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Re: “Those Kids HB 2 Is Supposed to Protect? They Don’t Want Your Protection.

It's the Abigail who wrote this btw--and for those wondering what the hypothesis is, it's basically that Gen Z is definitely left of center--but dismantling the gender binary is not necessarily on the collective mind so much as redefining masculinity. The proof would be in the interviews with the boys, Schwalbe and Jae especially, as ze is very attuned to the degree of progressivism Gen Z is willing to offer.

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Posted by abigail1999 on 07/14/2016 at 2:26 PM

Re: “Those Kids HB 2 Is Supposed to Protect? They Don’t Want Your Protection.

Just wanna thanks say to the first guy that advocated for me, a minor, to wear revealing outfits and strip down in front of my male peers, I'll def take your advice to heart. @dude

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Posted by abigail1999 on 07/14/2016 at 2:21 PM

Re: “The Durham-Orange County Light Rail Line Is on the Ropes Again. That Might Be a Good Thing.

Mr Cabanas, Thank you for publishing the facts and refuting the emotional and misleading cut and paste propaganda on LRT from Mr. Baker. It really is too bad that there is such an emotional attachment to an inefficent transit mode whose time has past.

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Posted by where's the beef? on 07/14/2016 at 1:15 PM

Re: “The Durham-Orange County Light Rail Line Is on the Ropes Again. That Might Be a Good Thing.

While many environmentalists quickly point out the adverse impact of the automobile — they quickly gloss over the environmental impact of near-empty light rail trains. The environmental impact of light rail, as a system, is considerably worse. The automobile takes passengers directly point-to-point (from origin to destination), but light rail requires supplemental trips to/from the station, whether via park-and-ride, kiss-and-ride, or bus.

"Many environmentalists support rail-based transit for environmental reasons, but to date only BRT projects have been certified as greenhouse gas-reduction projects by the Clean Development Mechanism defined in the Kyoto Protocol (see Bogotá and Mexico City). Additionally, the volume of vehicle-specific emissions that LRT and electric trolley bus systems produce depends on how their electric power is generated. If the source is coal-fired power plants, then the system may actually produce more CO2 than normal diesel vehicles do, even though people are exposed to fewer emissions on the street. Buses are major producers of particulate emissions unless they use low-sulfur fuels, have particulate traps and clean engines, or run on some source of fuel that is an alternative to diesel." — ITDP study, More Development For Your Transit Dollar @

"Compared to rail systems, BRT systems also tend to be less intensive users of concrete and steel. Producing steel and concrete and building underground or elevated concrete structures generates a large amount of CO2. Many heavy-rail metro projects cannot reduce enough operations-related carbon emissions during their first twenty years to compensate for their construction-related CO2 emissions. Surface LRT generates less construction-related CO2 but still tends to generate more than a BRT project does." — ITDP study, More Development For Your Transit Dollar @

Using the overly optimistic 23,000 daily boardings projection (in 2040) running 150 train trips per day across the end-to-end 17 mile line will result in an average 'load factor' of 9 passengers per vehicle mile traveled; or utilize less than 2% of the 500 passenger capacity heralded by GoTriangle. So for every one train that travels at the cited 500 passenger capacity, there will be ~50 trains running empty. Low capacity utilization is not environmentally or economically sound.

From an energy intensity perspective, this low utilization has a devastating impact on DOLRT energy efficiency. With an average of 9 passengers per mile results in 7029 BTU per DOLRT passenger mile (63265 BTU per vehicle mile / 9 passengers per mile) compared to 3144 BTU for car travel or 4071 BTU for bus transit. So per passenger mile, DOLRT uses over twice the amount of energy of an average car! SOURCE: US Department of Energy, Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Transportation Energy Data Book, Edition 34, page 2-19, Table 2.14 @

Due to the limited coverage of light rail stations, light rail requires altered bus routes to "feed the beast”. These feeders add cost, consume more energy, increase travel distance and increase travel times, while compounding the traffic congestion they are supposedly trying to alleviate. The light rail system is forced to provide an entire, high capacity vehicle even when there are only a few riders.

