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Re: “Raleigh Raises Fees on Developers

WakeUP Wake County spoke at the public hearing in support of raising the development fees because with rapid growth, there is a cost of doing business. Developers should cover the costs to the city in order to keep the burden off taxpayers.

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Posted by Karen Rindge on 02/23/2017 at 9:47 AM

Re: “Orange County’s Board of Adjustment to Determine Whether the So-Called Party Barn is Really Being Used as a Farm

So many questions come to mind after reading this article. In the photo attached to the article, the Brewers are shown watering their "orchard" with water they brought to the property. Why? Because after owning the property for two years and planting 36 chestnut trees and a small flower bed, they apparently have not yet put in a well on their property. That's right, a farm with no water for irrigating their crops. If they're primarily a farm and the wedding events are incidental to farm use, why is building the barn and booking the weddings taking priority over digging a well? Second, Chris Brewer of Southeast Property Group is quoted as saying " We could have built a barn with four poles and a roof but if we make it a little bit nicer...we can also do weddings as well." Apparently building a $735,000 barn on a quarter-million dollar property with a lighting budget of $78,000 for the chandeliers alone is what he means by a "little nicer." It just doesn't ring true that a real farmer who wants to hold weddings in their barn to supplement their farm income would spend $735,000 on building a 4200 square foot barn (including $78,000 to spend on chandeliers) the sole farming purpose of which is "to process flowers and chestnuts in the late fall." Sounds to me like "alternative facts" from the Brewers. Finally, I'm perplexed by David Owens opining that the weddings are "pretty clearly incidental" to the flower farm. The evidence that I heard presented at the October Board of Adjustment hearings (read the minutes here:…) doesn't make that clear at all, and as the article says the BOA seems to doubt that the Barn of Chapel Hill is anything other than an events center. The Orange County Planning Department believes their hands are tied because the Brewers have a USDA farm number and are thus considered a bona fide farm and exempt from zoning regulations that apply to commercial endeavors. (Why they were able to obtain a farm number for 22 acres of wooded property that they had never farmed is unclear.) But if nonfarm uses on a farm property ARE NOT exempt from county zoning rules, then common sense tells us that this $735,000 event center disguised as a utility barn on a property with farming activity that is clearly secondary should not be exempt.

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Posted by sbeeman on 02/23/2017 at 9:47 AM

Re: “Chapel Hill had to decline FEMA money to buy flood-prone condos at Camelot Village

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Posted by MelissaMueller on 02/23/2017 at 5:32 AM

Re: “In an Open Letter, 2,943 Fellow Duke Alumni Ask Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller How He Became Such a Horrible Person

Kayt, I think we could be friends too. Looking for areas where we agree and then exploring ideas together would probably go a long way to bridging the gaps that develop in discussion areas like this. If we did that, I'd have to admit that I am very uncomfortable with how cozy the democratic party has become with the banking industry, and I'm very uncomfortable with how little attention the democratic party pays to the level of income inequality that has arisen in the past 40 years. I'd still want to ask you about supporting a man like T who behaves and talks the way he does (and has for many years). I'd also be interested in why you think that the federal government is run by elites trying to tell us how to run our lives. I think of the federal government as a partner in accomplishing the will of the people.

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Posted by Rich 1 on 02/22/2017 at 9:59 PM

Re: “In an Open Letter, 2,943 Fellow Duke Alumni Ask Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller How He Became Such a Horrible Person

So stating a plea that stems from shared experience in this open letter is a left rant? How would you prefer they state it? Calling out intolerance is not intolerance. Sorry. Bigotry of bigotry is not an attack on diversity of thought. It's the same thought over and over across history. It's not diverse. It's one color that repeats itself over and over, striving to wash out any color that challenges it's power and brightness. You are correct it is intolerance of bigotry and intolerance. Intolerance of intolerance= Tolerance.

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Posted by Jeffrey K. Miller on 02/22/2017 at 5:36 PM

Re: “In an Open Letter, 2,943 Fellow Duke Alumni Ask Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller How He Became Such a Horrible Person

For a letter striving to promote tolerance and diversity, it failed and became nothing more than a left rant against Stephen Miller. That was neither tolerant of his diversity nor respectful. Thank God for our First Amendment. Right?

