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Re: “Live: Merge 25 ends hot, humid and with a silly Neutral Milk Hotel kowtow

I'm not going to defend Mangum's preciousness (I truly do not care), but it *was* really lovely to view a live show with a relative absence of glowing blue screens hovering over the heads of the people in front of me.

And yeah, Caribou killed it.

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Posted by BullCityBrian on 07/29/2014 at 11:34 AM

Re: “Live: Merge 25 ends hot, humid and with a silly Neutral Milk Hotel kowtow

I wholeheartedly agree that Caribou was the highlight of Merge 25, Day Four. However, I'm not surprised that GC was only able to manage two sentences about that spectacular set. After all, when Caribou launched into their truly awesome extended version of the track, "Sun", it is entirely possible that as the word "sun" was chanted repeatedly over Caribou's hypnotic and pulsing beats, that GC's brain was instead registering this chant as "Sunn O))), Sunn O))), Sunn O)))" and therefore he was rendered immobile by his black metal boner.

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Posted by Shocka Kahn on 07/29/2014 at 10:47 AM

Re: “Updated: 4th Circuit strikes down Va. same-sex marriage ban; Cooper drops Amendment One defense

We'll see... Language is very important: "Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State. This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights of private parties pursuant to such contracts."

NC does not prohibit SSM. It just does not "recognize" those marriages as "valid"??? NC also does not limit the benefits afforded to consenting adults (regardless of gender) that have entered into secular civil unions (ie., marriages)...

I am curious to see how NC and Fed Courts work this out... I'll make popcorn...

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Posted by twatts1000 on 07/29/2014 at 12:29 AM

Re: “Opinion: McCrory’s mean joke, a poet laureate who’s barely a poet

Just as the Heisman Trophy stands for a level of excellence in playing college football, so the position of poet laureate stands for a level of excellence in writing poetry. That the governor believes that such an award should not be selected by a panel of people who are familiar with poetry is very odd.

I know next to nothing about football and I would never, under any circumstances, believe that I would be qualified to decide who deserved a most valuable player award.

The governor shows that he does not understand that writing poetry is a discipline (just like playing the piano or painting portraits) that is performed at all levels (from beginner to advanced) and that the poet laureate is a title bestowed on a highly advanced practitioner.

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Posted by Heather McGehee on 07/28/2014 at 11:07 PM

Re: “Live: Merge 25 ends hot, humid and with a silly Neutral Milk Hotel kowtow

Yes, Bavian. And no Waustin, it's not.

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Posted by Grayson Currin, INDY Music Editor on 07/28/2014 at 10:46 PM

Re: “Renee Ellmers-Clay Aiken election campaign: Take one down, pass it around

One of the ironies of Ellmer's comment is that Clay Aiken is very capable of talking to people in terms they understand and about issues important to them. Ellmers doesn't do either - in fact, she has been "absent" in several ways since elected. Use your voice, Clay reminds voters. He willingly meets with everyone who wants to talk with him; he takes questions from the floor from anyone who wants to ask one, and he is knowledgeable. Moreover, his heart is in non-partisan problem solving for the good of all people, regardless of political party or wallet size. She can not compete with that.

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Posted by Pat Ferguson on 07/28/2014 at 10:01 PM

Re: “Live: Merge 25 ends hot, humid and with a silly Neutral Milk Hotel kowtow

Is this seriously a show review where most of it is just about how one band didn't want photos?

28 likes, 4 dislikes
Posted by Bavian on 07/28/2014 at 8:43 PM

Re: “Live: Merge 25 ends hot, humid and with a silly Neutral Milk Hotel kowtow

If there wasn't a ban on photos how many phones would be hovering above the crowd the whole time? I think Jeff has a problem with people who aren't actively enjoying the performance, there's a reason he's always telling the crowd to sing along. To say his comment about dimming the lights was to prevent good photos being taken is simply ridiculous. It wasn't even Jeff initially complaining, it was Scott asking to turn the lights down and Jeff agreeing. I talked to Jeff and Julian after the show and they genuinely seemed to care about the fans and their enjoying of the performance.

When Jeff was filmed and streamed to 4000 people during Occupy Wall Street, he didn't slap the camera out of the man's hand. He introduced himself to the camera and smiled, telling people to sing along several times throughout the performance. He likes to see his fans happy, he likes to see their faces, and to hear them sing. To say that Jeff doesn't want people to record so they pay to see him again is a comment that is founded purely in speculation by someone hoping to stir up controversy.

