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Re: “The lie behind the shrinking labor force

Maybe as you read this book and lament the lie behind the shrinking labor force, you should ask yourself how you are helping the shrinking labor force by supporting neo-liberal DINO Dems who are trying to hijack the NCDP?

Posted by ProgPitBull on 04/21/2014 at 12:11 AM

Re: “Party chairman Randy Voller's latest ruckus should be his last

Bob: Many of our candidates are hurting, but not from Randy Voller.

They are hurting from the way that we stopped building the Democratic Party right about the time when Barack Obama sealed the nomination in June 2008. Even though the Obama campaign had no authority to stop that party building. And we are also suffering from a particular disease called: "the most important race" which if we do all we can for it, it should (but so far hasn't) help all other races.

When you combine establishment Dems with OFA methods and "TMIR" - it's a recipe for disaster.

When the SEC rubber-stamped Bev Perdue's choice of David Young as the next NCDP Chair, we were doomed. Young brought in Blue-Dog Andrew Whalen to be ED. Whalen hired one staffer with legislative experience, one staffer who worked for OFA, and another who formerly worked for a COS member. Then they hired 5 Regional Field Directors (4 noobs and one with outside experience). The party took 3 of those RFDs and $750K to Charlotte for the most important race of 2009 - Anthony Foxx for Mayor. How well did that work here in Wake County when we lost those school board seats?

With no party building going on, and a rubber stamp Chair and a BlueDog ED, the most important race was the US Senate race. The most important candidate was Cal Cunningham, and when he lost the second primary, no one cared about anything else. So Elaine Marshall and all the other candidates were left twisting in the wind - and we saw what happened there.

I think there was much justification for dumping Dempsey. And the rest of them even if they didn't resign. These so-called professionals were a combination of one or more of the following: disrespectful, arrogant, rude, insubordinate. I can't determine if some of their actions or inaction were due to incompetence or deliberate acts of sabotage.

Parmley "resigned", but when he filed for unemployment compensation, the ESC determined that he was forced to resign - basically he was fired. They also found there was no cause for his termination. Meaning there was no proof of any sexual harassment. Which was pretty much what the internal NCDP investigation determined.

Parker was not forced out. By that logic, if you claim that someone who doesn't want to run for another term was "forced out", that means that both David Young and Jerry Meek were forced out. Any public elected official who doesn't want to run for another term could be forced out. Ridiculous especially when you consider that Parker's resignation was rejected by a larger number of votes and margin than he won office by in 2011. You know that Parker was required by the NCDP POO not to violate federal or state laws. And employment law requires confidentiality when dealing with employment matters. Had not some mysterious "third party" used an e-mail from SEC member Watt Jones and a confidential document taken from NCDP files, there would not be any allegations. It was not the place of any NCDP employee to release that information based on their own personal feelings. Would you excuse a billing clerk in a doctor's office for releasing confidential medical data about a patient because the clerk does not approve of the patient's lifestyle?

Furthermore, Parker was vindicated this summer when half the Ortega lawsuit was dismissed and the other half was withdrawn. And two weeks later, Ortega's original attorney K. Shanahan resigned from Public Safety. Had Parker chosen to counter-sue, I honestly believe that we'd have seen this scam go up the line to McCrory's campaign. And then we'd see that the consultants and others who played a role in the attacks on Parker cost the state party millions in donations and support for our party's candidates. They had a big role in the election defeats of May and November 2012. One day soon their role will come out - and I hope by then good Democrats will refuse to vote or otherwise support any candidate, campaign or party organization that does business with them.

Voller barely won because some of the NCDP staffers who didn't want Voller to win were doing things they shouldn't have been doing with proxies. I saw these things with my own eyes and heard them with my own ears - NCDP staffers actively calling people to get them to come in and vote proxies against Voller well after the cut-off point for proxies. There was also some evidence that proxy ballots were signed in one hand and voted for Etheridge (against Voller) in another.

And the last minute substitute was someone who previously declared he didn't want to run. And he showed up early to the meeting then left to attend a basketball game. Why on Earth did the people who pulled him back in think he was a good choice when he couldn't even be bothered to stick around and preside over the meeting had he won?

And Voller did try to make peace with the other side by putting your admittedly close friend Nina Szlosberg-Landis in charge of the ED selection committee along with other folks who supported Nina.