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Posted by alberthall on 02/22/2017 at 3:23 PM

Re: “Donald Trump Promised Big Bucks for Infrastructure. Could That Save Light Rail?

Light rail is a fun idea, but definitely not cost effective to build, maintain or use. The upcoming infrastructure spending is better focused on building/repairing bridges/roads that serve cars, motorcycles, and commercial buses and trucks for providing goods and services. Vote no to light rail.

Posted by alberthall on 02/22/2017 at 2:56 PM

Re: “In the White-Dominated Space of Corporate Folk, Kaia Kater and Others Are Finding Their Footholds

The mid-19th-century minstrel banjo is one of the first manifestations of the meeting of these musical worlds - Africans and Europeans. Along with the fiddle, the banjo was the most popular instrument in African-American music in the United States through the 18th and into the 19th century. In the early 1800s, white musicians began to take up the banjo in imitation of southern African-American players. By the mid-1800s, white professional stage performers had popularized the banjo all across the United States and in England and had begun their own banjo traditions as they popularized new songs. Because these musicians usually performed with blackened faces, they came to be known as blackface minstrels. Interesting history.

Posted by alberthall on 02/22/2017 at 2:37 PM

Re: “Orange County’s Board of Adjustment to Determine Whether the So-Called Party Barn is Really Being Used as a Farm

Heh. How many tractors are stored in the Brewers "barn"? Don't Orange County farmers usually live on their farm in Orange County rather than in a high dollar subdivision in Chatham County?


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Posted by where's the beef? on 02/22/2017 at 1:37 PM

Re: “The 18-Year-Old Who Owned Richard Burr in Sunday’s N&O

I saw this ad and shared a picture on Facebook, getting positive responses from all over the country. Thanks for making activism fun again!

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Posted by Amy Trojanowski on 02/22/2017 at 1:33 PM

Re: “Updated: Jewish Day School Evacuated Amid Bomb Threat. Police Clear Scene.

Has this type of threat happened in Durham before? How about the greater RTP area?

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Posted by alberthall on 02/22/2017 at 12:44 PM

Re: “The 18-Year-Old Who Owned Richard Burr in Sunday’s N&O

I'm so proud of Senator Burr and Senator Tillis. But that was a clever ad.

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Posted by alberthall on 02/22/2017 at 12:42 PM

Re: “In the White-Dominated Space of Corporate Folk, Kaia Kater and Others Are Finding Their Footholds

Tickets for this concert are still available - call PineCone's box office to reserve your tickets or if you have questions: 919-664-8302. Concert info:…

Posted by jmknc on 02/22/2017 at 10:52 AM

Re: “Cooper Offers HB 2 Compromise. It's a Bad Deal.

Completely disagree.

#1 There's nothing "trans" about increasing penalties on "bathroom crimes" unless it's already in your head.
#2 A cooling off period is better than no period at all, which is what we have now.
#3 Bigots cannot be "spanked" into non-bigots by forcing them into accountability for previous actions. #4 Conservatives will continue to whine no matter what.

So much to gain from the compromise that the article never explores

Posted by PinkDrinks on 02/22/2017 at 10:01 AM

Re: “The 18-Year-Old Who Owned Richard Burr in Sunday’s N&O

ROCK MY WORLD. IMO, this ad's tongue in cheek tone is precisely what is needed here. I'm so peeved I'm sure I wouldn't manage a needed message such as this. BRAVA, Ms. Johnson!

