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Posted by Bob Geary, INDY Opinion Columnist on 08/27/2015 at 3:07 PM

Re: “Hayti Heritage Center

hey look my name is taurus and my family is on the verge of moving we do not have alot of money but we do have talent me and my sister geneva frye are two of the best singers we have and we need a job really fast we will do any thing we are looking for some one to help us record this one song we have we need some ones help to make us know so me and my sister can help our mom out we are desperate like i said we can sing really well ifyou can help us come by the church on sunday 1605 holloway street in durham at 12:30 and we will please you just help us please just ask for taurus frye and geneva frye

Posted by tjgotyou on 08/27/2015 at 12:49 PM

Re: “Can the City of Oaks become the City of Spokes?

Incidentally, the "2015 State of Bicycling in Raleigh" report has crashed its own website.

Lest anyone be confused as to this subject's popularity.

Posted by Sogno on 08/27/2015 at 12:33 PM

Re: “Can the City of Oaks become the City of Spokes?

The problem with sharrows and the Johnston-county mindset are large infrastructure/cultural roadblocks that will slowly be overcome, but I think David Racine has hit the nail on the head. As long as areas are fragmented, bicycling will be the sole purview of the spandex-set. The goal of biking accessibility must be to allow for viable commuting and use by all demographics.

Best route from/to Cary/Raleigh requires a circuitous route through gravel paths on state parks.

What if someone wants to commute from North Raleigh to RTP? Or even to Brier Creek?

Best example: some houses from Five Points and Mordecai can see one another. Each neighborhood has thriving businesses, similar demographics, and represent the best Raleigh has to offer. How does one get from one neighborhood to the other on foot or by bike? Anyone who says Atlantic Ave bridge is trolling.

Posted by Sogno on 08/27/2015 at 11:50 AM

Re: “Video: Jorma Kaukonen settles at the Lincoln Theatre

Samson and Delilah is a Rev Gary Davis song, not in the set list though.

Posted by Doug Mlyn on 08/27/2015 at 10:34 AM

Re: “Paddy O’Beers owners charged with destruction of city property for moving benches

Yo Zack,

Stick this in your library.