The inconvenient truth is that not a single light rail in the US carries as many passengers as a single highway lane. The myriad of alternatives, like walking, bicycling, carpooling, van-pooling, congestion pricing, telecommuting, flexible working hours, parking reform, pricing strategies to improve bus utilization, etc — largely ignored while the money and attention is consumed by light rail.

The proposed Durham-Orange Light Rail train has NO new renewable energy requirement and electricity sourced from Duke Energy which has been repeatedly cited for environmental transgressions. Duke Energy generates electricity primarily with nuclear, gas (sourced from 'fracking') and coal power plants. The Political Economy Research Institute ranks Duke Energy 13th among corporations emitting airborne pollutants in the United States. The ranking is based on the quantity (80 million pounds in 2005) and toxicity of the emissions. When the high energy costs and carbon emissions during construction are counted, the light-rail line is far “browner” than autos and highways.

Forgetting greenhouse effects during construction?

"Neglecting to take into account the emissions associated with constructing buildings like train stations and laying the tracks may make train travel appear far more environmentally friendly than it actually is, the authors found." — How Green is Rail Travel? @

“Most current decision-making relies on analysis at the tailpipe, ignoring vehicle production, infrastructure provision, and fuel production required for support,” wrote the authors. “We find that total life-cycle energy inputs and greenhouse gas emissions contribute an additional 63 percent for on road, 155 percent for rail, and 31 percent for air systems," relative to those vehicles’ tailpipe emissions. — How Green is Rail Travel? @

Cement manufacturing releases CO2 in the atmosphere both directly when calcium carbonate is heated, producing lime and carbon dioxide, and also indirectly through the use of energy if its production involves the emission of CO2.The cement industry produces about 5% of global man-made CO2 emissions, of which 50% is from the chemical process, and 40% from burning fuel. The amount of CO2 emitted by the cement industry is nearly 900 kg of CO2 for every 1000 kg of cement produced. — Cement wiki @

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Posted by Alex Cabanes on 07/14/2016 at 10:56 AM

Re: “The Durham-Orange County Light Rail Line Is on the Ropes Again. That Might Be a Good Thing.

Unfortunately, the often promised traffic congestion relief has not been experienced by communities that implement LRT. You can look at two examples (Charlotte & Los Angeles) or even in aggregate across the nation.

* Charlotte Lynx daily ridership has stagnated at 16,000 over last 7 years, even though the population has grown 17%. Despite all this investment in Lynx, Charlotte was rated as the having the worse traffic in NC @
* L.A. Expo Line hasn't reduced congestion as promised, a study ( finds. Article @

Many advocates continue to claim that light rail reduces traffic congestion. However a closer look at the total national ridership statistics collected by APTA (1990 to 2014) reveals that total ridership over a 25 year period of massive investments in light rail development, the total ridership of local travel as represented by light rail and bus service has remained surprisingly flat at approximately 6 billion annual riders (nationally). Even with 28% US population growth, there is no evidence of increased ridership across these two modes of local public transportation. Evidence suggests that bus ridership has merely been shifted towards the more expensive light rail systems and has had no impact on reducing overall traffic congestion. Reference: Quarterly and Annual Totals by Mode – Collected by APTA @

Even LRT advocates like Eric Jaffe have concluded this in a recent article: "There’s just the little problem of the evidence. With few exceptions, studies tend to find limited signs that transit has much of an impact on nearby road congestion. Some places see slight congestion gains or mileage declines in the short term, and well-designed service should lay the foundation for reduced car-reliance in the long run, but the direct transit-traffic link is tenuous at best." source: Public Transit Does Not Have to Reduce Traffic Congestion to Succeed @

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Posted by Alex Cabanes on 07/14/2016 at 10:39 AM

Re: “July 13 crossword

I had this same problem but do on Download Larger PDF on this puzzle. It will bring up the 7/6/16 puzzle but this time, go to the URL and just change the 06 at the end of the address to 13, so it will read instead of This brings up the correct puzzle.