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Posted by Haditupta on 02/22/2017 at 9:49 AM

Re: “In an Open Letter, 2,943 Fellow Duke Alumni Ask Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller How He Became Such a Horrible Person

Kayt. You start your first comment with several blanket statements. You placed all those that believe differently than you do as guilty of being judgmental. Isn't this the same thing you are arguing against? Isn't your Complaint that all liberals have labeled others with different beliefs as prejudice or racist? Are you not doing the same thing? You group thousands of college educators, including conservative Christian colleges as all having one belief system and forcing it upon students. Again is this not what you are arguing against? I would remind you that the right wing media and supporters have been comparing Obama to Hitler for years for his "socialism" and comparing him to Terrorists and the "founder of Isis". Is this not the same thing you are arguing against? "Who lives in the real world". Are you implying that those that disagree with you don't live in the real world? Is this not the same intolerance, and assumption you are arguing against? "Skewing studies and news"? So if you don't agree with it, it must not be true? You are making assumptions based on opinion of a vast variety of researchers and journalists. Is this not the same thing you are arguing against?

Common sense tells us that cutting taxes doesn't help our deficit. Common sense tells us that all people deserve equal chance at Healthcare to live and goods and services to survive. Common sense tells us a man like Donald Trump is not a leader that can handle the most powerful position in the world. Common sense tells us that a man who says "grab them by the pussy" has probably done just that. Common sense tells us that those that can believe in this type of leader, don't have all Americans on their mind. Common sense tells us that someone that can ignore his blatant hateful rhetoric may think they have nothing to lose by its message. Common sense tells us through these combined that a vote for this man is in support and ignores systemic oppression by a dominant race and religion.

"Sponsor terrorism" The people in these seven countries do not sponsor terrorism anymore than you sponsor terrorism as a Christian American. You are more likely to die from a far-right terrorist than one from any of these nations. Is it about terrorism? Or is it a blanket attempt to discriminate based on religion under the guise of "territories"? Take a look at the Rudy and Trump interview where they discuss their plan to focus on territory because it can make banning Muslims legal. Did you not hear Trump call for a ban on all Muslims entering the country during the campaign? The media didn't tell us. He did.

Homosexuality and Transgender are not the same thing. We are grouped together in the lgbt+ community because of our common struggle for equality and our common thread of challenging the spectrums and norms of gender and sexuality. Is anyone teaching first-grade sex-ed? If you are asking if your first grade daughter should be taught that people can love anyone in any way they choose, and that they should be respectful of those people that don't love the way they do, then, yes, you are homophobic if you think this shouldn't happen. Do you think your first grade daughter could have a non-gender conforming classmate, a gay teacher, or a friend with Gay parents? If so, don't you think they could handle understanding that there are families that look different than theirs? Don't you think this is important for a first grader to learn? No one is teaching homosexuality. They are teaching tolerance, acceptance and to celebrate all types of identities and people. I have worked with youth in the arts from the ages of 4 years old to 23 years old. I assure you these messages are important and are conversations that can be handled by students of all ages when taught with the correct pedagogy and methods.

Are you uncaring for not wanting the opportunity for Healthcare for all people regardless of economic Status? Well. Yeah. A little. You seem to care about your ability to have Healthcare that has free choice, but instead of fighting for a solution that works for everyone, you seem to be fighting for Healthcare for only the wealthy and privileged. The ability to live Should not be determined by how much money you have. So yeah a little uncaring.

Having friends of color, living in a community with racial and religious diversity and having immigrant friends does not mean that you aren't racist. You may not be and I'm not implying you are. But racism is not binary. It is not black and white. No pun intended. Racism exists on a spectrum and presents itself overtly and less overtly. Avenue Q- "We are all a little bit racist". It has been ingrained into our social and institutional systems. Your prejudice or racism on a certain side of the spectrum doesn't make you a bad person. What could potentially make you a bad person is not understanding and naming it's existence in your privilege, choosing to ignore when leaders exhibit their prejudice overtly and extremely and choosing to turn a blind eye to these oppressive systems rather than fighting against them.

"I believe that Homosexuals deserve equal rights but they don't Trump mine" In what ways have your rights been trumped on by Homosexuals?

This is from Recent Washington state court ruling about one of the now infamous bakery cases.

"As every other court to address the question has concluded, public accommodations laws do not simply guarantee access to goods or services. Instead, they serve a broader societal purpose: eradicating barriers to the equal treatment of all citizens in the commercial marketplace, the court wrote. Were we to carve out a patchwork of exceptions for ostensibly justified discrimination, that purpose would be fatally undermined.