Posted by Jazzman on 08/27/2015 at 9:29 AM

Re: “The INDY has a new editor but the same mission

Things that make you go "Hmmm..."
Sorry to loose Lisa Sorg; I like her & her articles, and will miss her,
and I'm disappointed in the 1st edition under the new editor.
It looks like a Raleigh entertainment paper for yuppies, for one thing,
a "lifestyle rag" advertising bourgie/yuppie entertainment, food & drink
& "Creative Loafing" as the Spectator used to call it — a gentrified ad paper,
but I like Bob Geary's piece "Bern Notice" & I hope he got expenses, at least,
but that's about someone running for president in November, 2016.
What about local candidates? You have to be registered before you vote,
and the local (Durham) primary election polls open on the 24th.
You should be telling readers how THE RULES HAVE CHANGED & HOW to register to vote.
Who's running? What are their STATED issues? Public forums? When? Where?
Activist history? Verifiable dirt? Interviews? Endorsements? Opinions? Photos?
School has started; education is important & under attack, and you've got nothing to say.
You should get readers to hold elected officials's feet to the fire on the budget NOW.
"We want your feedback," you say. "What should we be covering that we're not?"
Well, how about "building a just community here in the [gentrified] Triangle"?
This issue of IndyWeek, especially, seems to be little more than
an unreflective reflection of gentrification, but gentrification is an issue that might be
a "tough, emotionally charged issue," "afflicting the comfortable," as you say,
ESPECIALLY with 4 out of 7 local (Durham) positions on City Council up for grabs,
issues of gentrification, displacement and injustice afflicting the poor, are important
but instead of comforting the afflicted, and challenging candidates & readers to
truly try to understand, and confront these issues honestly and compassionately,
it's all about comforting the comfortable and allowing the afflictions to continue
unchecked, and you've been ignoring the BIG lumbering elephant in the room:
POLICE ISSUES: biased policing, police harassment & cops threatening people with GUNS.
The Police Department says that's "normal behavior".
Durham cops (unlike Chapel Hill cops) FAIL to comply with use-of-force standards)
Durham cops can jerk their guns out whenever they feel like it, and
Durham cops don't have to document it. Some of them, the cops other cops call "jerk-offs"
would get writer's cramp if they had to justify it every time they jerked out their gun.
Which cops often jerk their guns out at stop-&-searches? Who? How often? When? Where? Why?
Police management here does not know, because the threat of deadly force is unmanaged
unmanageable by willfully ignorant management. How often did that cop pull his gun in the year
before he shot himself? Chapel Hill cops' "gun play" gets reviewed. Not here in Durham.
Despite what the Durham Police Department says, "gun play" by "professionals" is NOT "normal".
Pedestrian, passenger, or driver, having an angry cop pointing a gun at you is NOT normal,
and there's no "normal" reaction to the sudden threat of death.
you might flinch, duck, turn, or try to get away, confused, which is what I did,
the 1st time a cop here pointed a gun at me in what they admitted was a racial profile stop
or close the distance and GRAB THE GUN, which is what my mother did
when someone tried to kill her, and what that football player did as a matter of TRAINING:
run toward the threat when he saw a laser dot on his chest. Struggling with a gun
might be your only chance to survive. It's ridiculous to expect someone to trust you
not to shoot you when they've suddenly threatened to kill you by pulling a gun on you.
CIVILIANS aren't TRAINED how to respond to the imminent threat of death. We're not soldiers.
COPS should be trained NOT to escalate a situation to a life-&-death struggle,
& if they DO pull a weapon, they should have to justify it in writing OR ELSE be fired.
Yuppies in gentrified areas aren't likely to be faced with the sudden threat of death
but if you're in an unmarked "Target Area" in Durham, police harassment is routine,
and even though Lopez' answers to "Racial Profiling" talks about individual officers stats
compared to the demographics of their assigned patrols, if you patrol "Target Areas"
then "Target Areas" are where you'll make arrests. Teenagers don't choose to live in
"Target Areas" and neither do most people who live in "Target Areas" money=choice.
Police management tells cops where to patrol, & it's not Duke students
who get arrested for drugs. Lopez denies racial profiling
or biased policing, or as the former secretary of the People's Alliance called it:
"inequitable policing" (a better, more inclusive term)
but 94% of those searched in Durham at DOCUMENTED stops are minorities (92% in Ferguson)
100-94=6; is Durham only 6% White?"
City Council asked Lopez for a Quarterly Racial Profiling / Bias Report, but he said
they don't have the resources to do that. [Translation: Gimme mo' money.]
City Council rolled over and said: ok; whatever you say, boss.
If one of your employees says no; I don' wanna do it. I don' wanna tell you what we're doin'
until next year, you'd fire them for insubordination,
and in this case: deceit
and delay. 8 months.
Ask your readers, including Chief Lopez, the City Manager, the mayor (lower case),
City Council, and CANDIDATES for City Council: "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"
Get a 5th Grader to go to and click Reports, click, click, click,
a 5th Grader could produce a detailed 8 page Racial Profiling Report in 8 minutes, not 8 months,
and it could be produced monthly, rather than waiting 8 months for numbers from last year,
edited to hide the fact that all of the searches were unwarranted.
Add, subtract, multiply and divide;
A 5th Grader could even calculate the total number of minorities searched,
divide by the total searched, and report the percentage of searches that are of minorities.
Lopez made City Council wait until they're mostly lame ducks for a report
on racial bias that did not report the percentage of searches that are of minorities (94%),
worse than the previous year (93%) and worse than Ferguson (92%).
Make 'em wait, & hide the most important numbers.
So what should you be reporting that you're not reporting? Easy: "investigative journalism";
Report what the Durham Police Department persistently fails to report, internally or externally:
the failure to document or control the preventable, controllable use of force and
so easy a 5th grader could produce the reports from
"inequitable policing".

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 08/26/2015 at 10:02 PM

Re: “Can the City of Oaks become the City of Spokes?

What is the best route to cycle from Cary to center of Raleigh for a pleasure visit? I can go through Umstead and NCMA at an additional 10 to 12 miles.

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Posted by David Racine on 08/26/2015 at 9:07 PM

Re: “Paddy O’Beers owners charged with destruction of city property for moving benches

Zach - If you decide to open a Downtown Durham bar, I promise to be there the first day you open the door.

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Posted by Eric Ross on 08/26/2015 at 7:32 PM

Re: “Shakori Hills

Love, love, love this place--Shakori Hills Community Arts Center is an outdoor venue that does not otherwise exist in Chatham County or the surrounding area. Its a lovely country setting on an Old Farmstead that could have easily been swallowed by development. The beautiful 72 acres are a mixture of rolling meadows and forests and are home to some magnificent old oak trees, historic farm buildings, and a community garden. Great place to convene with nature and your friends, especially when live music is involved! And camping!

Posted by carol7777777 on 08/26/2015 at 6:28 PM

Re: “This isn’t the Summer of Trump, it’s the Summer of Bernie

A good piece in Kos on what the corporate media would report about Bernie's issues if they reported about Bernie's issues. (But, they don't, which is why debates with Hillary--and Joe?--are vital. ASAP.)…

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Posted by Bob Geary, INDY Opinion Columnist on 08/26/2015 at 5:13 PM

Re: “Why does the N.C. Senate want to cut funding for mental health organizations?