Bob - you've been around long enough to know that no one at NCDP has a job for life. Everyone from the ED on down serves at the pleasure of the Chair, or otherwise works "at will". Nearly every other time a new Chair took over from a previous Chair, people leave on their own or they get asked to leave. Before Randy Voller, no one seemed to care. Interim ED Tammy Brunner was either going to get hired FT (not likely) or get replaced by someone who had more experience. As for the others - you were with me and three other people at the PR in August 2012 when an NCDP staffer drunk-dialed and -texted party volunteers. You thought it was out of line then - are you really going to defend that disrespectful behavior ( to say nothing about incompetence and being drunk on the job) and say that person gets to keep their job simply because Randy's opponents liked them?

NCDP staffers who were terminated, RFDed or left on their own after Randy was elected were some of the rudest, more arrogant, incompetent and insubordinate people I have ever seen working ANYWHERE! That goes for the crew that left by May 2013, and the crew that recently left. Please tell me on what planet you come from whew you get to tell your boss to go fuck himself when he tried to supervise your employment and get you to correct your mistakes?

Dempsey was spending too much time helping Hagan's people. He was practically selling-out the place to Hagan. And he suffered from that affliction I previously labeled "the most important race". You can't focus on only Kay Hagan's race and forget all the other races down the ballot. Dempey and the rest of the staff left a lot of other work undone - work that used to get done in previous years by a staff the same size but a whole lot more talented.

I know your friend Nina prides herself in being super moderate - sitting in the center no matter what. And while there were tons of Hagan surrogates at the SEC and SHF dinner in Charlotte - where was Kay? She was in Charlotte the day before. Why did she snub the party that she expects to support her?

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Posted by ProgPitBull on 02/27/2014 at 3:47 PM

Re: “Party chairman Randy Voller's latest ruckus should be his last

Gee Bob - I don't even know where to begin. Your article contains so many factual errors (could be due to your friendship with former 1st Vice Chair NSL) that I will have to sit down and work up a very detailed response.

There are also some matters which clearly are differences of opinion. If you want my take on it - you can check out…

scharrison front paged me on BlueNC for a couple of reasons. One - because they wanted to give both sides equal time to warrant consideration. Two - because he said I made several salient points, at least in his mind. He wrote that it was worth reading.

Back in 2005 you wrote about Jerry Meek beating the candidate of the "inside the beltline, country-club Dems". Now you are doing nothing but defending the same people. Why is that? Do you really think the same "inside the beltline, country-club Dems" who ran the show in 2010 and lost the state for us know what they are doing? Why do you keep defending them?

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Posted by ProgPitBull on 02/26/2014 at 4:01 PM

Re: “McCrory, Obama, and the General Assembly's experiment in class warfare

Bob - you hit the nail right on the head. But a big part of the problem is that poverty existed right here in good ol North Carolina when the Democrats (led by the "business Progressives") were in charge.

You are right to say that the Republicans are making things worse, but they were taking a bad situation and making it worse. What we need is not going back to the same old "blue dog" Dems running the show, but we need Dems who will actually take our Party Platform and turn it into public policy. Yes they have to win first, but can we get the right Dems into office if they continue to suck up to the same ol big money donors that are trying to run the show now?

And you are shooting too low if you are trying to get the rich to part with some of that $8.1 trillion they made in the stock market. You should be shooting for a big chunk of the $80.2 trillion - because much of that was made by working class people - but 95% of the gains have gone to the rich. Why do we put up with politicians of ANY party who work so hard to help rich people to keep getting richer and deny working class folks any gain at all? Democratic candidates running for office need to remember that!

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Posted by ProgPitBull on 01/15/2014 at 10:44 AM

Re: “How Democrats can reclaim North Carolina government

Margie: We really do need a grass-roots effort across the state. But it will need to take place within the Democratic Party by reforming the excesses of the past. No more cronyism, no more crooked politicians, no con-artist/grifter political consultants wiling to sell their souls to big-money donors.

Anjali: Even if there is some means to impeach MrCrory in our NC Constitution, we won't be able to impeach him with a Republican super-majority in the NCGA.