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Posted by dannih012978 on 07/14/2016 at 9:45 AM

Re: “July 13 crossword

Could you please put up the correct puzzle to print; last weeks puzzle keeps coming up to print..

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Posted by Catlady on 07/13/2016 at 8:25 PM

Re: “Those Kids HB 2 Is Supposed to Protect? They Don’t Want Your Protection.

It's actually the tolerant response by the peers of those straight-identified, male-identified suburban high school students who shower together that supports the hypothesis.

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Posted by David Klein on 07/13/2016 at 3:58 PM

Re: “Those Kids HB 2 Is Supposed to Protect? They Don’t Want Your Protection.

Would be interested in hearing from the author as to what "this hypothesis" is. If "this hypothesis" is that "...generation Z is moving ...left of center," then "this hypothesis" seems likely to be true, but weakly supported if supported at all by a group of straight-identified, male-identified suburban high school students showering together.

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Posted by chiburbbi on 07/13/2016 at 3:07 PM

Re: “Those Kids HB 2 Is Supposed to Protect? They Don’t Want Your Protection.

@chiburbbi I think it's the hypothesis in the preceding paragraph that, "...generation Z is moving left of center."

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Posted by Gladdek on 07/13/2016 at 2:06 PM

Re: “The 30 Years That Brought Us HB 2

Excellent summary of the political history as well as weaving into that the personal stories of our fellow citizens who are so dramatically affected.

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Posted by Retiree on 07/13/2016 at 1:42 PM

Re: “Those Kids HB 2 Is Supposed to Protect? They Don’t Want Your Protection.

The author offers "Shower Club as a case study of this hypothesis." What is the hypothesis to which the author refers?

Posted by chiburbbi on 07/13/2016 at 12:55 PM

Re: “The 30 Years That Brought Us HB 2

Great writing and reporting.

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Posted by Gladdek on 07/12/2016 at 10:16 PM

Re: “Tuskha, the new project of Bowerbirds' Phil Moore, releases new video for "The Program"

Also Bri, we mailed out your tote. Sorry you didn't get it. We are happy to send you another one.

Posted by Beth Tacular on 07/12/2016 at 10:13 PM

Re: “Tuskha, the new project of Bowerbirds' Phil Moore, releases new video for "The Program"

The Tuskha record will not replace the Bowerbirds record. Tuskha was part of the Kickstarter project and was initially called "Island Dweller."

Posted by Beth Tacular on 07/12/2016 at 10:13 PM

Re: “McCrory Spent Nearly $7,500 in State Money Flying to TV Appearances to Defend HB 2

Wonder if the campaign paid for LaCivita to fly on the state plane.

Posted by ScottB on 07/12/2016 at 1:56 PM

Re: “On Tuesday, a Longtime Durhamite Celebrates Twenty Years at Ninth Street Bakery

Sorry I missed this. I worked 13 years part-time in pastry production at NSB and knew Jacqueline then (1985-1998). I see her once a year when I get hot cross buns for my choir and neighbors on Good Friday. She is such a special soul!

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Posted by Sam Marion on 07/12/2016 at 1:09 PM

Re: “DPS Board of Education Condemns ICE Raids; Teen's Sister Makes Tearful Plea at Meeting

Illegal immigrants should be sent back. .. get in line the right way, there is no right way to steal, rob or invade! If we went to Mexico or Honduras And over stayed our visas. .. not only would we be put out of the country, but we'd probably be put in jail and face heavy fines!

Posted by Tony P on 07/12/2016 at 11:51 AM
Posted by Starzz on 07/12/2016 at 3:07 AM