Berkeley protest was about giving a publicly funded platform to one that supports American Nazis and recently advocated for pedophilia. Don't agree with violent protesting, but do agree with the protests.

Women's March did not have any violence or diminish free speech. Unless you count millions of people around the world exercising their right to do so. By condemning it are you not arguing to stifle free speech? Is this not the same thing you are arguing against?

You are defining the "liberal movement" as a blanket statement. Where all of millions of people that call themselves liberals believe, react and respond in the same way. Is this not the same thing you are arguing against?

"Why not have restrooms for either men or women that has a door, one commode and can be locked?" Can you not see how this is the same principle as separate but equal? Must they be singled out as people that can't use the same bathroom as you because they are different than you? I'm still unclear as to how this opens up anyone to predators more than they already were. Do you really think that a "normal" man would claim to be a woman to get in the bathroom? If so, what's stopping them from doing it now? How does allowing a transgender person into the bathroom change these odds?

So, you should be allowed to voice your opinion with your free speech, but when others tell you their views of the implications of that opinion, they are intolerant? Again, I'm not doing so, but calling someone out for their racism or prejudice beliefs is also free speech, right? Calling someone's views and therefore their personhood as prejudice is not intolerant. It is free speech that is arguing against beliefs that are viewed by them as intolerant.

Actually "freedom from religion" was ruled on by the Supreme Court as a right that is protected by the constitution. Not having a religion IS a religion and therefore is just as protected as Christianity or any other.
"In 1968 a unanimous Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional an Arkansas law prohibiting the teaching of evolution in public schools. Justice Arthur Goldberg made clear that the First Amendment guarantees "freedom from religion" as well as "freedom of religion."

If abortion is performed by an approved provider for the health care plan. Then yes, the right to women's choice should be covered by law. Should a employer get to decide whether a woman can afford an Abortion by denying her coverage?

Just so you know I don't think you are a bad person, but I do think you are misinformed about these issues and policies. I don't think you are stupid, but I do think you are insensitive to the rights of others that have different identities than you do. The harshness is not placed entirely on the right or left. I have been called faggot, snowflake, twit, idiot, libtard,a free loader, an abomination, junior, my Mexican-AMERICAN husband has been yelled in the street to "go back to his country" and "build a wall" all since the election because I offered a different opinion than those of trump supporters. Local High schools have been hate-sprayed with the n-word and faggots. Hate-crimes have sprung up in our country, mostly in schools. The targets are not white, straight, Christian people. They are marginalized people. Gays, People of color, Mexicans and Muslims. Of course there is also violence and extremes on the other side. Just as you don't condone the things I mention above, most liberals don't condone the violence or prejudice that comes from our side.

But people are angry. If you feel your rights are being taken away, imagine what it might be like to be a gay person that is looking to start a family in a state that just legalized discrimination under the guise of their religious freedom. A state where businesses literally won't serve their normal product or service that is available to everyone else because they don't agree with your way of life. Would you call this tolerant? Imagine now that those private companies that now have legal right to discriminate includes discriminating against your ability to adopt to start your family, to get housing, or to receive Healthcare. Imagine being a dreamer child and having the fear of your parents and yourself being deported to a place you've never known. Imagine being a sexual assault victim who now has a President who has been repetively accused of sexual assault and verbally admitted to committing such acts. Imagine being a Muslim child that is afraid to walk home and afraid to go to school. Imagine being a refugee literally running for your life and toward the American Dream and freedom only to be told that it doesn't exist for people like you. Imagine being a transgender child and being afraid to go pee while at school. Imagine the pain in your loins because you are terrified to go to the bathroom, because your parts don't look the same, because you are bullied relentlessly when you enter the bathroom that fits your "sex" and not your gender. Imagine being a black single mother who will no longer be able to afford Healthcare for herself. Imagine having to choose between your own health and feeding your kids.