32 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by Waustin on 07/28/2014 at 8:23 PM

Re: “Theft in a longtime Raleigh practice space highlights the lack of affordable room for bands

There are other options in the Triangle, options that are much more secure. Check out Haggard Studios in North Raleigh

Posted by Jimmy Haggard on 07/28/2014 at 7:07 PM

Re: “Opinion: McCrory’s mean joke, a poet laureate who’s barely a poet

Indeed, some "elitist" writing in this article alone.Would you call Wallace Stevens a hobbyist?

Yes- The great American Poet Wallace Stevens worked at an Insurance firm in Hartford Conn. and indeed wrote his poems much the same way Valerie Macon does - on breaks. The great Modern Painter Henri Rousseau was in fact "a bureaucrat" - working for the French post office while painting on weekends - he changed the face of Modern Art by the way. Phillip Glass the great American composer was a plumber. The fact that these people held jobs doesn't diminish THEIR monumental work of course - now that history and Academia has weighed in. What if they had been judged somewhere on their "way up" into history?

I am one who does, in fact, think that art that comes from outside the established margins and academia in fact keeps art important and questioning. (i.e. Jean Michel Basquiat in painting)

Shame on this article - I hate McCrory and I admit that she is under-qualified for the position - but belittling someone as a "Hobbyist Poet' because she has a job to support herself is in fact, elitist. Artists of all stripes have held jobs, thank you.

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Posted by Mic Mac on 07/28/2014 at 5:06 PM

Re: “Renee Ellmers-Clay Aiken election campaign: Take one down, pass it around

Please forgive my OCD.

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Posted by Michelle Noway on 07/28/2014 at 3:44 PM

Re: “Renee Ellmers-Clay Aiken election campaign: Take one down, pass it around

Corrected! Thanks! No credit for spelling it right the first six times.

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Posted by Bob Geary, INDY Opinion Columnist on 07/28/2014 at 3:20 PM

Re: “Renee Ellmers-Clay Aiken election campaign: Take one down, pass it around

There's no "s" in Aiken.

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Posted by Michelle Noway on 07/28/2014 at 3:04 PM

Re: “Update: Valerie Macon resigns from Poet Laureate appointment after uproar

What are we judging here? The protocol of appointment? The merits of the poet? Or, the merits of the poem itself? Just look at the bios of every poet in the New Yorker for the answer.

0 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Bonnie Jean Toomey on 07/28/2014 at 1:21 PM

Re: “Opinion: McCrory’s mean joke, a poet laureate who’s barely a poet

As to Ms. Macon's qualifications, could Chris please post the CV that Emily Dickinson might have submitted?

4 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Tom Randall on 07/28/2014 at 7:16 AM

Re: “Live: Superchunk rules Night 2 of Merge 25

To be clear the Venues pa did not go out unfortunately the rented foh mixing console lost power.

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Posted by Andy Young on 07/28/2014 at 5:22 AM

Re: “Jobs? Debt? What's real? N.C. Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker chimes in

Secretary Decker can address one of the most discriminatory aspects of North Carolina law that would have prevented me from moving myself and my business to NC had I known about it.

It is an archaic common law that if more widely known would prevent anyone or their business from moving here.

Please read here Secretary Decker

Meg Conway, Asheville NC

Posted by meg conway on 07/27/2014 at 9:28 PM

Re: “The Long Road: Work continues toward opening Raleigh's co-op grocery

We invite you to become
a Founding Member of
Fertile Ground Food Cooperative
Become an owner of a grocery store
and cultural center in Southeast Raleigh!

Posted by Liz Crews on 07/27/2014 at 5:22 PM

Re: “The secret to the perfect summer drink is the copper cup

WE have had a "Methode Champinoise" version of the Moscow Mule simply called "The Mule" for a couple years now. People love it. Naturally sparkling in a bottle :) See it at

Posted by Chris Johnston on 07/27/2014 at 1:10 AM

Re: “How McCrory used Valerie Macon to attack 'cultural elites'

I see a lot of comments implying that disagreeing with McCrory's selection means that the poetry community wants to keep poetry for the elite. That's outrageous! Poetry is not locked on a shelf in an ivory tower-- just go to the library and pick up a volume. Hell- get off facebook and google some up! Poets want nothing more than to get their work out to the people. Its actually anti intellectuals like McCrory who devalue liberal arts education who are essentially denying the average person access to poetry and literature. He feels these subjects are a waste of time and money. If he and his ilk have their way the only people who will be able to experience the beauty and meaning of poetry will be those who can afford to pay for private education. So go find a book anti-elite trolls.

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Posted by Barbara Wells on 07/26/2014 at 10:15 AM

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