Re: “Jillian Johnson Won’t Back Down over Cop-Related Facebook Post

Unlike many of those commenting on this story on some sites,
I live in Durham,
and worked for the police (elsewhere) for years,
and would only make ONE correction to Jillian’s remarks:
It’s true that “[SOME OF] the most dangerous people with guns are cops
& soldiers”
especially when, as in Durham,
the use of guns by cops
is undocumented
with no after-action review. Very unprofessional, and NOT consistent with best practices,
and one of the main reasons the Police Chief was replaced,
and largely why Jillian was elected.
ANY angry stranger pointing a gun at you is dangerous, and cops here do it so often that
cops are most certainly among the most dangerous people with guns, especially since
cops’ GUN PLAY here is undocumented.
Many millions of people have been killed in the past century by soldiers and
many thousands of people have been killed by cops in this country alone,
including thousands lynched, almost always with law enforcement as accessories,
and sometimes even the perpetrators,
as well as, even now, actively or passively encouraging criminal violence
& teaching/modeling violence to kids who emulate them.
For those of you who don’t know Durham, it is the only jurisdiction around here that
does not require cops to document the use of weapons. I’ve been stopped by cops
here in Durham HUNDREDS of times going to work, leaving work, going to Church, etc.,
with blatant racial remarks from cops
a common feature of most of those stops.
I’ve been stopped at gunpoint, searched at gunpoint, & explicitly threatened with death
by cops. 2 cops told me they could shoot me for wearing those little LED safety
blinkers you get at bike shops, accusing me of playing laser tag (bad training;
if you’re gonna tell cops they can shoot people for playing laser tag,
then you need to explain the difference
between LASERS and LEDs (like tail-lights on cars, or bicycle safety blinkers);
one cop slashed a knife across my throat telling me not to report dirty cops
and 2 cops confronted me at a bus stop
when they heard I was asking around about
cops selling drugs and said “Yeah there’s cops selling drugs,
but it’s none of yer business;
keep yer nose out of it; we know where you live; next time you won’t just be beaten
[as I have been; I complained about a beating BEFORE as well as after I was beaten];
we’ll just shoot you down like a dog in the street; just another drive-by.”
After one of several times I saw cops blatantly committing armed robbery,
a cop got all up in my face and asked me “What do you think about this?” and I said
“I think your men are thieves; I saw that; I’m a witness” and he told ordinary
street criminals (not cops) that I was an informant, that they pay me for information,
very nearly getting me killed hours later. [Fortunately, my executioner was killed.]
One of the most dramatic arrests of gun-runners EVER by the ATF was
the arrest of 5 men, including a guy with a Federal Firearms license,
a security guard, a manager at RDU international airport, and 2 cops,
one of them right here in Durham, someone I had seen committing what
could be described as armed robbery [I’ve seen more blatant examples];
those 5 guys sold over a thousand guns all up & down the East Coast, and
many of those guns were used in homicides.
Cops here still take money, drugs, and (allegedly) guns.
When I wrote to the police chief about a drug-dealer
who wanted to talk about cops taking guns
and letting him go (he gave me his name & ‘phone number),
La-La-La-Lopez did not reply, and when I tried to complain about
a cop pushing his way through a crowded bus with gun drawn,
to wake up a sleeper (homeless?)
he wouldn’t hear it and
he said cops pulling their guns like that is not documented because
“it happens all the time” and his spokesman said it’s “normal behavior”.
Cops here in Durham call cops who jerk their guns out “all the time” “jerk-offs”.
100 cops jerking out their guns 100 times in 100 cities is 1 million chances
for some “jerk-off” cop to shoot someone (oops).
1 tenth of one percent of 1 million is 1,000;
that’s about how many people are killed by cops in the USofA every year.
MOST bad shoots are preceded by “jerk-off” cops jerking out their guns
for no good reason,
just itching to shoot someone.
“Our job is not law enforcement; it’s social control. We’re hire to come to Durham to
patrol the inner city, keep people in their place and go home after our tour of duty.”
“Ah don’ lahk yew, boy.” “Yew don’ blong’ heah.” -As cops have told me.
Living, working and tutoring kids in Durham’s “Target Areas” has made me a target.
SOME OF the most dangerous people with guns are cops and soldiers.
Police chiefs in places like Durham where use-of-force searches against PEDESTRIANS
by greedy cops looking for drugs and money are undocumented
have no clue which of their cops are “jerk-offs” or
armed robbers.

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Posted by Chris Tiffany on 07/11/2016 at 2:33 PM

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