 2:02 PM

Re: “Beach Music Isn't Just Easy Listening—It's a Sunny Slice of Carolina History

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Posted by Quentin Reed on 07/19/2017 at 1:44 PM

Re: “In a Mid-Century Raleigh Neighborhood, New Mansions Are Built So High They Block Out the Sun

No need to worry. The exorbitant increases in property taxes due to gentrification and McMansion mentality will run them out of their home before the lack of vitamin D affects their health. Thank God all of the Yankees decided to move South. Retching and vomiting.

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Posted by DR B on 07/19/2017 at 12:33 PM

Re: “U.S. Representative David Price Wants the Feds to Regulate N.C. Hog Farms

I fully support stronger regulation in this area. The powerful lobby has had its way for too long and it is not feasible to continue.

Posted by Judy Payne on 07/19/2017 at 12:10 PM

Re: “In a Mid-Century Raleigh Neighborhood, New Mansions Are Built So High They Block Out the Sun

If you want the necessary density to support transit and reduce sprawl, you're going to have to make some concessions. Can't have it both ways

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Posted by biIIy on 07/19/2017 at 11:45 AM

Re: “Pizzeria Faulisi Masters Family Style With Adept Culinary Skill

You forgot to mention Treforni in Durham as one of the more noteworthy independent pizzerias in the area.

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Posted by Shocka Kahn on 07/19/2017 at 11:20 AM

Re: “Study: Women in Wake County See Wage Gap Worse Than in Austin or Boston

No John, you are mistaken. Putting a sign up isn't intended to fix things. It's generally intended to signify support or opposition. This can be valuable, but in itself cannot be a solution. Pulling down a racist statue solves the problem of there being a publicly funded statue that supports racism but does not in any way address the gender wage gap. The subjects are not really related except in that people who have a basic respect for humanity resist racism and support gender equality. Hope this helps. (Feel free to ask someone to help you with any words you don't understand)

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Posted by vidvis on 07/19/2017 at 8:47 AM

Re: “Durham Activist Umar Muhammad Killed In Motorcyle Crash

Tragedy. He had grown up, turned his life around and was making a tangible contribution to the community. RIP

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Posted by where's the beef? on 07/18/2017 at 8:39 PM

Re: “A Raleigh Family Asks a Court to Stop a Developer from Erecting a 28-Foot Wall Next to Their House

Could not agree more with the comments about needing changes to the City Council .. leadership is top-down, including in cases where Raleigh's Citizens are in direct conflict with Developers. Our leaders, including the Mayor, do not openly support citizens when in conflict with egregious development. They say they do in campaign materials, but meet with them in person and see if they are \ willing to support you publicly over a developer (or landowner selling to a developer). When the Council gives the appearance that citizen input is second to developers' (which is exactly what has been happening for 8 years now) then the Boards/Committees/etc throughout the levels of city planning will also share that view and it will color their decisions, as happened here.

I am fortunate in that I live in District B with a Councilman (David Cox) who DOES publicly support CACs and citizen input, even when it makes him a target for other leaders (aka: the Council Code of Conduct). But that wasn't always the case -- prior to his election my Councilman was John Odom, and Mr. Odom would not lend support to his constituents when we faced an egregious rezoning proposal on top of our neighborhood, ignoring the near 4000 signatures from his constituents arguing against the rezoning. Odom's attitude was mirrored by most of Council (including the Mayor) at the time. Due to their unwillingness to support us, our case dragged on for years. Developers were simply more important than the average citizen, even when we turned out in record numbers to vote at our CACs against the egregious rezoning (I'm sure it has nothing to do with the money being donated by developers to their campaigns, or the fact that many of the Council members and developers/attorneys all move in the same social circles). Yes, the rezoning was ultimately denied after years of organized efforts from the community, and I applaud Russ Stephenson's motion to include reasons for denial (Mr. Stephenson, like David Cox, is a true neighborhood supporter). Luckily, this is an election year and we have a Mayoral candidate who has openly and publicly supported CACs (unlike the Council and Mayor who seem to be leaning toward removing the CACs) and citizen involvement. With that kind of leadership, the air of secrecy and inaccessibility surrounding today's Council will change, as will the direction that the planners/planning committees and boards take.

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Posted by RaleighMom on 07/18/2017 at 11:31 AM

Re: “Study: Women in Wake County See Wage Gap Worse Than in Austin or Boston

But putting a sign in your yard and taking down a racist statue is supposed to fix all these things right?

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Posted by John Curtis Smith on 07/18/2017 at 10:50 AM

Re: “If Governor Cooper Wins His State Board of Elections Lawsuit, Will Wake Dems Lose?

Heh, appreciate the compliment -- "The Libertarians, thinking ahead, also nominated an unaffiliated voter for the third spot" because it would increase the odds of all three of our nominees being appointed -- but in all honesty, that's not the way it happened. I mean, c'mon...who could have anticipated the establishment parties would both miss their own deadline for submitting nominations?

For years, Republicans and Democrats have connived to marginalize independent voters. For example,while there are more independent voters in Wake County than Republicans -- by far -- and in another two or three years, they will outnumber Democrats here, as well, there has not been a single independent voter appointed to the Wake County Board of Elections this century! (It's probably never happened, but I only had time to research back to 2000.)

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina recruited and nominated an independent voter to serve on the Wake County Board of Elections simply because we believe having the perspective of an independent could help that body do a better job of representing the interests of all voters.

Brad Hessel, Treasurer
Wake County Libertarian Party

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Posted by Brad Hessel on 07/18/2017 at 10:38 AM

Re: “A Stinking Mess

Wait, why is eating meat necessary? There are plenty of other protein sources ie: plant based protein is abundant. No pigs need suffer!

Posted by ammi on 07/17/2017 at 3:48 PM

Re: “Capitol Broadcasting Wants Community Input on Its American Tobacco Campus Expansion. By God We're Going to Give It to Them.

I'd take the 800 square foot studio for $500 a month, actually. As long as my neighbors are nice and quiet and i'm on the top floor.

Posted by ammi on 07/17/2017 at 3:45 PM

Re: “The Bookshop Brought Many Rare and First Editions—and Two Famous Cats—to Franklin Street for Thirty-Two Years

Instead of luxury apartments(AHEM Carborro) and new restaurants, build more parking?!(Just one parking garage would help a lot, cover it with art and make it not ugly) It's not that hard. The Bookshop and its cats will be missed. We need more unique, small and affordable shops to attract both tourists, students and locals. I miss the thrift store and now the comicbook this. Franklin st is a wasteland of restaurants, most are chains and nothing special at all. Why not give us an independent coffee shop instead of a revamped Starbucks? Why not a really sweet vintage store?

Posted by ammi on 07/17/2017 at 3:29 PM

Re: “A Raleigh Family Asks a Court to Stop a Developer from Erecting a 28-Foot Wall Next to Their House

How does the city plan to right this grievous wrong? The developer should be required to tear down the monstrous house, and move it 20 feet away as the ordinance specifies. Or better yet, tear down the mcmansion and then built a suitably sized house a reasonable distance apart from the Glovers' abode. Wealth should not provide one with an excuse to diminish the quality of life of others.

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Posted by ammi on 07/17/2017 at 3:13 PM

Re: “Movie Review: A Dog's Purpose Rolls Over and Plays Dead Under Its Own Heart-Tugging Weight

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Posted by peter bello on 07/17/2017 at 2:59 PM

Re: “Duke vs. Villanova: Four Factor Preview

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Posted by Stacey Jones on 07/17/2017 at 12:24 PM

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