The very best way to do build grassroots support is from the precinct on up through the Democratic Party. Organize your precincts - check with your County Party Chair. If your precinct isn't organized, you can ask your County Chair to appoint you as acting Chair (as long as you are a registered Democrat) and get voter lists you can use to organize your precinct. Then build a network of volunteers for door-to-door canvassing and phone banking most of the year - and then finish up by greeting voters at the polls! We need to elect good Democrats to a majority position who will work hard to convert our Party platform into public policy. No more DLC/Third-Way/Blue-Dog/DINO-Dems!

Posted by ProgPitBull on 09/20/2013 at 5:55 PM

Re: “NCDP on Sen. Kinnaird: A true Tar Heel hero.

One of the two "Godmothers" of Election Integrity in my state (Verla Insko is the other one) has resigned from office today. I am very bummed out that she's not there to lend her expertise (not that the current leadership would listen to her) but glad she'll be fighting the battle on her terms out in the streets!

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Posted by ProgPitBull on 08/19/2013 at 5:46 PM

Re: “How Democrats can reclaim North Carolina government

To the claim that party building is a long-term process but elections are now - that's also BS! Since 2008, we've always been told that we have to concentrate on this next election - and to work on party building TOMORROW.

Problem is, after this election there will be another one, and another one, and another one. There is no tomorrow to spend building the party - the day after one election is always the first day of the next campaign!

There is always some excuse to not do partybuilding because there isn't a way for some consultant to make money off of it. Partybuilding is something that must be done at the same time as working on elections because without partybuilding much of the money you spend on a campaign is wasted on stuff that should be done and can be done by volunteers for free that can and should be used 24/7/365!

When Howard Dean and Jerry Meek put money and resources into party building, they were laughed at. Dean even had that pompous ass Rahm Emanuel almost come to blows with him over the resources that Dean wanted to put into party building. Rahmbo thought those resources were wasted on the Party - they should be spent on candidates in targeted races. Dean stuck to his guns and was proven right in 2006 and again in 2008 - but by November 2008 Dean's 50 state strategy was already being dismantled by Emanuel and OFA. And the big problem we've faced in 2010 (not just in NC but all over) was that there was never a real commitment to re-institute another 50-state strategy. And we've suffered mightily because of it here in NC.

Your problem is that you keep confusing winning elections with raising money to spend on campaigns. Any good business strategy would tell you not to put your eggs in one basket. You can't spend all your money producing a product without a good marketing plan or distribution chain. Unless of course you have all the manufacturing people making money hand over fist pumping out a product that you can't get to market or that no one is buying even if it did get to market. Yet those folks who constantly tell us it's all about the candidates and the campaigns are doing so because they either make money working on those campaigns - or they get most of their information from the people who make money on those campaigns (they get paid to do this so clearly they must be experts).

How expert can anyone be who pisses away a 112-year majority in two election cycles no matter how much they are paid? I've already seen that most of these so-called "experts" are full of it - they say anything they think you want to hear. I wouldn't hire most of them to cut my grass, much less work on a campaign. And you wouldn't see me even thinking about running for office without a strong party network at whatever level I was going to run for.

One big factor in the Republican victories in 2010 and 2012 here in NC was that they were using Howard Dean's playbook. When we stopped doing it - they started doing it. They were doing the same stuff some of us were doing in 2004, and that many of us were doing in 2005-2008.

But we can't go back to doing it in the typical last-minute, seat-of-the-pants, hyper-manic, campaign-mode that everything seems to be done by in the Democratic Party today. I am tired of getting these freaking e-mails and telephone calls telling me how important it is to DROP EVERYTHING I AM DOING and come to a meet-up/rally/phone bank/or other important function THAT day. I'd much rather have two -weeks or more notice of something so I can decide how to fit it into my schedule. And so do the people in my precinct who have canvassed for me since 2004. They hate this last-minute garbage as much as I do.

But I do realize that being able to plan more than a day or two ahead of time is something you have to learn - like starting your homework early enough so you have it done early and don't have to wait till the last minute.

You won't be able to win races in red counties or districts unless you build the party in those areas. And we aren't doing that now, and haven't been at least since June 2008. So you are right - you won't beat Julia Howard in Davie County now, or for the foreseeable future. But you will never beat her if you don't start planning ahead and at least trying to build a network there NOW. And not just there - but make an effort to organize every precinct in every county. We actually have some counties where there is not an actual organized county PARTY! You at least have to make an effort to build the party there so that you could try and field candidates there at some point in the future!

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Posted by ProgPitBull on 08/02/2013 at 4:49 PM

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