If you say you have empathy, and I hope and think you do. Put this in perspective. When people are angry and scared and hurt by the situations I mention above,can you really expect to not be met with outrage, anger and ridicule when you claim that YOUR rights are being infringed upon? Can you imagine the insult you may feel when someone that voted to put you in that situation claims YOU are intolerant? Can you imagine how someone that's not part of those situations above, has deep empathy and concern for those that they know and love that are? Can you imagine how angry you would be? Can you imagine that it might be hard to not tell that person off because they voted for something and someone that has caused you pain, fear, anxiety and is literally taking your chance for happiness in our country? Can you imagine when you call these things out for what they are, that you are accused of not having common sense?

Your free-rights are not being infringed upon but when your action (your vote) put these people in these situations, don't expect them not to use their free-speech to call it out for what it is. Don't expect not to be labeled with their free-speech. Your vote labeled their future and threatens their rights. Can you really expect them to play nice with you while you claim THEY are taking YOUR rights away?

We only want the same thing you already have. The law to protect our right to exist in the world and our chance at happiness. Don't expect to argue for something that attempt to deny it without a fight.

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Posted by Jeffrey K. Miller on 02/22/2017 at 9:15 AM

Re: “In an Open Letter, 2,943 Fellow Duke Alumni Ask Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller How He Became Such a Horrible Person

@kayt - I'm pretty sure women restrooms have individual stalls with doors that lock. Please correct me if I am wrong. Do you send your 4 year old granddaughter to the bathroom by herself? I have a daughter and there is no way in hell she would go to the bathroom by herself until she is much older. What if I'm not with my wife when my daughter has to use the restroom? With the bathroom law she can't come in the bathroom with me to use it. Do you send your granddaughter to church? The church should be the safest place in the world right? Why does God allow his priest to molest small children in his house? I in no way want to demonize all priest, but the frequency in which that happens is astounding. Where is the republican law that addresses that? There has never been an issue of trans people molesting anyone in a bathroom that I am aware of. You are more likely to be propositioned by a republican senator than have an altercation with a trans person in a bathroom. You have an irrational fear with no basis.

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Posted by Raleigh Guy on 02/22/2017 at 9:14 AM

Re: “In an Open Letter, 2,943 Fellow Duke Alumni Ask Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller How He Became Such a Horrible Person

KAYT-if I don't believe in treating cancer, as an employer should I be required to provide insurance that covers cancer? Health and religion are a toxic mix. P.S. the Constitution says BOTH that a person is free to practice their religion AND that as citizens we are protected from the government establishment of an official religion. I suggest you read the document-it'll enrich your life.

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Posted by BJD on 02/22/2017 at 7:41 AM

Re: “In an Open Letter, 2,943 Fellow Duke Alumni Ask Trump Senior Adviser Stephen Miller How He Became Such a Horrible Person

I'm late to this conversation, but the argument about transgendered people using the bathroom of their choosing has always intrigued me. The "anti" argument is typically made about protecting young children (mainly little girls...nieces, daughters, grand daughters) from all of the "complicated scenarios involved with using the same restroom as someone with man parts". Now, I don't know about any of you, but I've been using public restrooms for decades. Never, in my entire life, have I EVER seen a fellow restroom-user naked. Never. Is this a common occurrence for anyone else? In all the years I've been using public restrooms, I have waited in line with other people as we await our turn for the next available stall. Then, when a stall becomes available, I go inside it and shut and lock my door. So do all the other people. I do my business, flush my toilet and leave the stall so another person can use it. Then I go to the counter where there is usually a sink, some soap and either paper towels or a hand dryer. Occasionally, after washing my hands, I might run a brush through my hair or put on some lip gloss. Then I leave. So, I guess my question is... What am I missing?? Are other women and girls being bombarded by women approaching them for sex in public restrooms? Is it common for someone to reach under the stalls and tug at your ankles, trying to lure you into their stall so they can show you their private parts? Has that ever happened to any of you?? Have any of you EVER seen a naked stranger walking around in a public restroom? Please enlighten me! What are these crazy, complicating public bathroom scenarios we are protecting our little girls from. And if you have little 4 and 5 year old girls, aren't you accompanying them to a public restroom anyway? Seriously. What's all the fuss about?

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Posted by jdl on 02/22/2017 at 1:57 AM

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