As with many states that have cut their mental health budgets it is because it is the easiest to cut with the least amount of opposition.Most people that do not need the help could care less about funding it.Yet when they begin seeing these people homeless,walking the streets and being seen these same people wonder why there is no help or them or call the police and complain.
These states that have cut their funding to mental health problems have created their own problems by doing so.If you recall many of the individuals that have committed the mass killings in this country were found to have had mental problems prior too committing the crime.These states need to ask if the help was there would the individual have sought it out?? Would it have helped ?? we wont know because most committed suicide afterwards.
Many states,politicians and people create their own problems and this is just another form of it.If they continue to ignore the problem it will not go away and yes it will get worst !!!

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Posted by Jim Parker on 08/26/2015 at 3:50 PM

Re: “Fall Guide: Editor’s picks for top concerts and festivals

Troika...Durham Music Festival...Duo Fest.... ;)

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Posted by chaz on 08/26/2015 at 2:47 PM

Re: “180 minutes wandering downtown on night one of Raleigh’s outdoor-drinking crackdown

Can anyone considering voting out the councilors and mayor who voted for this trial experiment see how shortsighted they are acting?

Who do you think is backing at least two of the candidates who are attempting to use this issue to get elected? The (scrape the land, build it. sell it for ever higher rates, and leave) developers. We got to where we are by managing growth thoughtfully, not by rubber-stamping YES to anything put in front of them by the developer community, without considering the big picture. (and kudos to those developers who work thoughtfully, I'm not talking about you.)

If you don't care about derailing the policies that have grown Raleigh to its current place in the nation's view in a good way, in the name of a flash-in-the-pan food (or beer) fight, I have to shake my head.

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Posted by glenwoodbrooklynite on 08/26/2015 at 2:28 PM

Re: “This isn’t the Summer of Trump, it’s the Summer of Bernie

Can you qualify for a Democratic presidential primary election in, say, New Hampshire, if you register as a Republican? If the answer is no, then can you qualify if you register as an independent?

Here's to the political courage and independence of Sen. Eugene McCarthy, who ran a strong reform-oriented campaign in the 1968 Democratic presidential primaries while continuing to affiliate with the party as a Democratic senator from Minnesota.

Sen. McCarthy even won the Oregon primary in '68, demonstrating that even half a century later, one shouldn't sit idly by while an absentee publisher from Oregon trifles with once-independent Independent.

(Who says that plain ol' "regular Southern Democrats" can't show liberal leanings every now and then? Some folks say, if we could just keep the tradition Southern Democrats down on the farm, we'd be okay. But what if you have to change editors every other month?)

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Posted by David McKnight on 08/26/2015 at 2:16 PM

Re: “African-American neighborhood stands in the path of Cary's growth

I have never believed in “Eminent Domain”, nor the right of any municipality to rule over an individual’s Constitutional rights. I reject the idea, and practice, of cities voting to expand, at the expense of those living outside of the city and paying “county” taxes, without the persons who are most effected having a say in the matter. Once a city “expands”, the county residents must pay city taxes as well as county taxes. The new “City” dwellers are ordered to tap onto “City” water and sewer, ignoring the perfectly GOOD wells these people are using. As for widening this road, it is for one reason only: the convenience of the CITY! It is a short road and needs not to be widened. It is being done simply because some powerful person wants it. You never see the roads and walkways around the homes of the persons making these decisions disturbed…..Do You?

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Posted by Ronald Hagler on 08/26/2015 at 2:09 PM

Re: “The INDY has a new editor but the same mission

Isn't anybody going to say at least one kind word about the truly independent-minded editor who brought Independent to an even higher level of journalistic relevance--Lisa Sorg?

I reckon now we will have to go through Portland, Eugene and Corvallis to get some story covered around here.

David McKnight

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Posted by David McKnight on 08/26/2015 at 1:57 PM

Re: “Try Big Spoon Roasters' new energy bar

Yummy. :3 As a sweet tooth, I love sweet treats like this one. Too bad they are trying to make me look fat haha. I recently purchased “Guilt-Free Desserts” recipe book, so I can enjoy really delicious desserts and cookies without worrying about calories. Peek into the book at:

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Posted by lisawhite67 on 08/26/2015 at 1:35 PM

Re: “Paddy O’Beers owners charged with destruction of city property for moving benches

I miss the days when Raleigh didn't have a nightlife, and it was as quiet and boring as New Bern's nightlife.

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Posted by Philihp James T. Busby on 08/26/2015 at 1:26 PM

Re: “Why does the N.C. Senate want to cut funding for mental health organizations?

@Mick Voiland: The NC Senate thinks if a program is actually working as it should, that must mean it has too much money! How can they privatize anything if it's working as is?

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Posted by glenwoodbrooklynite on 08/26/2015 at 1:20 PM

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